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Uncommitted 2022 Outfielders: 9 Names to Know

Colton Provey
Tennessee Scouting Director

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Mason Shropshire, OF/RHP, ECS, 2022 (Northwest Miss CC Commit)
6-foot-1, 165-pound lean athletic frame. Begins in an athletic open stance with a controlled load, then uses a long small leg kick stride. Quick, bat speed with upward swing plane and high level finish. Plenty of barrels with hard contact with max exit velo of 88. Some of the best arm strength in the class, topping 94 from the OF, featuring clean exchange, sure hands, and athletic feet. Out front fielding mechanics. Used a long quick arm action with an-over-the-top slot while showing consistent accuracy to the base. 6.72 runner. On the mound, quiet delivery with quick arm speed. FB at 85-90 with good life through the zone. Mixes CB at 69-72 with good shape and bite. Showed CH at 77-79 as a solid third offering. 


Connor Bartley, OF/RHP, Brentwood, 2022
The 6-foot-3, 185-pound prospect has shown upside as a legit two-way prospect. Long frame with some present strength and room to add more. Positionally, well-rounded tools set as he’s a 7.06 runner, 91 from the outfield, and plenty of juice at the dish. Tall, slightly open stance with relaxed hands and small leg kick generating advanced bat speed (T 78 mph; Avg: 75.5 mph). Consistently barrels the baseball (Avg: 88.9 exit velo) with legit gap power (T 98.6 exit velo; T 344 ft per Trackman) and heavy dose of hard contact (30% hard hit rate). Long, loose arm action with carry on throws and fields the ball clean out front. On the mound, quiet delivery with a strong balance point working nicely down the slope. Easy arm action as the ball comes out clean with FB at 84-86 (T 2234 rpm; Avg: 2124 rpm). Flashing two potential breaking balls w/ low 70s CB and mid 70s SL, that have a nice down bite. Showed solid CH at 77-79 as well. 

Michael Waddell, OF, Overton, 2022
The 6-foot-1, 170-pound outfielder has a lean, twitchy frame with plenty of room to add strength. Shown to have explosive speed as a 6.55-6.68 runner, putting pressure on defenses and patrolling centerfield. At the plate, wide stance with high hands and no leg load generating above average bat speed (T 73.1 mph; Avg: 68.2 mph). Solid rotation and on plane efficiency, spraying hard line drives to all fields (T 91.8 exit velo; Avg: 82.1 mph). Light feet in the outfield with above average arm strength (85-88 OF Velo), capable of handling all three outfield spots.


Nic Raum, OF, Ravenwood, 2022
6-foot-4, 200-pound two-sport athlete after starring on the gridiron this fall. He’s got a strong, well-rounded skillset. 6.89 runner, 87 from the OF, and flashes juice at the plate (T 96.6 exit velo). Long, proportional frame with present strength and room to add mass. Wide, balanced stance with small leg kick and compact hand load. Smooth bat path while staying in his lower half and can drive the ball to the pull side (Avg: 85 exit velo; T 384 ft). Heavy dose of line drives and fly balls with a 43% hard hit at his last event. Quick arm from the outfield and can manage all three spots. He’s also been up to 85 on the mound. Raum will get back from football and look to help lead a deep Ravenwood club. 


Devin Thrain, OF/LHP, Summit, 2022 (Vol State CC Commit)
5-foot-11, 175-pound prospect has shown some two-way upside as a RHH outfielder and southpaw arm on the mound. Average frame with some projectability and athleticism. Wide stance with small leg kick and active hands. Generates above average bat speed (T 77.2 mph; Avg: 72.7 mph) and flashing some pop upside (T 90.2 exit velo; T 332 ft), spraying around the yard. The hand load has a lot of moving parts, leading to some barrel inconsistencies, but it’s a heavy dose of line drives and fly balls. Easily can handle corner spots as a 6.95 runner and above average arm strength (85 OF velo) with a long, loose arm action. On the mound, quiet delivery with some tempo with a FB at 82-85 (T 2236 rpm; Avg: 2106 rpm) that gets good carry in the zone. Tends to baby the CB at 69-71 with good shape and promising spin (T 2265 rpm); however, when he throws it with FB intent it shows more SL tendencies at 74-76 (T 2446 rpm). Shows occasional hard CH to round out the mix. Thrain shows a lot of upside and will look to put it all together this Spring.  


Hunter Herndon, OF, Baylor School, 2022
6-foot-2, 195-pound outfielder/first baseman was logged jam on a deep Baylor state champion squad last Spring, but he’s improved his offensive game and looks to be a more consistent contributor this Spring. Proportional frame with present lower half strength. At the plate, wide stance with short load and moderate leg kick generating above average bat speed (T 72 mph; 68.6 mph). Keeps the hands quiet and gets the barrel on plane, showing improved pop (T 94.2 exit velo; Avg: 84.9 mph) while hammering line drives into the gaps (80% line drives; 46.7% har hit). Skillset to manage the corner outfield positions or first base as a 7.04 runner and 83 mph arm strength. 


Jacob Ralston, OF, Lipscomb Academy, 2022
The 6-foot-3, 190-pound LHH outfielder has an lean, athletic frame with present strength and projectability. He showed a lot of improvement at the 2021 TN Senior Games this fall, raising several key metrics. At the dish, crouched, slightly open stance with moderate leg kick and compact load. Generates above average bat speed (T 72.2 mph; Avg: 69.4 mph) with good rotational sequencing and on plane early and often (Avg: 69.4%). Flashed some easy juice (T 97.9 exit velo; Avg: 88.5 mph), mainly to the pull side, hitting several long balls in his BP round (T 372 ft). Springy feet as a 6.85 runner and can handle all three outfield positions with average arm strength (78 OF Velo). Ralston climbed some boards this year, and possesses a strong skillset to play at the next level as an athletic LHH outfielder. 

RJ Moore, OF, Beech, 2022 (Vol State CC Commit)
6-foot-1, 170-pound outfielder missed the past year as he recovered from Tommy John surgery last fall, and made a great return at the 2021 TN Senior Games in late October. Still a lean frame with projection, but added overall strength without losing any burst in speed (6.99 runner). At the plate, wide, slightly crouched stance with quick hands and stride while generating above average bat speed (T 76.5 mph; Avg: 69.5 mph). Little steepness in the swing limiting his on plane efficiency and barrel consistency, but Moore has quick hands that allow him to turn on pitches inside. Defensively, can play all three outfield positions and has improved his arm strength coming off the surgery (86 OF Velo). Long, quick arm action and gets good carry on throws with accuracy. 

Chris Summey, OF, Brentwood Academy, 2022
The 5-foot-11, 190-pound LHH outfielder has made quite some strides since our last look. Proportional frame with improved physicality and present strength along with athleticism (6.75 runner). At the plate, tall, balanced stance with rhythm on the hands and moderate stride working into high finish. Some rawness in the swing, but above average bat speed (T 72.2 mph; Avg: 68.4 mph) and rotational acceleration with some natural juice (T 92.5 exit velo; Avg: 85.4 mph). Swift feet in the outfield able to roam all three spots with average arm strength (80 OF velo).


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