Unsigned 2018 Series: Top 5 Corner Infielders

Tim Kay
PBR Tennessee Director of Scouting

For part 3 of the unsigned series, we turn our attention to the corner infielders:

Sean McLaughlin 3B / 1B / Knights Academy, TN / 2018

10/21/17 - Home-1st: 4.85, Position Velocity:  IF-82, Exit Velocity: 94
6-foot-1, 210-pound, RHH showed similar to his previous look at Knights Scout Day, projecting as a true 3B w/ above average power.  Physical, close to mature big body w/ present strength.  Offensively, hits with a slightly open, slightly crouched stance w/ back shoulder hand location.  Shift of weight, mini leg kick and proper load.  Body works well in swing, allowing all his force to come together at contact point.  Pull power w/ bat speed through the zone.  Feel for contact, did not swing and miss once in 4 at bats.  Pull oriented approach.  Athletic for his size, moves well at 3B w/ soft hands, good feet, above average arm strength.  Profiles as a middle of the order 3B.

Parker Stinnett 3B / RHP / Powell, TN / 2018

6/15/16 - 60 Time: 7.29, Position Velocity:  IF-79, Exit Velocity: 78
6'2, 175-pound, LHH hits from a wide and balanced stance and begins with his hands in a fairly high position, uses a smooth toe-tap and stride along with a lowering and push back of his hands to get himself loaded.  Lower half does a lot of work for him as its consistency puts him in a power position directly before and at contact, hands lower into a strong position and allow him to drive his back elbow in to get his barrel on plane, drives through the zone flatly with a little bit of lift at the end, stays balanced and behind the ball throughout his swing, Stinnett tallied a double and a triple with his gap-to-gap power in game play. Defensively, showed good hands and above average feet as he puts himself in good positions to field the ball but could improve the quickness  of his footwork, long exchange with a glove pat leads to a fairly short arm action from a high ¾ release point, accurate throws with good carry are the norm for Stinnett.


Javon Grier 1B / 3B / Clarksville Northwest, TN / 2018

10/21/17 - Home-1st: 4.75, Position Velocity:  IF-80, Exit Velocity: 90
6-foot-3, 235-pound, RHH shows above average bat speed in repeatable swing.  Physical, close to mature frame w/ present strength.  Offensively, hits from an open, slightly crouched stance w/ back ear hand location.  Short bat waggle.  Leg kick to slightly open w/ proper load.  Repeats his swing, maintains still head.  Has a presence in the box, understands his strike zone, does not expand.  Generates bat speed through the zone, projects to hit for average and power.  Pull oriented approach w/ pull power.  Strong BP with consistent barrel, showed line drive ability to both gaps.  Defensively, shows good athleticism for size w/ average arm strength, usable hands.  Profiles as a middle of the order corner infielder.

Kyle Spurlock 1B / 3B / Sycamore, TN / 2018

6/13/17 - H-1B: 4.79, Position Velocity: 82, Exit Velocity: 89
6’0, 205-pound, RHH showed some development at the plate that has allowed him to barrel the ball more consistently and provide a little more power.  Spurlock stays pretty tall throughout his swing, but drops his hands into a slot just before attacking the ball.  He can get a little long at times, but when his timing is right, he can drive the ball in the air with some gap pop.  Defensively, he is sufficient at 1B and has the ability to make the routine plays.  Spurlock went 1-3 in game play. 

Steven Kendrick 3B / C / Munford, TN / 2018

9/17/17 - 5-10, 185 pound third basemen shows potential power bat.  Righty hitter hits from an open, slightly crouched stance w/ back ear hand location and bat waggle.  Leg kick lands open w/ power load where hands drop and slowly make way back to proper height.  Pull heavy approach w/ above avg bat speed.  Power over average.  DNS enough defensively for an eval.  Interesting power bat.