Unsigned Senior Spotlight: Creekwood OF/RHP Chase Haley

Adam Akin
Director of Scouting

Name: Chase Haley
High School:
State Rank:
Position Rank: 11

6/14/16 - 60 Time: 7.02, Position Velocity:  86, Exit Velocity: 86
6'0, 170-pound, RHH hits from an athletic and open stance and uses a leg kick to get himself going.  Hands actually come up a bit to combine with his leg kick to form a load, lower half gets through and stays behind the ball, allowing his back side to help get his bat on plane and stay through the zone for a long time, showed ability to drive the ball deep and hit it all over the park in BP, good rhythm and ability to stay behind the ball really helps maintain his balance.  Defensively, worked through the ball well and showed good hands and a quick release from an over-the-top arm angle to get good carry on some strong and accurate throws to home plate.  Can get stiff from time to time, but has the ability to develop into a very good player at the next level, had 3 hits and a stolen base in game play.

6/14/16 - Max FB: 84, FB: 81-84, CB: 70-72, CH: 72-73, 
6'0, 170-pound, RHP uses a quick and unconventional motion to deliver pitches from a high ¾ arm slot, covers some distance with his rocker step and lifts his lead knee up quickly, gets closed, and comes down attacking the plate quite violently, max effort delivery really comes at the hitters and finishes very aggressively.  Fastball stayed mostly straight and didn’t quite get to the velos we have seen from him in the past, curveball showed 11/5 action and the ability to get hitters to chase when behind in the count, changeup stayed straight but was able to really threw off the timing of hitters because of its fastball-like arm speed, threw strikes with all three pitches and did a good job of commanding the strike zone for the majority of his outing.