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2023 Top 5 Available: Outfielders

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

Top 5 Available: Outfielders

Crew McChesney OF / RHP / Lone Peak, UT / 2023


2022 Season Stats:

G 28 PA 114 AB 95 R 34 H 38 AVG .400 HR 4 RBI 25 2B 7 3B 5 BB 13 SO 19


The top uncommitted ‘23 in the state, and is the best athlete in the class. A two sport star, as McChesney is also one of the better WRs on the gridiron, as he blows by defenders in getting deep in hauling in highlight type plays. On the baseball field, Crew tore his UCL on a freak injury with weeks to go in the ‘21 season, which caused him to miss all summer/fall. Now healthy and only 8 months post op, McChesney posted arm velo from the OF at the Preseason All-State of 90 mph. Look for even greater velo to the low to mid 90’s as he is removed further from surgery and gains his man strength in 3-4 years. But what sets McChesney apart is premium speed as he posted a blazing 6.24/60, which on the MLB scale of 20-80 is an “80”, making him the best runner in the state, as well as one of the handful of fastest 60’s in the entire country. A quick compact stroke from the plate that generates elite hand speed of 25.7 and bat speed of 80. Now that McChesney is back on the map, look for a big year at the plate and on the bases, as he possesses Power 5 school type talent and should impact any program on both sides of the ball. 


Another new player that jumped on the scene and one that will be in the top 10 rankings for the ‘23 class when our rankings come out within the next month. A quick twitch CF with above average athleticism and not only are some of the metrics and measurables elite for a sophomore, but he also passes the eye test and his hitting mechanics are there to be an above average college level hitter. Tied for the top spot with an event best 6.55/60 yard dash, while showing a fluid fast arm from the OF, topping out at 87 mph, which was tied for 4th. The bat will take him far and his exit velo of 88 is solid for his age, but the way he moves in the field and the ability to swing the bat will take him far in this game. Really like this one!

 2021 Preseason All-State

 2022 Preseason All-State

Jacob Faust OF / RHP / Olympus , UT / 2023


2022 Season Stats:

G 32 PA 119 AB 101 R 24 H 39 AVG .386 HR 1 RBI 33 2B 6 3B 6 


A Future Games alum, Faust has intriguing two way potential as a corner OF with power and really good hitting data and also performs. Jacob put up a 7.18/60 and has also posted a 6.94 in the last. With big hand and bat speeds of 24.4 and 79.3, to go along with an EV of 97.2, Faust has the profile of a corner bat, with some thump. On the mound the FB 83-85 this weekend has been 85-88 in the past, but has been rehabbing from a broken hamate bone in his left hand, that has prevented him from getting quality reps, but look for big things come spring as Faust will be counted on as a force on both sides of the ball, for a deep playoff run for Olympus that boast college talent throughout. 


A Future Games participant as one of 2 two way players for Team Utah as a OF/RHP. It was discovered after the event that Jake was playing with a broken hamate bone in his left hand, and what’s amazing is he still put up big hand and bat speed metrics with Blast and Trackman recorded 95 mph EV’s!! He played the first 2 games in the field, then took his turn in the rotation. He showed a balanced NWU delivery with a high knee kick with a semi extend leg, and used his back side to generate 81-85 mph FB’s with sink. The CB 69-73 flashes TQ shape with S/M depth for a couple of K outs in his 2 inns of work. I have seen him better with the velo, as was later discovered with the hand, this could of effected his front side use of his mechanics to create pull from his front side to match the intensity of his back side. It will be interesting to see where he is come late fall at a future event after the healing has taken place. Colleges don’t sleep on this kid as he is gonna be a name to definitely remember.


A two way player with 3 years of developing and has a solid ceiling and while it’s too early to tell whether he’s gonna be a bat or an arm on the mound, he does possess next level college ability with the bat and the arm. As a hitter, he stands upright with a slight crouch and his feet together and open, and brings his front foot back to square, then loads the bat at a solid 45 degree angle. He does drift with his hips somewhat, but keeps his hands in the ready position and fires the hands inside the baseball and shows a fast bat for his age at 72.7 mph, with a 95.06 EV. What’s intriguing is that he also ran a 6.94/60 and touched 83 with a semi quick arm from the mound. Definite one of the top ‘23s in the state. 

 2021 Preseason All-State
 2022 Preseason All-State
     2021 PBR Future Games
 2021 All-State Games

Sam Lindsey OF / C / Snow Canyon , UT / 2023


2022 Season Stats:

G 33 PA 122 AB 87 R 30 H 32 AVG .368 HR 6 RBI 34 2B 9 3B 1 BB 31 SO 25


A Future Games and West Coast Games participant, Lindsey at the WCG’s showed well behind the plate during the workout and got off some strong throws with area of the bag clothesline throws. An Outfielder at the Future Games, and was slated to catch at the WCG’s, but after the workout, a freak stray ball hit him in the right shoulder and kept him from action over the weekend. But he displayed well in the workout portion and strung together a solid BP with well struck balls and his usually high Trackman and Blast data. Lindsey will most likely be the starting catcher over the next 2 years at Snow Canyon HS, but wherever he lands on the defensive side, his big bat will be squarely in the middle of the order and will be counted on to carry the legacy forward at his powerhouse HS. 


A Future Games participant and played RF in LakePoint and made some nice running plays with a shallow fly ball that he retreated a step and played well on the turf to throw out and force the runner at 2B. Smashed a 3B to the RF corner and took sharp turns at each back to make it standing up with ease. Had a solid workout and showed 99 mph EV’s with big hand and bat speed. Is an invite to play in the inaugural PBR West Coast Games in Las Vegas and expect him to show well. Will be the starting catcher at Snow Canyon as a junior, after manning RF as an All-Region Sophomore in ‘21



Have seen this kid since he was 12 years old, as we used to be next door neighbors. A Future Games invite and a strong game player, that’s been advanced for his age. The same has continued as he entered his sophomore season for the Warriors, who routed the competition at 28-4 en-route to the 4A state title. Lindsey put up 99 mph EV with 77 mph bat speed and was the metric leader at the Top Prospect Games event. A versatile defender who has caught moving through the ranks, but with a potential draft pick at catcher this year, Lindsey may have found a home in RF. Shows solid movement patterns on approach to the baseball and has a fringe to avg arm, that will project nicely as he continues to lengthen out in the OF. A 7.03/60 is plenty enough and is a heady base runner with instincts for the game. A strong season catapulted Sam to All-Region and All-State honors this past season, as he hit .371 with 22 RBI, 9 2B’s, 2 3B’s and 3 HR’s. Look for this kid to make a name for himself moving forward. 

 2021 Top Prospect Games
   2021 PBR Future Games

   2021 PBR West Coast Games

Stockton Mathis OF / 2B / Jordan , UT / 2023


2022 Season Stats:

G 29 PA 121 AB 101 R 44 H 45 AVG .446 HR 2 RBI 23 2B 10 3B 2 BB 14 SO 9


A lean athletic build with definite weight and strength gains to come with a good strength and conditioning program as well as Mother Nature taking over, Mathis took GB’s in the INF/OF and showed he can handle both adequately. From the OF, he is measured in his approach and would suggest being more aggressive on approach as he has a loose fluid arm that can improve with time. From the INF, he bends at the waist and fields out front, but needs to get lower into his legs which will create added reach out front and help him work through the ball better. Shows a quicker release and comfort to the backhand. There are some things to like at both spots and has good coaching at his HS. A LHH that stands tall and presets his bat at a flatter angle and lifts his foot and posts upright and straight over his back leg. He then fires the bat from a still position, yet creates some bat speed and a linear path through the baseball with a two hand full finish. He did find the barrel throughout his round of BP. Young and has some things to work with here. 


Has really come into his own as a hitter and is a high contact rate guy, that stings balls in all directions with extra base alley power and can reach the outer depths of the park from the pull side. The leadoff hitter for one of the higher octane offenses in the state. Seems to be on base all the time and gets things going for a club that has some of the best next level offensive players in the state. Needs to put on size and with the added weight and strength, his game could really take off, even more so! Can REALLY HIT!

Hunter Gatti OF / RHP / Jordan, UT / 2023


2022 Season Stats:

G 29 PA 113 AB 93 R 43 H 48 AVG .516 HR 0 RBI 33 2B 8 3B 2 BB 17 SO 2

Has only struck out 5 times in his last 211 PA's over the last 2 years!!!


Gatti is new to the PBR system and will now be on the radar as he continues to show and promote himself to schools. A 2021 1st Team All-State player as a sophomore, Gatti hit .462 with 26 RBI’s, 8 2B’s and a triple. A very good student that should be able to receive academic money on top of baseball money. Gatti has a slasher/slap type all fields approach and has a knack for barreling the baseball. One stat that stands out with Gatti is he also drew 13 BB’s to only 3 strikeouts in 98 plate appearances, easily the best mark in the state across all classes. This is evident with his Vizual Edge score of 75%, which falls in the collegiate range for edge scores. A below avg arm: 76 mph may relegate him to LF at the next level, but one thing is for sure, at 165 lbs, he has 20-25 pounds he can gain with a strong strength and conditioning program, should elevate his power production, as he posted an EV max of 94.8, which should reach beyond 100 mph when he reaches his man strength. 

 2022 Preseason All-State