Prep Baseball Report

2023 Top Available: Pitchers

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

Beau Sampson LHP / Crimson Cliffs, UT / 2023


2022 Season Stats:

G 10 W 5 L 0 IP 49.1 H 31 R 23 ER 14 BB 31 SO 60 OBA: .172

** 2022 1st Team 4A All-Region 10 **


I've seen Sampson since he was 12-13 yrs old and this is one of the biggest transformation stories in the state. Where he was once a growing Lefty that lacked velocity and always had a tender arm growing up, as he was growing like a weed. Now with his father who played at Dixie JC/Utah and was a strong physical power bat, and with a mother that is tall, the bloodlines have kicked in and have they ever. Beau is now an imposing 6-5 200 LHP that reminds me of former MLB pitcher, Andrew Miller and when all is said and done, I can see a 6-5 230 workhorse. Sampson show a tall compact delivery and gets a solid hip load at the apex of his knee kick, and turns his knee inward, which closes off his hip, and allows him to stay over the rubber and give his arm time to catch up. The FB was 84-87 in March and is now 86-90 with the CB showing lateral plane and shape from his extremely difficult LTQ arm slot. Very tough on LHH's and can realistically see a 89-93 FB by spring of '23. Is drawing big interest right now and is a legit Division 1 / National JUCO powerhouse type arm. Stay tuned...

  2022 Top Prospect Games (July 12th @ Pleasant Grove HS)

Maddax Peck RHP / OF / Bingham, UT / 2023


2022 Season Stats:

W 5 L 2 ERA 1.88 IP 43.1 H 31 ER 9 BB 24 SO 59


An athletic two way stud, that could develop either way in CF or on the mound, as he shows a fluid on line bat with hand speed and bat speeds of 20 and 67, though shows big EV’s of 93 and ran a 6.93/60 at the All-State Games. It was a catch in CF during the game that drew raves, as he leaped and crashed into the wall in dead center for a spectacular play. On the mound and with some time off, he reached 86, but has been up to 88 during the summer. The delivery is clean and the HTQ arm stroke is pure. As scouts say, “smooth and easy, gets better faster”. Look for big things to come for the newest entry into the upcoming Top 10 rankings!

  2021 Fall All-State Games

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Gage Olsen RHP / 3B / Copper Hills , UT / 2023


2022 Season Stats:

G 10 W 2 L 5 ERA 6.86 IP 49 H 68 R 58 ER 48 BB 26 SO 70 


Another top uncommitted arm in the ‘23 class, Olsen shows two way athleticism and will man SS at Copper Hills, as well as assume the ace role on the pitching staff. Olsen has reached 88 with the FB at the Fall All-State Games, Gage reached 86 with a FB range of 83-86 at the Preseason All-State, as he is coming out of the cold, and working his arm into spring shape. A clean delivery, that is a short strider at foot strike, could lengthen his stride and get into his lower ½ more efficiently, which would bring about less stress on his arm, resulting in velo increases in short order. Olsen possesses a potential avg to solid avg CB 70-72 with a lower spin, that with better lower ½ thrust in his delivery, will jump the spin as well as the velo. A high baseball IQ, that is coachable and with the right coaching and research on his part, we should see a low 90’s FB by 2023.


It won’t be long before the right college fit is in place. Olsen has definite two way potential with a bat that is short and compact through the ball with barreled LD’s through the gaps. The real potential right now is the arm from the mound. With a clean delivery and HTQ arm stroke, Olsen can generate FB’s up to 88, sitting 85-88 and throws K’s. The CB is 71-72 with depth, however the CH 75-78 is a solid pitch and gets a lot of horizontal movement and some sink down for swings and misses. With two springs to go, it won’t be long before Olsen is a name to know, that should be touching the low 90’s!

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