Prep Baseball Report

Northern Utah Open: Quick Hits

Jeff Scholzen
Utah Scouting Director

The first annual Northern Utah Open, which took the place of the Fall Prospect ID, as a way to tap into the most northern part of the state, was held on Sept 17th and the location was in the Cache Valley area at Ridgeline HS in Logan (Millville, UT). One of the most beautiful areas of the state and arguably top baseball fields in the state, was a perfect day for players to be in a wonderful setting and show their tools and talents, for many of them, it was the first time. Close to 70 players attended the event, in hopes of gaining some traction in their HS baseball careers. 

Nearly half or more of the players in attendance were from the classes of 2025-2026 as rising freshman and sophomores. By tapping into this beautiful location of the state, we feel that the vast majority of the state is now being captured. With events from southern Utah to the northernmost parts of the state, we feel we have a good cross section of events that capture all classes and locations. 

2023 Calendar of events with months and locations: 

10-14 Events!

Preseason ID - mid-February (Northern Utah) INDOOR event (2023-2026)

Preseason All-State - March 4th (Desert Hills HS) INVITE only event (2023-2026)

Rising Stars ID - 1st of April (Utah County) Classes of 2027-2028)

PBR Scout Days - June/July (3-4 teams in various Locations) Spotlight on travel orgs.

Top Prospect Games - mid July (Pleasant Grove HS) INVITE only event

PBR Future Games - Last week of July (Lake Point Sports Complex - Atlanta, GA) Top 20 INVITES for best uncommitted players in the classes of 2025-2026, in front of over 350+ colleges recruiters.

PBR West Coast Games - Last week of August (UNLV / CSN) in Las Vegas, for the top 20 uncommitted players in the classes of 2024-2025 in front of numerous college recruiters. INVITE only.

Northern Utah Open - mid September (Ridgeline HS - Millville, UT) in the Logan area for the classes of 2024-2027.

PBR UT/NV "Border Battle" ProCase - mid October (UNLV - in Las Vegas, NV) for the top 16-20 potential Pro prospects, with most being D1 commits, working out and playing a games vs the state of Nevada in front of the full-time area scouts, from the four corners regional scouting territory. INVITE only. 

All-State Games - Last Sunday in October (Snow Canyon HS in St. George, UT) 50 player limit of 2 teams of 25. INVITE only. 

We now take a look at some of the players who stood out from an eye test as well as with the metrics captured from Trackman Baseball and Blast Motion, along with video, arm velocities, catcher pop times and the 60 yard dash. 

Quick Hits (Lucky 7)

Videos will drop into profiles in a week

Upper Class Top Prospects (2023-2024)

Degan Rigby RHP / Bear River, UT / 2024


At 6-4 210 Lbs, Rigby has gone through a growth spurt and it has propelled his velocity forward with more in the tank as he irons out some max effort offerings right now. A strong farm town type kid, Rigby will be the ace of a talented Bear River squad that made a deep run in the 4A State tourney in St. George this past spring. Rigby should be counted on heavily as a junior this next spring and his 85-87 mph FB with a spin rate max of 2249, should take another tick upwards as he continues to tap into his frame and reach his man strength. The CB 67-70 has downward and TQ tilt and is spaced enough off his FB, that it creates a big spacing for hitters to cover both pitches. A flexible high kick to delivery and a loose HTQ arm action with plenty of arm speed to reach the low 90’s over the next couple of seasons, Rigby has received an invite to the upcoming invite only All-State Games and it will be interesting to see how he fares against other quality hitters looking for recruiting coverage and attention. 

Treyson Purser 3B / Ridgeline, UT / 2024


A rising junior at Ridgeline HS, Purser has a big Sophomore season in 2022, as he garnered 1st ™ All-State honors, after hitting .471 w/4 HR, 35 RBI with 14 BB to only 7 K outs, enroute to a OPS of 1.328. Purser is the younger brother of Salt Lake CC ace LHP, Dax Purser. Trey is a strapping 6-3 220 3B/RHP, but it’s his bat that will get him recruited. With solid metrics compiled through Trackman with a 95.9 EV coupled with Blast Motion scores of 21.3 hand speed and 74.8 bat speed, there is enough from a tools perspective to take a closer look at this RHH corner bat. A compact stroke with the ability to hit LD’s straightaway and to the pull side, Purser is far from reaching his man strength, even though he is a big boy right now. It won’t be long before his hard LD singles and doubles turn into HR power in the near future, as he hasn’t tapped into lifting the ball and driving it as deep as he will in time. But he can hit and square balls up consistently, while making frequent contact. At the hot corner he makes the plays within his range, though that range needs to be better and show further 1st step quickness. It remains to be seen whether he stays at 3B or moves to 1B at the next level, but the bat will play at either spot. A high level JUCO type talent right now with the bat and should continue to blossom over the next two years, as he will be the main force in the Skyhawks lineup.

Under Class Top Prospects (2025-2026)

Blake Brotherson RHP / Orem, UT / 2025


Without question the most interesting prospect of the event goes to Brotherson! Featuring a 6-2 165 frame that is what they look like to build from, into a future 190 Lb prospects body. Blake has the type of athleticism in his delivery to throw much harder over the next 3 years of HS baseball. A classic simple rock step and a turn into a flexible balanced high kick and reaches out well and lands on a firm front toe at foot strike and stays directional through release to the plate. The arm is very loose and biomechanically sound. There’s no wasted effort and his head stays still, and he pounded the K zone with all three pitches in a FB, landed CB and fading CH. Advanced for his age and showing abv avg feel to pitch, the FB 83-85 now has carry through the zone and threw K after K, while spinning the FB at 2324 rpm’s. The CB 70-71 has tilt and depth w/feel to land and bury the pitch with ease. It was impressive to see the feel with the pitch and it tunneled well off his FB. The spin should increase as it’s at 2049 now, but with added arm strength and further physical development, there is plenty enough ease to his operation that it’s easy to see a 6-8 and even 8-10 mph increase in the FB as well as potentially 7-8 mph more in the CB. The CH 72-74 (spin of 1617) while killing spin, is spaced well and all 3 pitches create some tough spacing coverage for hitters to cover during an AB. Blake passes the eye test physically with his crystal ball projection and what the future holds for this kid. Already receiving D1 interest off this 1st look and video posted to social media. The future is bright and he will be getting an invite to the All-State Games in late October. 

Josh Mawhinney RHP / Brighton , UT / 2025


Another young 2025 that has the type of frame at 6-3 180 to dream on and project FB velocity moving forward. Features a long, lean lanky frame with considerable room to add size and muscle as he continues to mature physically. A loose HTQ arm action with some finish, whip and carry at times through the zone from a compact high kick to delivery. Really reaches out and finishes with a flat back at finish over his front side. Gets his back side through with a high up and over back leg to finish his delivery. The FB 80-82 should settle into the high 80’s with ease over time and shows the tilt and depth to the CB 67-69, that should reach the mid 70’s and will have a solid two pitch mix with the CH developing over time.

Angel Rios SS / Uintah , UT / 2025


A small town kid from Vernal, UT is the type of player whose movement patterns in the INF and swing mechanics in the box drew my interest right away. A MIF’er that approaches the ball with some educated feet and plays out front and below the ball, and moves well side to side, but the arm will relegate to 2B and could become an offensive type player on the other side of the bag. The bat is compact and smooth, but doesn’t show quality hand and bat speed yet, but he could as he becomes stronger and learns to let it go. A JV player as a freshman, will get his shot to prove himself next spring, as the talent should improve to where he is a trusted member of a varsity lineup, as Uintah lost 8 position players to graduation. Not a runner, moving over to 2B should suit his game well, as he can pick it and shows bat potential. 

Cayman Sanchez SS / RHP / Olympus, UT / 2026


A young 2026 who I’ve been able to see at 3 different events this summer, as well as seeing him perform for the ‘26 version of Trosky National. A baseball player that can play all over the field will show you in a workout style event, his talents in the OF at SS, catcher and on the mound. It’s hard to say where he ends up defensively, but for a young 14 yr old kid, he has run a 7.10/60 and shows the type of quick bat with a direct path and high one hand finish to elevate the ball right now and into the future as he continues to grow and develop. Was able to hit a drive 338 feet over the LF wall in BP and showed an arm of 79 across the infield. It’s easy to see at 5-10 140 lbs that as he continues to develop and grows, that the bat and athleticism will continue to shine and draw even more attention over the next 3-4 years, as he enters HS baseball this next spring! 

Cooper Clark OF / Ridgeline , UT / 2026


A budding athlete that ran a 6.98/60 and according to his HS coach, should take over the CF varsity spot as a freshman. Streamlined and angular with a lean tight musculature look. Shows twitch and a youthful approach to the game, where he still has to be schooled in the fundamentals, but has the right infrastructure at his HS to develop his game and learn the ins and outs of using his athleticism to his advantage. With an exit velocity of 93 at 14 yrs old, there’s definite present strength and he features a compact, quick stroke to hit with a max bat speed of 77 mph, suggesting the metrics are in place to hit quality pitching down the road. He does get to his front side too quickly as he’s driving his hands forward and needs to stay back and trust his natural strength and bat speed, and learn to quiet his body throughout his swing. The type of tools for a young kid, that gives promise of developing into a really good HS baseball player and beyond as he continues to mature, grow and just develop as he learns the fame over the next 3-4 years. Intriguing potential! 


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