Buck's Scout Card - Jake Agnos

With the MLB Draft starting tonight, PBR Special Assignment Scout Bill Buck gives us his take on some of the best prospects that the Commonwealth and the District have to offer.  Buck has served as a scout for four major league teams spanning the last 30 years and now offers his expertise to PBR VA/DC.

Jake Agnos
High School: 
East Carolina
State Rank Overall Rank PBR Draft 100





  Range Current Future     Current Future
 Fastball 88-92, 93
 Curveball 77-81
 50 55
 Changeup 80-82
 Other          Arm/Range    
 Command   50
Draft Projection: 5th to 7th Round
Role: 5th Starter
Overall Current/Future

Bill Buck's Report:

Jake Agnos, LHP, Battlefield (East Carolina)
Stocky LHP that is athletic.  Has effort to his delivery, however shows three future average or better pitches.  Curve ball is hard and can be out pitch at any level.  Looks to be a middle inning pitcher or 5th starter.  Would take him in the 5th-7th Round range.

Game reports:

3.15.16:  Agnos has an athletic frame and throws from a three-quarters arm slot with an explosive, drop and drive delivery. His arm action is short and loose and he has a very quick armstroke, generating velocity with some effort. His shoulders are closed and slightly uphill as he strides out to a square landing before coming to an athletic finish as he recoils. Agnos’ fastball has added movement and angle since last fall, as it had some plane and late run to it. He touched 93 once on the day and worked from 90-92 in the first two innings 86-91 over the rest of his outing. He showed good command of the pitch, moving it in and out and pounding the strike zone at will. Agnos’ curveball had 1/7 action to it and ran 77-81. Early in the game the pitch had power break, as the game progressed it began to snap more. He showed the ability to throw it for strikes or out of the zone. Agnos threw one change-up that was 82 with a bit of run. Agnos dominated one of the better lineups he will face this spring, striking out 14 of the first 17 hitters he faced without allowing a baserunner, and ending the game with a 17 strikeout no-hitter while issuing three walks and hitting a batter.

5.31.16:  Agnos’s mechanics are unchanged from earlier in the year and he still throws with a high effort delivery. His fastball sat 89-92 early, touching 93 once with plane and some late run. His velocity was still 88-89, touching 91 in the sixth inning, with a bit more movement. Curveball had its normal, hard, power 1/7 break, running 79-82. He was in the strike zone with both pitches.