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Mid-Atlantic Procase: Virginia Positional Breakdown

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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As we conclude our annual Mid-Atlantic Procase, we want to take a few minutes to dive in a little deeper on some of the players that were in attendance on August 13 at University of Richmond.

Charlie Brinkman C / OF / Pro 5 Academy VA, VA / 2024

Coming off of Future Games, the top ranked catcher in the 2024 VA/DC class showed off some of his tools at the Mid-Atlantic Procase. Brinkman is a solid athlete for the position and displayed some versatility in the outfield at Future Games. Turned out a 6.95 60 at the Procaseand had the fifth best top run speed at 20.3 mph. At the plate the swing has some loft built in and does work gap to gap with doubles power. The plane has a slight uphill path and a high finish resulting in a higher fly ball and line drive percentage. Above average bat speed. Solid arm strength behind the plate with a 79 mph catcher velo and is accurate on throws. This athletic backstop has gained plenty of traction the last few months and should only go up from here.


Jae'dan Carter C / Colgan High School, VA / 2023

Carter is one of the more consistent bats in VA/DC. Quick flat path to contact with above average hand speed. Carter rotates well. Pairing that with his hand and bat speed allows him a tick longer for pitch recognition. In his early rounds during BP it was more line drive and ground ball. As the rounds went on the Dayton commit started to add some lift into the swing, while maintaining his flatter path. Carter flashes some power to the pull side, but is more doubles in both gaps. Defensively Carter threw his pops during the workout at 79 mph and does a solid job handling his arms. 2021 Future Games alum.



Preston Crowl 3B / RHP / Franklin County, VA / 2023

The Virginia Tech commit had one of the better days on Saturday, but we will focus on his offense right now. Crowl is a 2021 Future Games alum and had really packed on the strength since last summer, adding twenty-five pounds that is really noticeable, especially in the upper body. The hit tool was solid last year, but I think at bats versus some higher level arms over the past twelve months and the added strength have potentially jumped it to a bat first profile. Consistent BP with a simple setup and mechanics. Lift and hand load in rhythm and gets back down on time. Showed the ability to handle higher end arms, producing loud contact in the live AB portion as well. The run tool will play a part in the defensive profile, but the bat plays and that will give him a step ahead on others when he steps on campus.



Billy Fluharty SS / OF / Riverbend , VA / 2023

Got a chance to see Fluharty this spring and was interested to see him versus better arms in this event. Slightly open setup at the plate, strides in and lands slightly closed, and hand stay tight on the turn. Works above the ball in the lower half of the zone with more middle/backside line drive tendency in that area. When pitches got elevated he flattened out and showed a touch more lift. Contact bat with some doubles power, but the elite run tool will allow him to put pressure on the defense turning some outs into singles and hits into extra bases. Best 60 on the day, turning out a 6.52 and then a 6.49 on his second run. The start was solid, but really turned it on after the first 10 yards. Event best 30 yard split with a 3.68 and the top run speed at 21.9 mph. Long term profile is more second base/center field right now, but could potentially move back to short with added strength to the athletic frame.

Ethan Gibson SS / RHP / Abingdon, VA / 2023

The Hokies commit is a Junior Future Games alum and it has been quite some time since we got a few measurables on the two-way Abingdon product. Gibson is a really solid defender at short with above average arm strength across the infield. The hands work and it's a clean exchange with the ability to throw on the run with accuracy. The offensive profile is contact bat with ability to hit for average. There was a little more hand movement in BP, but it was still a pretty quiet swing. Slight hover load with the front foot and level path with a higher finish. Gibson really simplified the hands in game and the swing showed some adjustability, getting extension through the zone. High IQ player and shows some ability to let the game slow down for him.



Zyhir Hope OF / LHP / Colonial Forge, VA / 2023

What is there left to say about this uber-talented outfielder. We have had endless coverage on Hope since we saw him in February and he has only continued to impress each and every time. In my opinion, Hope possesses three-plus present tools and still has a rawness to his game that offers so much intrigue. The left/left Colonial Forge outfielder casually rolled out a 6.56 60, second best 10-yd split (1.65), third best 30-yd split (3.72), second best top run speed (21.6 mph), second best average run speed (9.1 mph), 79.3 mph bat speed, rotates at 30.5 g, 102.8 mph exit velocity, 92.2 mph average exit, 393 feet max distance, 72% of the 20+ balls in play were hard hit, was 94 mph from the outfield, singles at 100 mph in game, and oh he was 89 on the mound. The measurables are at an elite level and how he handles himself on the field and with his teammates is just as impressive. Always smiling, talking teammates up, and seems to truly enjoy playing the game. Somebody is going to get a very very good baseball player that, at some point, has a good chance to hear his name called in the draft.


Evan Meier OF / RHP / West Point , VA / 2023

Meier has a square setup, quick and direct lift and load, and does a nice job staying centered with his weight. Hits against a firm front side while attacking contact out front. Level path with controlled intent to the swing. Meier is able to produce some power from the compact frame and has carry to the pull side, as well as the middle of the field. Had some really quality at bats in game, producing some loud barrels to the middle of the field. Did not pitch on the day, but his combination of athleticism, hit tool, and ability to run it up and spin it on the mound should give him a chance to be an early contributor at Mount St. Mary's.



Brett Renfrow OF / RHP / Colgan, VA / 2023

Renfrow had arguably the most impressive BP on the day. There is an advanced offensive skillset that the Hokies commit brings to the table. Bat to ball skills, heavy barrel, and sneaky athleticism for the strong frame. Renfrow hit one of the hardest balls in BP that I have ever seen hit. It got about 8-10 feet off the ground and held plane until it hit the bottom of the wall in left center. That ball was hit 360' at 101.9 mph. The Junior Future Games alum has long shown the ability to hit, but the consistency of the hard hit baseballs has really continued to climb. The swing is impressive in BP, but plays just as well in game. Took a backed up breaking ball over the left field wall at 97 mph with just a flick of the wrist. While he offers two-way potential on the mound, I think it is a bat first at the next level, especially when talking about draft status. Corner outfield profile that has a chance to be a premium bat moving into the draft next year.

Josiah Seguin SS / Deep Run, VA / 2023

Seguin has a long levered 6-3 frame that has filled out well and still has some room to grow. Switch hitter with feel for the barrel from both sides. From both sides of the plate Seguin is fairly upright and I think the hands may be a little more fluid from the right side. Is able to produce hand and bat speed from both sides of the plate. Gets extension and uses the middle of the field well, with a little more juice from the left side. I have seen Seguin countless times in game and he has never really had a big swing and miss issue, but will need to tap into the raw power more frequently in game as he matures. In my opinion, there is no doubt that he sticks at short. Premium arm strength, throws on the run with carry, and is a consistent defender. I think long term the draft stock will go as the offense goes, but he should be fine especially as he continues to see better arms which will help him in the long run. William & Mary commit.


Lee Sowers SS / RHP / Douglas Freeman, VA / 2024

Compact frame with proportional strength. Starts slightly open, small leg lift and lands on line, and maintains balance throughout. Shows ability to adjust and pull hands in when needed. Swing has a level path and is quick in and out. Showed a little pull side tendency in BP. The best barrels and hardest balls Sowers hit were in the middle of the field. Doubles power with a flash of a little extra to pullside gap. Solid defender up the middle with 87 mph infield velo and long term second base profile. Virginia Tech commit.

Chase Swift LHP / OF / Thomas Dale , VA / 2024

Athletic 5-11 frame. 6.75 60 with the range and defensive ability to play all three in the outfield. Active, hands have some rhythm, and starts and finishes square. Bigger leg lift, but has shown some feel for timing in the box. Well above average bat speed, getting up to 79.7 mph. Worked gap to gap in BP with some doubles power to the left center gap. Slight uphill path to a higher finish and gets extension through contact. Virginia Tech commit.