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Mid-Atlantic State Games: Underclass Quick Hits Part I

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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Last weekend, well over 150 players from Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and DC descended on War Memorial Stadium in Hampton Roads, Virginia for the 2022 Mid-Atlantic State Games. Players took part in a showcase workout on Saturday and a game throughout the day Saturday and Sunday. Some of the Region's top committed prospects were also on the field on Saturday night for the 2022 Committed Game.

Now we take a look back at some standout moments from uncommitted underclass players that were in attendance.

Underclass Quick Hits: Part I

Robert (Buddy) Baker, V OF / LHP / Nansemond River , VA / 2025

Baker has some two-way potential with his left/left athletic makeup. However, he really made an impact last season for Nansemond-River as an arm. Sunday was not much different. On the mound he works from a higher slot and leverages the fastball downhill. Showed the ability to work both sides of the plate with the upper 70's fastball and topped at 80 a few times. Threw a couple really nice 1/7 breaking balls that backfooted right handers. Baker will have a chance to be one of the better arms on the Warrior staff this spring.



Walton Bondurant SS / 3B / Smithfield, VA / 2025

Advanced arm strength for his size and class. Bondurant was 85 across the infield, has smooth hands, and is an active defender up the middle. Balanced setup at the plate, hands are set high and tight, and stay inside through the zone. It is a contact bat with line drive tendencies. Bondurant has a chance to be part of a solid young group of players at Smithfield that will be fun to watch grow.



Christian Dart 1B / LHP / Highland School , VA / 2025

Square stance and a slight crouch at the plate. The load happens in rhythm and does a nice job of getting the front foot down on time. It is a short direct path to contact and the swing has some adjustability, allowing him to use all fields. More of a hit tool type of bat. Solid defender at first and adequate defender in the corner outfield positions. 



Kyle Flora OF / 2B / Landstown, VA / 2025

Compact frame with above average run tool. Flora is a consistent defender with centerfield/left field defensive profile, as well as the ability to defend at second base. Really like the hit tool that Flora offers. The Landstown outfielder shined this summer in tournaments and was no different this weekend. Bigger lift and load, feel for timing, and a short level path to contact. Had a single to left in game. Aggressive at the plate and the offensive approach translates onto the base paths. 



Brooks Graham 2B / RHP / Highland, VA / 2025

This one really has the feel of being something special. Has a quiet confidence to his game. Average run tool with some physical traits at the plate. Starts open, loads into the backside, and then lands on line. Hands load and separate before a level path swing that has some length through the zone. Some easy doubles power to both gaps and the swing plays. Going to be a fun one to watch develop and mature. 



William Hurt SS / C / St. Christopher's, VA / 2025

The St. Christopher's infielder can do a little bit of everything. On Sunday Hurt caught, played infield, played a little outfield, and also jumped on the mound and pitched. While Hurt does not offer a bunch of loud tools, he always seems to be in the right place, at the right time, in game. Average runner and a contact bat with feel for the barrel. He has the ability to use the whole field and flashes some doubles power to the pull side.  



Zander Leckszas RHP / 2B / Jackson Reed, VA / 2025

5-foot-9 athletic frame. On the mound Leckszas has a normal effort delivery and gets into the backside, driving down the mound. It is a longer arm action from a higher three-quarter arm slot. Got the upper 70's fastball out to the glove side with some plane. The breaking ball backed up out of the hand and trended to the arm side, but did throw the bigger 12/6 breaker for strikes.  



Jackson Loomis SS / RHP / Jackson-Reed, VA / 2025

Loomis is an aggressive hitter with strong bat to ball skills. Hands create a slightly uphill path, there is length in the barrel out front, and does a nice job staying behind contact. Loomis had a solid spring for Jackson Reed (formerly Wilson-DC) as a freshman and has a chance to be a large piece of the puzzle for the Tigers' this spring. 



Ben Mustico OF / OF / Douglas Freeman, VA / 2025

Mustico has a comopact 5-foot-9 frame. Starts and finishes narrow and upright. Mustico has quick hands and a slightly uphill path. The hands stay pretty tight on the turn and the barrel lengthens out front. Mustico does a solid job staying inside at contact and can almost get kind of inside-out at times. 



Gabriel Pegues OF / OF / McLean, VA / 2025

This was my first look at Pegues, and there is a lot to like. Long, lean frame with proportional strength throughout. It is a simple setup, hands back, and above average hand speed through the zone. While the bat is still kind of raw, the run tool is real. 6.88 runner, second best 10-yard split and 30-yard split, top run speed, and displayed his explosiveness with the top jump power. Pegues is an explosive athlete with twitch in actions and plenty of ceiling left to his game. Keep an eye on this 2025 outfielder from McLean, because if he can add polish to some the offensive side, he will be a highly sought after outfielder. 



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