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Mills Godwin Scout Blog: Uncommitted Underclassmen

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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On October 20th I took in one of the Mills Godwin Eagles Fall World Series games. This is our final part of a three part series that will give some detailed notes on a dozen players from the Mills Godwin program. Today, we are going to look at a few uncommitted 2025-2026 players in the program. 

Mills Godwin Eagles

Tanner Albertson RHP / 3B / Mills E Godwin , VA / 2024

Lanky 6-foot-2 frame with plenty of room to fill. Taller setup on the mound, down and. out delivery, and a shorter stride for his height and length. It is a full arm swing from a three-quarter slot. The fastball sat at 78-79 mph. Bigger 11/5 shape on the 65-68 mph curveball. Albertson also flashed a 72 mph changeup. Solid physical makeup with plenty of ceiling left and room to add polish.




Quinton Caraher RHP / OF / Godwin, VA / 2025

Long, wiry 6-foot-4 frame. Lean strength and should be able to carry good weight. There is some downhill plane to the 80-82 mph fastball from a higher slot. The breaking ball has 12/6 shape with downer action at 70-71 mph. Caraher was effective in the zone. While he did not miss many bats, he did not find any barrels. The frame and arm speed indicate that he is going to have a chance to add some considerable velo as he matures and adds some mass to the frame. Will be an interesting arm to follow. 



Brody Crider C / RHP / Godwin, VA / 2026

5-foot-11 athletic frame with proportional strength, Crider looks the part. It was a different look for the young freshman. Sidearm slot and had a really good feel for the zone with the fastball/slider combo. Any point in high school, if you can show a feel for two-plus pitches from a sidearm-subby slot then I feel like you have some feel for the way your body moves. At that young of an age, it can be impressive, depending on how frequently you can repeat it and Crider does it repeatedly. While the fastball velo (73-75 mph) will obviously need to increase, he has already established an idea of who he is and the effectiveness that comes along with pitching from that slot. The breaking ball varied in shape, but did show some feel for the 60-63 mph 10/4 breaking ball. 




Milan Larew RHP / OF / Mills Godwin, VA / 2026

Very limited look on the 6-foot freshman. Exclusive fastballs at 78-79 mph. Made quick work of opposing hitters, getting some early contact and outs. It is a longer arm action with a lower hand break and it gets stuck a little bit on the backside. Works from a high three-quarter arm slot. 




Cal Travers LHP / 1B / Mills Godwin, VA / 2025

One of the more complete innings on the day came from the '25 left hander. Travers made quick work in his inning, striking out three hitters that were in the meat of the opposing order. The fastball sat at 78-80 mph, had some occasional crossfire when working to the glove side, and it produced a little bit of run when working to the arm side. Threw a bigger 1/7 breaking ball for strikes at 68-70 mph. He used it pretty consistently versus left handers and worked the top portion of the zone.