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By Jerry Shank
Maryland Scouting Director

The Summer Kickoff Tournament at Mount St. Mary’s University took place last weekend in Emmitsburg, MD  Seven teams were in attendance and performed in front of the PBR Maryland Scouting staff along with college coaches around the area.

Today we take a look at the teams in attendance with some scouting notes on a few of the players from each roster. . 

16U MVP National

Hitting Leaders

.667 (6-for-9) – 2018 Rob Ferreira
.556 (5-for-9) – 2019 Ethan Lipp
.429 (3-for-7) – 2017 Jason Volpicelli

Scout Notes

Rob Feirreira also pitches for the Nationals, throwing from a high ¾ arm slot and a compact delivery with temp.  Fastball has slight arm side run at 78-80 mph. Breaking ball shows 11/5 action on the pitch. Hits from an athletic set up and has a level path to the ball. Did nice job of getting barrel on the baseball…Justin Taylor has a very projectable athletic body at 6-foot-2, 175-pounds. Hits from a slightly open set up.  Has nice rhythm and can get stiff at times. Stays inside the baseball at the plate with some bat speed. Moves well with confident first step and glides across the base path. Interesting prospect with high ceiling…Kyle Novak is a left handed hitter from a slightly open stance. Has nice rhythm throughout swing at the plate. Barrel stays thru the zone with a level path. Does a nice job using the entire field…Catcher Danny Hosley hits from an open set up at the plate. Shows some bat speed with barrel control and quick hands. Pull type hitter…Gavin Kandrick is a compact athlete with quick twitch and a fast and confident first step.  Moves well and athletic behind the plate. In between inning pop times as low as 2.08…MVP has a versatile athletic young roster and an interesting one to watch over the summer.

API 17u

Hitting Leaders

.667 (2-for-3) Lee Robinson
.333 (3-for-9) Justin Caesar
.333 (2-for-6) Jack Triolo

Scouting Notes

2019 Justin Caesar is an interesting raw prospect in the middle infield. Short swing from a balanced set up, clean hands and actions, confident first step. Has sound skill set and one to keep an eye on as he develops...2017 Jack Triolo has a solid frame from behind the plate. Shorter swing path with average bat speed and nice balance…2017 Nick Vermillion got up to 83 mph on the mound with a shorter arm action...2017 Fernando Valenzuela has a long athletic frame that he is still growing into. Showed sound actions in the middle of the infield and showed average bat speed at the plate…2017 Jordan Geber got up to 84 in his outing on Sunday. Geber topped out at 85 mph last week at the Northeast Prospect ID…

Chesapeake Tides

Hitting Leaders

.375 (3-for-8) Bobby Quesenberry
.250 (2-for-8) Andrew Revels

Scouting Notes

2019 RHP Colby Buckheit is an interesting young pitcher to follow.  Sat at 78-80 on the mound with quick, whippy arm speed and sound arm action. Throws from an almost over-the-top arm angle and fastball has run and sink on the pitch. Interesting young player to keep an eye on…2017 Andrew Revels show a short in game swing at the plate, using the middle of the field well. Stayed in on lefties and used the whole field at the plate. Slap type hitter in game with nice balance throughout and a good eye at the plate…2018 RHP Cameron Clark has a projectable frame with a free arm action. Pitches with regular effort and fastball has run with slight sink on the pitch. Projectable body and got up to 81 on the mound with more in the tank.

Delmarva Aces

Hitting Leaders

.600 (3-for-5) – Cole Hitch
.400 (2-for-5) – Jake Shockley
.400 (2-for-5) – Will Geppert

Scouting Notes

2017 RHP Jake Shockley has a wiry frame with room to fill out. Has a loose arm action throwing from a high ¾ arm slot. Pitches with regular effort in a controlled delivery. Fastball sat 77-81 hitting 82 a couple times. His breaking ball has big shape and gradual action with 11/5 shape. Pitch ranged from 65-68 mph. Threw a knuckle type pitch as a changeup. Minimal rotation on the ball, gradual break and showed command of the pitch that ran up to 70 mph…2017 C Richard Carey had quick feet and exchange from behind the plate with hip control and movement around the plate. Rushed body at times on throws. In between inning pop time at 2.25. Has quick hands at the plate, level bat path and occasionally longer path.

Diamond Pros

Hitting Leaders

.600 (3-for-5) – Justus Brown
.429 (3-for-7) – Joshua Heigh
.400 (2-for-5) – Dan Goetell

Scouting Notes

C Andrew Decker showed nice athleticism behind the plate with quick feet and exchange. In between inning pop times as low as 2.18. Nice hip control behind the plate and gets down to block. Showed a lot of improvement defensively. Has a short swing that is quick through the zone. Was a bit unlucky squaring up a few balls right at the defense for hard outs…Joshua Heigh is an interesting prospect at first base. Hits from the left side with a level swing path and quick hands through the zone. Gap-to-gap type hitter that sprays the ball well…Justus Brown is a pull type hitter that has a slightly long swing path. Has pull side power potential with a homerun to left, one of the wall, and finally one that sailed over the left fielders head. A catcher with a durable frame and in between inning pop time at 2.28.

Keystone Bombers

Hitting leaders

.538 (7-for-13) Kris Kremer
.385 (5-for-13) Nick Stoner
.333 (4-for-12) Ryan McSorley

Scouting Notes

Penn State commit Kris Kremer stole the show over the weekend showing off his athleticism at the shortstop position to go along with his strong arm. He showed nice rhythm at the plate and barreled up the ball well over the weekend with his short swing and quick bat speed. Played hard and got out of the box and quickly made it to top speed, turning a few singles in doubles. Overall impressive day for the 2017 grad…Bloomsburg commit 2017 Nick Stoner has a quick loose arm action on the mound with a fastball that got up to 89 mph that worked downhill with some arm side run. Showed a hard breaking ball that he uses as put away pitch to compliment his aggressive fastball. At the plate, Stoner showed some bat sped at the plate from a slightly open stance. Hands worked well at the plate…Arturo Figueroa is an interesting left handed hitting prospect. Showed some bat speed with free hands in his swing working through the zone. Shows some extension through contact and gets long happy at times, but shows nice rhythm and potential at the plate…Bombers showed plenty of athleticism on their team with talent throughout the team. Nice size with projection for the majority of the team.

Youse Orioles

Hitting Leaders

.500 (4-for-8) Steve Spencer
.500 (2-for-4) Nick Brown
.444 (4-for-9) Tyler Locklear

Scouting Notes

2019 Tyler Locklear has a strong athletic frame. Hits from an athletic set up, short swing path, barrels up ball, quick bat speed. Gets in and out of the zone a little quickly at times, but interesting young prospect with strength…2018 Paul Nixon has a strong physical frame has a loose arm action with arm speed. Was up to 82 on the day and looks to have more in the tank.  At the plate takes a healthy cut with fast bat speed and power potential.  Makes loud contact and barreled up ball well…Youse has a talented squad with talents Nick Brown, Zeke Maldonado, Tommy Holcomb, Jeff Calderon, and Trent Gast-Woodard to name a few.