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NOVA Preseason ID Quick Hits

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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We have produced superlatives, a stats release, a High and Tight episode detailing plenty of action from the NOVA Preseason ID. Lastly, we want to look at a few more players from the action at Complete Game. 

See some notes and video on five players that were in attendance on January 21st.

NOVA Quick Hits:

JD Bowden SS / RHP / Alexandria City, VA / 2026

Wiry athletic 6-foot-1 frame. Bowden was one of the more impressive young players in attendance. Twitchy, raw, projectable, and some loud tools. Arm speed and arm strength on the mound. Fastball has life with some arm side run to the upper 70's fastball. The breaking ball showed some occasional tight shape with depth. More gas in the tank and polish to add. Above average runner and will be higher end runner long term. Love the athleticism and tools that Bowden possesses.



Jimmy Burpoe SS / 2B / Lightridge, VA / 2025

The simplicity and repeatability of Burpoe's swing stood out. The 5-foot-11 infielder started from a square stance, simple load, short to contact, and accelerates through the zone. Defensively he is quick to get it out of the glove and works from a higher slot across the infield. Slightly above average arm strength.



Ian Fournier OF / RHP / Gainesville, VA / 2026

Solid 5-foot-10 frame. Quiet load and approach at the plat. Explodes through the zone and attacks contact out front with some loft built into the swing. The strength is to the pull side with doubles power to both gaps. Attacks through the catch in the outfield and has slightly above average arm strength from the outfield.



Quinn Peck 1B / 3B / Brentsville , VA / 2026

A standout 2026 that has some physicality and upside to the frame and skill set. Upright, hands set back, and hover load. Peck looks to lift with some strength to the middle and pull side. Intriguing 2026 with some corner profile to follow long term.



Connor Quilll SS / 3B / Tuscarora , VA / 2026

Quill has a thin, athletic 6-foot-1 frame. The swing really stood out on the day. Slightly open and wider base. Hands load to separation and slight bat wrap. There is balance and he does a nice job staying in the middle and behind contact. The swing absolutely plays. Level path with a slight uphill finish. Above average hand speed and rotates well in the lower half. As he adds strength the offense will continue to improve.