Prep Baseball Report

Northern VA Prospect ID (Top Catchers Analysis)

Over fifty players took part in PBR VA/DC’s inaugural event on 7/31, and a slew of catchers stood out during the throwing portion of the showcase. Here are some of the highlights:

Listed Alphabetically:

Andrew Blevins, C, 2016, Potomac

+Blevins is 6-2, 170 with an athletic frame. He is an above average receiver with soft hands and a good set-up. He showed quick feet and arm strength (74 mph).  The combination of quickness and arm strength allowed Blevins to throw between 2.12-2.19 down to second base.

Derek Boyle, C, 2015, Brooke Point

+Boyle has a solid frame at 5-11, 180. He is fundamentally sound as a receiver and has very soft hands.  He has a quick transfer and solid footwork.  Boyle has a quick, efficient release with above average arm strength (71 mph).  Boyle's throws down to second base were in the 2.03-2.31 range. 

Noah Lacy, C, 2016, Tuscarora

+Lacy stands an athletic 5-10, 160. He has a good set-up and is an above average receiver. On his transfers he has the tendency to get upright, not gaining a lot of ground or utilizing his lower body in his throws. In spite of that, his athleticism allows him to generate slightly above average arm strength (69 mph). He has extremely quick feet and a very good transfer, that helped him generate some of the best pop times at the event (1.94-2.14).

Brian Rall, C, 2018, Patriot

+Rall has a lean 5-11, 155 pound frame. He has an above average arm currently (72 mph), that projects to be plus or better by his senior year. He is very athletic and has quick feet during his transfer, gaining ground and using a short, fast arm action to get the ball out quick on his transfer. The simple mechanics led to high degree of consistency and accuracy on his throws, as well as, outstanding pop times (1.97-2.03).