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PBR VA/DC Limited Series at VT: Scout Blog 2

Jerry Shank
PBR Maryland & Virginia/DC Executive Director

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This past weekend PBR Virginia/DC held the Fall Limited series hosted by Virginia Tech. Six teams from the commonwealth and DC took part in an exciting tournament filled with loads of talent.

Today we begin our post event content with our first scout blog of the event. We take a look at our last half of the field with the Old Dominion Hitters, MPH 101, and Diamondskills Dodgers.

Old Dominion Hitters

Kenny Schaedel IF Cape Henry 2022
Physicality is present as is strength. Advanced offensive approach. Athletic set up with high hands. Leg kick load to hitting position, showed good balance at the plate. Hands are free with explosive wrists and aggressive swing. Smooth stroke that is surprisingly violent. Line drive type hitter with loud contact. Could move to corner outfield or first base and fill in. Bat plays. Brings big time pop. One to definitely keep an eye on as he continues to develop.

Josh Holland IF/OF Cape Henry 2022
Athletic frame. Quick feet, stays on the balls of feet well with quick and confident first step. Hits from an athletic set up. Hands are clean at the plate, can get pull happy at times, but saw some nice free swings with extension that will only improve with reps. Thought he had a really solid weekend. Liked how he played. Solid glove defensively versatile to play multiple positions.

CJ Patterson RHP/UT Woodside 2022
Strong projectable frame at 5-foot-11, 178-pounds. Sound arm action throwing from a three-quarter slot. Pitching with some effort. Fastball ranged from 76-78 topping out at 79. Athletic defensively, made strong diving play in game. Average bat speed, level path through the zone.

Jake Williams RHP Great Bridge 2022
Projectable 6-foot, 170-pound frame. Deliberate, build up delivery. Gets downhill well. Sound arm action throwing from a high three quarter. Pitches with regular effort. Fastball has slight run on the pitch up to 80 mph. Ranged 78-80. Breaking ball was inconsistent and showed some potential at 63-65 mph.

Max Kuhle OF/1B Ocean Lakes 2022
Physical frame with present strength. Squatty set up at the plate getting into this lower half. Level path at the plate with some bat speed and uphill finish.

Trent Holland C/IF Isle of Wight 2022
Projectable 5-foot-10, 145-pound frame. Shorter path at the plate with average extension, interesting. Clean swing at the plate, like the potential in swing. Was up to 74 mph on the mound with a sound arm action.

Noah Smeltzer C/OF Pasquatank (NC) 2022
Compact, wiry frame at 5-foot-9, 155-pounds. Nice catch and throw from behind the plate. Short swing at the plate that is in and out of the zone. Nice balance at the plate. Room to add to frame.

Diamondskills Dodgers

AJ Martin IF St. John’s 2022
Athletic frame with projection. Smooth athlete with clean actions and quick first step. Athletic set up, slightly open. Smooth load with free hands at the plate and nice extension. Shows bat speed and gap to gap approach. Great feel for barrel and showed nice balance throughout the weekend. Think has the chance to be a high-level prospect.

Lee Ellis IF/P St. John’s 2023
Athletic frame with some length and plenty of projection. Level path at the plate with high end speed out of the box. Bat speed is average right now but will continue to improve with strength. Liked his fluidity and actions in the field. Hands are soft and transfer quick and clean. Shows two-way potential and throws with easy effort and looks like could throw hard down the road. Fastball was 80-81 on day touching 82. Late action on pitch. Breaking ball is plus pitch and will only get better as he shows more confidence in the pitch (2300-2500 spin rate via trackman). Really interesting young player to follow.

JT Gibson LHP/1B St. John’s 2022
Lanky projectable frame at 6-foot-2, 170-pounds. Loose free arm action throwing from a three-quarter slot. Arm works, ball comes out well with easy effort. Fastball up to 81 mph ranged 78-81. Breaking bal showed potential at 68-70 mph. Really interesting prospect. Raw on the mound. As body control improves and repeatability does as well, has a chance to be a very interesting prospect in the 2022 class. Should throw harder down the road.

Jack Lasota IF St. John’s 2022
Athletic set up with strong frame at 5-foot-10, 180-pounds. Shorter, direct swing at the plate with uphill finish. Nice bat speed at the plate. More there, keep an eye on.

Earl Skrine OF/RHP St. John’s 2022
Athletic strong frame at 5-foot-10, 165-pounds. Hits from a balanced, athletic set up. Short quick load at the plate. Fast bat speed, shows quick twitch. Like to see him free hands up more to get more extension through contact. Strength to pull side now, spins a bit on the baseball. Like the potential. One to keep an eye on.

Vinny Hall UT/RHP St. John’s 2022
Projectable frame with room to grow. Left-handed hitter from an athletic set up at the plate. Hands are smooth with shorter stroke and quick through the zone. Liked the way he played the game.

Cory Hatcher OF St. John’s 2022
Compact frame with nice athleticism. Hits from an athletic set up at the plate. Simple load with quick hands that are direct to the baseball. Gap to gap type hitter, shows a good feel for the game on the offensive end. Quick and confident first step in the outfield, covers ground quickly.

Brendan Yagesh LHP Urbana 2022
Long projectable frame at 6-foot-2, 160-pounds. Room to add more to. More deliberate build up style delivery keeping balance throughout. Sound arm action throwing from a high three-quarter slot. Fastball showed slight run on the pitch that ranged from 75-78 mph. Breaking ball showed proper 1/7 shape on the pitch with potential. Ranged 63-66 mph.

MPH 101

Seth Keller IF/P Patrick Henry 2022 (Old Dominion)
Athletic quick twitch prospect. Athletic set up at plate with high hands. Short and quick to the baseball with uphill finish. Aggressive intent in everything he does. Hands are soft defensively with sound footwork. Shows two-way potential pitching with intent. Got later action on fastball when working downhill plane. Fastball up to 85 mph. Breaking ball more later acting slider with short break at 67-72 mph.

Anthony Gabello RHP/IF Hanover 2022
Physical durable pitchers frame. Longer, sound arm action with fast arm speed and more there. Velo was a tick down coming off sickness. Involved lower half and nice backside drive through release. Fastball was up to 85 mph, consistently in the 83-85 range on the day. Breaking ball is bigger and more gradual at the moment, ran 63-66 mph and could get better as he throws with more intent in pitchers counts. Shows some two-way potential as well with quick hands and extension through contact showing ability to drive the ball.

Ethan Brooks SS/IF Glen Allen 2022
Projectable frame with quick twitch and length. High level defensive prospect with upside. Slight open set up with low hands. Leg kick load with short c lift to hitting position. Hands are fast and fluid. Can get pull happy at times, but like how hands work. Excellent defender, quick feet and advanced hands. Clean and fluid, great hand eye. Throws have some carry across the diamond. Should stay at short. One to follow.

Cannon Peebles C Patrick Henry 2022 (Old Dominion)
Strong athletic frame with strength. Lots of athleticism and quickness. Swings with intent, hands are short and direct with nice uphill finish. Foundation to drive ball. Fast bat speed. Very athletic behind the dish. Quick feet and footwork. Short arm action with carry on throws. Nice foundation as a player, will be fun to watch develop down the road.  

Andrew Schmeer IF Steward 2022
Compact athletic frame. Short swing at the plate with some bat speed. Barrel gets in and out of the zone. Nice approach at the plate that takes a lot of good swings. Like to see get better extension through contact at times. Sprays ball around the field. Good athleticism. Plays hard, like the motor.

Sam Owens LHP Lee-Davis 2022
Solid frame. Sound arm action throwing from a three-quarter slot. Fastball had slight run on the pitch that ranged from 77-80 mph. Had a big weekend on the offensive end. Level barrel with some uphill finish. Came up with multiple big hits peppering the right center gap for MPH.

Ben Craig LHP Home School 2022
Lanky projectable frame with room to grow. Corkscrew lift that hides the ball well. Side arm lefty with loose arm action. Average lower half usage. Fastball has a lot of late life on the pitch that ranged 77-79 mph with spin rate that got up to 2400 on the pitch. Breaking ball has 2/8 movement from similar slot. Very interesting prospect who has more in the tank and is comfortable from that low slot.