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Pitcher Scout Notes: Va Cardinals/Diamond Skills/Tidewater Orioles

Jason Burton
Richmond Scouting Coordinator

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Yesterday the Virginia Cardinals hosted a three team tournament at Dinwiddie Sports Complex in Dinwiddie, Va. The other two teams were the Diamond Skills Dodgers and the Tidewater Orioles. Over the next two days we will be highlighting some players that stood out during the event.

Pitcher's Velo Sheet:

Name Class School Team Commitment FB Max FB Range CB Range CH Range SL Range
Quinn Allen 2021 St. John's College Diamond Skills East Carolina 82 80-82 70-71    
Vinny Walsh 2021 St. John's College Diamond Skills   77 73-77 63-65    
Brett Seils 2021 Sherwood (MD) Diamond Skills Towson 87 82-85   73-75 74-77
Jason Schiavone 2021 St. John's College Diamond Skills JMU 84 80-83 64-67    
Michael Hippchen 2021 St. John's College Diamond Skills   83 78-82 71-73 73-75  
Ethan Mishra 2021 St. John's College Diamond Skills VCU 88 85-87 70-73    
Earl Skrine 2021 St. John's College Diamond Skills   81 77-80 69-72    
William Wian 2022 First Colonial Tidewater Orioles   80 77-80 64-75 70-74  
Nathan Hawley 2021 Frank W. Cox Tidewater Orioles VMI 84 82-84 63-64   70-72
Max Kuhle 2022 Ocean Lakes Tidewater Orioles   83 81-83 66-68 71-73  
Marcus Dux 2021 Chantilly Tidewater Orioles Virginia Tech  87 82-85  64-67  73-74   
Blake Dickerson 2023 Salem (Beach) Tidewater Orioles Virginia Tech  85 82-84   67-70 74-76   
Samuel Slevin 2021 Frank W. Cox Tidewater Orioles Randolph-Macon  82  78-82 68-69     
James McGrady 2021 Greenbrier Christian Tidewater Orioles Western Carolina 81  77-79  68-70     
Carter Lovasz 2021 Midlothian Va Cardinals William & Mary  88 85-88  69-71  78-79   
Peyton Jones 2021 James River (Midlothian) Va Cardinals   81  78-80  67-69     
Caden Plummer 2021 Hanover Va Cardinals VMI 85  82-85  68-70     
Drue Hackenberg 2021 Miller School Va Cardinals Virginia Tech  92  87-91 76-77  83-84   
Andrew Jones 2022 James River (Midlothian) Va Cardinals   84  81-84   72-74    


Brett Seils SS / RHP / Sherwood, MD / 2021

Athletic 6-foot, 180-pound frame. Controlled build up style delivery with some violence at release. Works with pace and intent on the mound pitching with a longer arm circle that has some arm speed and whip through release from a low three-quarter arm slot. The fastball has distinct arm side run to both sides of the plate while sitting at 82-85 mph. The fastball touched 87 twice. Slider plays when it is down in the zone and shows makings of true swing and miss pitch. The changeup sat 73-75 mph on the day. Seils worked inside of the changeup a little too much and it was taking off on him, but offered solid arm speed on the pitch. I think the Towson commit profiles best as a bullpen arm with a the slider having the makings of a really nice out pitch and allowing the fastball to play off of that.




Michael Hippchen C / St. John's College, VA / 2021

5-foot-10, 180-pound solid frame. Hippchen is a very interesting uncommitted arm that I think can help out a bullpen. Full arm circle with some arm speed getting through from a low three-quarter slot. Three pitch mix with ability to throw all for strikes. Induces consistent weak contact and has a fastball that displays big arm side run to both sides of the plate. The fastball sat 78-82 and topped at 83 once. The fastball at 78-79 definitely had more run to it so that was probably more that likely a 2-seam. The breaking ball had late 12/6 bite with a tighter shape. Also showed feel for a changeup at 73-75 mph that worked to both sides of the plate.




Ethan Mishra RHP / St. John's College, VA / 2021

Projectable 6-foot-4, 205-pound frame for the VCU commit. Low effort repeatable delivery that lands on line before falling off slightly to the first base side. Hands break and right arm goes back and stabs down before making a quick turn into an over the top slot. Fastball was an easy 85-87 mph and touched 88 twice. The fastball showed nice tilt down in the zone and garnered swings and misses at both ends with life through it. The breaking ball is 12/6 in shape and sat at 70-73 mph. Mishra has starter profile and looks as though there is more gas in the tank with the fastball, but in the long run he will need to sure up the secondary.




William Wian RHP / First Colonial, VA / 2022

Projectable 6-foot-2, 170-pound frame. Controlled pace delivery with normal effort throughout. Repeatable delivery, lands closed, and falls off slightly to the first base side. Full arm circle from a three-quarter arm slot. Fastball worked to both sides at 77-80 mph. Breaking ball had 11/5 shape and displayed ability to get it over for strikes at 64-66 mph. Had feel for a 70-74 mph changeup that had more straight change action to it, but it paired well with the fastball. Pitches to contact and allows defense to work early in counts. 




Max Kuhle OF / Cape Henry, VA / 2022

Athletic 6-foot-1, 185-pound frame. Very light effort in the delivery that is under control at all times. Lands slightly closed, short arm circle on the backside, and throws from a high three-quarter arm slot. Fastball was 81-83 mph with boring action to the glove side and offered big run when working to the arm side. Breaking ball was bigger 1/7 shape and soft out of the hand, but did a nice job changing planes and eye levels with the pitch. Changeup was 71-73 mph. 




Blake Dickerson LHP / Salem (Beach), VA / 2023

Long levered 6-foot-4, 170-pound frame with plenty of projection left to it. Works under control with a slower pace. Arm is short on the backside and is quick getting through from a three-quarter arm slot. Seemed as though there was some deception with the slower paced delivery and everything was jumping at hitters. Fastball was 82-84 and touched 85 with occasional arm side run. Breaking ball was 67-70 with 12/6 bite and flashed nice downer action. The changeup is a very nice secondary pitch at 74-76 mph and tunneled well off of the fastball. The Virginia Tech commit is a high ceiling arm that should continue to trend up as he adds strength to the frame.




Carter Lovasz RHP / SS / Midlothian, VA / 2021

Athletic 6-foot-3, 175-pound frame with projection left. One of my favorite pitchers in the Richmond area and offers some of the best secondary stuff in the state. Lovasz understands how to pitch. Changes speeds, eye levels, and attacks hitters early with all three pitches. The fastball was 87-88 in the first before settling in at 85-88. Can move the fastball in and out, up and down when he wants to. Breaking ball has tight 12/6 shape and can throw it for strikes at will. In my opinion the changeup is his best pitch and is one of the best changeups in the state. It sat at 78-79 mph with late hard fade. The third pitch on the video below was a 78 mph changeup that tied a hitter up on the inner half. He can throw it to both sides of the plate and is more command over control. I think with his secondary and pitchability, Lovasz has a chance to make an early impact on the mound at William & Mary. 




Drue Hackenberg RHP / 3B / Miller School, VA / 2021

Durable frame with an extremely strong lower half. Works under control on the mound with a lower effort delivery. The arm is short and quick from a three-quarter arm slot with plenty of arm speed getting through. The fastball sat 87-91 and touched 92 once with spin ranging from 2200-2385. The fastball showed hard sink to the arm side and got through the bottom of the zone with life. The breaking ball was inconsistent early, but as he progressed it flashed some swing and miss potential at 76-77 mph and had hard late 11/5 shape when down in the zone. This was not Hackenberg's best outing as he struggle with command at times, but it is easy to see the upside to this power arm. The Virginia Tech offers versatility to help on the front and back end of games especially as the secondary sures up.




Andrew Jones RHP / C / Midlothian, VA / 2022

Athletic 6-foot-1, 175-pound frame with proportional strength throughout. Controlled pace delivery that works with normal effort. Quick arm from a high three-quarter slot and attacks hitters early in the count with a two pitch mix. Fastball sat 81-84 mph and was able to move it in and out for strikes. Breaking ball had tight late break with 11/5 shape. Induced early contact and was efficient during his outing. Should continue to add velo as he adds strength to the frame.


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