Prep Baseball Report

Quick Hitters: Canes Central Scout Day

Brandon Hall
Mid-Atlantic Scouting Director

PBR of North Carolina was at Chapel Hill High School on Sunday June 4th for a Scout Day with the Canes Central group of the Canes Organization. The Scout Day featured players from the 2024-2027 grad classes. 

The day began with catchers going through a defensive evaluation. After the catchers, pitchers threw a controlled bullpen with Trackman collecting ball flight data on each pitch. Following the pitchers, the position players ran a laser timed 60 then took batting practice on the field with Trackman gathering ball flight information. The day concluded with outfielders and infielders going through a defensive evaluation. 

Below we begin our breakdown of the players in attendance. Look for more information to follow in the coming days. 

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Quick Hitters - Pitchers


Evan Pahl, RHP, Davidson Day School, 2024
Physical presence with broad shoulders at 6-foot-4, 205 pounds. Fastball has excellent ride with 20.3in of induced vertical break on the fastball that peaked at 88.4, 2326rpm. Around the zone, showed some feel for getting to both sides of the plate. Hard, downer action on the breaking ball, working out of the hand at 72-75, 1840rpm.  Stable over the rubber, reaching out of the glove with some length as he loads the scap.  High-¾ slot.  Arm strength and arm speed present.

Ryan Adams, RHP, Holly Springs HS, 2024
Strength present with broad shoulders.  Defined strength in the lower half.  Stands 6-foot-3, 225 pounds. Long arm swing.  Loose front side. Level and in-line.  Fastball at 84-86, 2095rpm.  Works true out of the hand with solid ride through the zone.  12:00 spin tilt at release.   Solid feel for his change-up at 75-76, 2051rpm.

Garrett Arnold, RHP, Fuquay-Varina HS, 2024
Physical presence at 6-foot-2, 225 pounds. Coils the lower half on the leg kick, closing the line.  Swings back to an on-line foot-strike. Long arm swing.  High-¾ slot.  Some whip.  Fastball at 85-86, 2095rpm. Good ride with 18.1in of induced vertical break with a 12:00 spin tilt at release.  Occasionally cut the fastball when working to the glove side. Rolling 10/4 tilt on the breaking ball at 72-75, 2271rpm.

Shane Bernhardt, LHP, Holly Springs HS, 2024
Average frame with athleticism present at 6-foot-2, 205 pounds. Hand pump with a kick to the low-chest creates some rhythm as he works on-line and level, touching down in-line.  Some rotation through the finish. Long arm action and high-¾ slot.  Average to above arm speed. Fastball at 80-83, 2189rpm. 12:00 spin tilt out of the hand with 19.3in of induced vertical break.

Will Eichler, RHP, Ravesncroft HS, 2025
6-foot, 160 pounds. Length present.  Efficient mover with loose hips. Closed through balance, working back to an on-line foot strike.  Medium arm action to an over-the-top release.  Athletic arm.  Fastball peaked at 81.1, 2086rpm. Solid arm side run. Hard breaking ball working for 11/5 tilt at 70-75, 2040rpm.

Luke Doreauk, RHP, Willow Spring HS, 2025
Length present in a young frame at 6-foot-3, 165 pounds. Fastball with average ride and run worked up to 81, 2348rpm.  Spiked curveball working for downer action spins ok out of the hand but is still maturing.  Kick to the mid-chest, in-line, swinging the front side to an on-line landing with an open toe at foot-strike.  Athletic arm, long through a high-¾ slot.  Intriguing arm speed.

Will Connolly, RHP, East Wake Academy, 2026
5-foot-10, 150 pounds. Some effort through a high-¾ slot. Fastball at 82-84, 1956rpm with good ride and some run out of the hand.  1:00 spin tilt at release. Heavy sweep on the breaking ball with spin peaking at 2556rpm.

Koen Karsa, RHP, Home School, 2026
Physical with broad shoulders and strength in the lower half at 6-foot-5, 200 pounds. High kick with high hands, settling around the waist to separate.  Arm plunges out of the glove.  Long arm swing.  On-line foot strike.  Solid arm speed.  Arm strength over arm speed at this time.  Fastball peaked at 83.7, 2213rpm. Sink metrics with 12:45 spin tilt at release. Working for top to bottom action on the breaking ball.  Ranged 73-75, 2010rpm.

Jason Sproull, RHP, EA Laney HS, 2026
Athletic and young at 5-foot-11, 150 pounds. Simple, online, level and inline through the delivery.  Stable head.  Long arm, turning the ball slightly early. High-¾ slot. Fastball up to 82.9, 2332rpm.  Ride and run present, with horizontal action averaging 12.9in.  Hump out of the hand with rolling action on the breaking ball at 69-71, 2278rpm.

Noah Sugg, RHP, John Paul II Catholic, 2026
Broad shoulder and length presence at 6-foot-2, 170 pounds. Upper half coils through balance, pushing the hands on top of the back hip. Short strider. Lands on-line.  Medium arm action to a high-¾ slot.  Some whip.  Fastball has sink and run metrics at 75-79, 1820rpm. 

Joseph Petry, RHP, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy (VA), 2026
Average frame. Stands 5-foot-11, 180 pounds. Long arm swing.  Front side leaves early.  High-¾ slot. Average arm speed. Fastball has heavy sink and run metrics at 77-79, 2040rpm. 

Benjamin Edwards, LHP, Hough HS, 2026
5-foot-10, 145 pounds. Fastball peaked at 73.7, 2029rpm.  Breaking ball has interesting metrics and movement, ranging 60-62, 2417rpm with a peak spin of 2478rpm.  Spikes the grip.  Slight hump out of the hand.  Heavy sweeping action.  Still developing but as he gets stronger it could be a pitch to watch.  Athletic delivery with loose hips and an athletic arm.  Arm speed still building.  High-¾ slot.