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RVA Preseason ID Quick Hits

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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We have produced superlatives, a stats release, a High and Tight episode detailing plenty of action from the RVA Preseason ID. Lastly, we want to look at a few more players from the action at Ironbridge. 

See some notes and video on six players that were in attendance on January 22nd.

RVA Quick Hits:

Ian Baldwin 3B / RHP / Glen Allen, VA / 2025

Baldwin was an intriguing two-way. Strong 6-foot-1 frame with broad shoulders and some strength present through the chest and shoulders. On the mound it is a pretty normal effort delivery that works from a low three-quarter arm slot. The fastball got some serious run to the arm side, averaging 18.5" of horizontal movement while sitting in the low 80's. There is some strength in the swing. Hands stay tight and inside at contact while delivering a slightly uphill barrel. Right now I would say arm first at the next level, but he does have some power upside at the plate.

Carter Craft OF / 3B / James River (Midlothian), VA / 2026

Craft has a narrow, thin 6-foot frame with room to add strength. At the plate there is some rhythm in the load and hands separate late. He delivers a level barrel through the zone with natural loft in the swing. He stayed primarily gap to gap and showed doubles power.



Will Johns C / 3B / Goochland, VA / 2026

The Jr. Future Games alum displayed one of the most accurate barrels of the day. Consistent barrels during all round of BP. It is still a contact bat with some doubles power, but shows the ability to deliver the barrel on time. Johns will continue to grow and add strength to the compact frame.



Eli Ranson LHP / 1B / Benedictine, VA / 2024

6-foot-1, 180-pound frame that has added some nice strength throughout. Ranson has a whippy arm that builds arm speed and intent during the delivery. He works from a higher, over the top slot and leverages the fastball downhill. Ranson stayed between 79-81 mph and should be a solid arm for Benedictine this year. He did a nice job in relief for them last year in the few outings our staff saw.



Maddux Rothell SS / RHP / Riverbend, VA / 2026

Strong 6-foot-1 frame. Physical frame with some power tendencies at the plate. Left handed strong that is very short to contact and displays quick hands through the zone. It is a short path that is in and out quick and has displayed a strength to the pull side.



Cal Travers LHP / 1B / Mills Godwin, VA / 2025

Travers was an interesting look this fall at a Godwin Scout Day and showed well again at Preseason ID. Low effort left-hander with feel for spin and secondary. He landed the breaking ball more consistently in the fall during game, but the shape and makeup of the pitch showed promise at the Preseason ID. The slider got more horizontal break and the curveball a little more depth, averaging nine inches of vertical break. Travers landed the fastball every single pitch, scoring 100% zone accuracy on a tight Trackman zone. To say the least, that was impressive. The 80-81 mph fastball had some ride and run to it as well, averaging 14.4" of IVB and -8" of horizontal. If he can make a velo jump and maintain the pitchability, he will be a solid arm, long term.