Rankings Spotlight: Logan Harvey, C, Douglas Freeman, 2015

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By Sammy Serrano

Director of Scouting

logan harvey:  ranked #5 in Virginia and #95 Nationally

High School:
Douglas Freeman
Position: Catcher
College Commitment: Wake Forest

Get to know prospect Logan Harvey...

PBR:  Tell us where you grew up, when did you start playing baseball, and who were your baseball influences and why?

Harvey:  I am born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and began playing with a baseball while I was still in diapers. I began organized baseball when I was 7 years old following in the footsteps of my father--Ken Harvey--who played professional baseball in the Dodgers organization.

PBR:  You have been receiving a lot of notoriety lately. How does it feel? 

Harvey:  I feel very honored to be receiving the notoriety that I am. It isn't so much that its a popularity contest, but rather it shows the work have I put in is paying off for me and people are recognizing it.

PBR:  You are committed to Wake Forest. Tell us who were in your top three, your best offers, and why you chose the school you did?

Harvey:  Besides Wake Forest, I had communicated with a few other ACC schools, a few BIG10, and a few A10 schools but it had always been Wake Forest at the top of my list. I've known I wanted to get a good education along with playing at the highest level baseball possible and Wake Forest provided that for me. I went on a visit and immediately fell in love with the baseball program and the campus life. I really was able to envision myself playing on that field and walking to and from classes.

PBR:  We know you’re a very talented player. Tell us all about you.  What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Harvey:  When it comes to strengths I feel that I help my team the most with my arm strength behind the plate as well as being a leader on and off the field. I've never been the type to talk or yell just for the sake of hearing myself, but I feel my leadership sets me apart. As far as weaknesses go, I struggle with overthinking situations instead of letting my instincts take control. I'll think too much into what a pitcher may be throwing or trying to figure out what a runner might do if I throw to a certain base. It's been something I'm continuing to improve upon every practice and game I play.

PBR:  You’re ranked in Virginia and Nationally by Prep Baseball Report VA/DC (PBR). How does that feel considering the size and talent in the state?

Harvey:  Just to be among the top players in an entire state is an indescribable feeling. When it comes down to bare basics of, for example, nine players per high school team then how many schools there are in an entire state really shows how lucky I am to be a part of such a select group of players.

PBR:  What's your training look like this winter? Goals for the spring? 

Harvey:  This winter has been a lot of weight training and gaining muscle mass and weight in preparation for a long spring/summer season. Along with this, I have been doing indoor workouts focusing on catching and hitting to refine my skills and keep them in top shape over the off-season so they are at their best right when the season begins.  My individual goal for this spring is to improve on last year's performance.  For my team and me, this means winning the 5A State Championship. We made a run for the ring last year but fell just short in extra innings to Hickory out of Virginia Beach. Getting so close and not achieving our goal makes me want a State Title that much more.  

PBR:  How was your high school season last year? Team record? Post season awards? Stats?

Harvey:  Last season was the farthest we have gone into the playoffs making it to the state finals but losing in extras. We won the Conference Championship and Regional Championship but not State. This year we hope to capture the State Title.  I was honored with my second consecutive 1st Team All-Metro, 1st Team VHSL All-State, 1st Team All-Region, and 1st Team All-Conference.

PBR:  What are your teams expectations this year?

Harvey:  Everything we will do this preseason and the regular season is all to get back to the State finals and this time, to win it.

PBR:  How are your academics? GPA? ACT? SAT? Any academic awards? 

Harvey:  I have a 4.74 cumulative GPA and I got an 1810 (3 part) SAT score. I have received All-Academic honors in each of the past three seasons.

PBR:  Who is the best player you will see this spring? Best team? 

Harvey:  The best individual player we will face is Chesdin Harrington of Patrick Henry HS. He is a gamer in every sense of the word and can beat you at the plate, on the mound, or in the field. Not only is he extremely talented on the field but one of the nicest guys I have ever played with and against. As for the best total team, that will be Lee-Davis HS. We have always played tight games with them and this year will be no different. Those games are always guaranteed to be hard fought.

PBR:  What is the most memorable moment in your baseball career to this point?  

Harvey:  The most memorable moment in my baseball career was my final travel ball game in Jupiter, Florida this past summer. I had caught four straight games in just over 24 hours and when the final out was recorded it was a flood of emotions, jubilation, accomplishment, pride, and a hint of exhaustion. To win my 3rd National Championship in my final game is a feeling I will never forget.

PBR:  Tell us something about yourself others don't know but would like to know.

Harvey:  Most catchers will give noble reasons as to why they became a catcher with things like the leadership aspect or the huge role it plays. In all honesty, I became a catcher when I was about 8 years old because my grandmother bought me a mitt as a Christmas present and I always thought the gear looked really cool. In fact, I still have the same mitt she gave me as my first catchers mitt--an Easton Black Magic.

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