Prep Baseball Report

Summer Clash Scout Blog: 15u


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By Jerry Shank
MD/VA Scouting Director


2019 RHP Ty Benz has a lanky long frame with a short, whippy arm action. Nice arm side run and sink on his fastball. Excellent tempo on the mound. 11/5 shape on bigger breaking ball, sometime will get  cut action on sinker. Arm works well, creates arm speed well. Should continue to add as has more in the tank. Pitches with regular effort on the mound. Gets better lower half in windup, could get more backside in the stretch. Fastball sat in the 75-78 range topping out at 79 mph. One to keep an eye on as he adds strength, should continue to climb…2020 C Jack Bulger Shows explosive bat speed with uphill finish. Power is present. Smooth load to hitting position. Has really grown behind the plate as a receiver. Loose hips, low setup presenting a good target to pitchers. Quiet with the hands. Sticks ball well with not much upper body. Impressed by the development behind the plate thus far. Short, quick arm action with carry on throws. Showed that off with a strike from the knees on a back pick to second, picking off a runner between inning pop consistent 2.0…2020 OF Jesse Robinson hits from a wider, closed off set up. Drops hands in load with a  Longer, level swing path with some bat speed. Athletic body, shows some first step quickness and would like to see more consistently on balls of feet to take advantage of his athleticism…2020 C Parker Harris hits from a slightly open set up. Shorter swing path at the plate with average bat speed...2019 IF Derek Ohringer has a level swing path. Could get more lower half involvement.  Quick hands, average bat speed…2019 RHP Matthew Widmer has a loose arm action throwing from a lower three quarter slot. Projectable frame with room to add on. Glides downhill in quiet delivery. Was up to 75 on the day. Breaking ball has 12/6 shape with gradual break…2020 IF Brandon Hurt hits from a slightly open athletic set up with hands above should and flat bat. Crouched in stance and sinks slightly with load as he squares to hitting position…2020 RHP/IF Chris Osorio is an interesting 2020 to keep an eye on. Has an athletic frame (5-foot-9, 180-pounds) and a sound quick arm action. Throws from a three quarter slot and pitched 83-85 on the day, touching 86.


Fielders Choice 15u

2019 RHP Jordan Trunnel (Jefferson, WV) showed a shorter whippy arm action with a long and lanky projectable frame. Gets elbow lift in his arm action with a just above side arm release. The pitcher still is growing into his body and did get out of balance at times, causing some inconsistent command. Sat 7at 76 on the day and should get more as he matures. ….2020 IF Wyatt Miles looks to be progressing well since we last saw him at the Freshmen Free Showcase the talented middle infielder had two hits in game one, showing quick hands at the plate and projection as he continues to get stronger…2019 David Gingras had a nice day at the plate on Friday, going 2-for-3 at the plate with three RBI. Gingras has an athletic frame and room to add on more strength with a level bat path and showing quick hands at the plate…2020 C Tyler Duckstein (Millbrook) has a strong, solid frame presenting a nice target for pitchers behind the plate. He showed a quick release throwing with a short arm action. Had some carry on his throws and in game pop on a caught stealing was a 2.28. He shows strength offensively and should show some gap pop as he frees his hands up in extension…2020  IF/RHP Trent Edmondson has a solid frame with room to add on. Level swing path at the plate with some bat speed. Showed some strength in swing with a middle approach.

Starz south 15u

2020 RHP Andrew Gray has longer free arm action throwing from a high three quarter slot. Showed some arm speed on the mound and a fastball that had later life showing both cut and run on his pitches at times. Big frame to grow into pitching with regular effort. More in the tank and was up to 75 mph…2020 Jacob Marcus shows quick hands at the plate with some bat speed. Was 2-for-2 with a walk on Friday, getting consistent barrel on the ball…2020 Brady Andrzejewski shows some bat speed at the plate hitting from a slightly closed set up. Turn in during load with a hand flick in. Level path. Hands worked at the plate, his flick in load got him in trouble at times with timing….

Kent Island

2020 RHP Thomas (Toby) Skeans has a smaller, compact frame. Longer free arm action throwing from a low three quarter slot. Gets hip load into lift with a slight drop n drive lower half. Lands slightly closed to the plate, with finish to the first base side after release. Gets gradual sink and run on fastball. --- Hits from a stacked, open set up at the plate. Squares up well to hitting position. Shows quick hands at the plate with some bat speed. Showed best on a double pulled down the left field line. Gets nice extension through contact, hands…2021 Lee Byrd hits from a square athletic set up.  Short, quick load that opens up with front foot to hitting position…2021 Nathaniel Bevins hits from a taller square set up with high hands. Pull approach, opens up in load some. Shows pull side pop and moves well for size.
2020 C Charles Skeans has a smaller, compact frame. Quicks hands at the plate hitting from a balanced set up. Flicks wrists and showed the ability to spray the ball to all fields.