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Summer State Games Spotlights: Underclass Pitchers

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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In late June, over sixty uncommitted players from the 2024-2025 classes descended upon Fred Nats Stadium in Fredericksburg, VA for one of the most talented summer events that we have hosted in the Mid-Atlantic.

Today we are going to take a deeper dive into five uncommitted pitchers from that event. 

Summer State Games Spotlights:


Gavin Biernot LHP / 1B / Western Branch, VA / 2024

6-foot-4, 185-pound left hander. Biernot certainly passes the eye test when you walk up to the field. Long limbs, high waist, and projection. Normal pace and effort with some funk and deception to the arm action. Lower three-quarter arm slot with significant run and sink to the fastball and changeup. The fastball sits in the 79-81 range and got up to 82 mph at the Underclass State Games. The changeup may be his best pitch, in my opinion it is definitely his best secondary offering. The fastball and changeup play well off of each other. Same slot, same intent, and both offering late sink when working to the arm side. The breaking ball is his third pitch. Biernot has some versatility in terms of where he fits in on the mound. Has some starter makeup, but will need to sure up a third pitch and something that has a different movement profile than the FB/CH mix.

Strengths: Pitchability, frame, competes

Areas for Improvement: Breaking ball, fastball velo




Zach Boyd RHP / SS / Mills Godwin, VA / 2024

6-foot, 175-pound right hander. Solid pace to the delivery and slightly above normal effort. Works with intent and attacks hitters with mostly a fastball/curveball combination. Has shown a slider and changeup in workouts, but mostly it is fastball/curveball in game. The fastball has some carry through the zone and works at both ends. The curveball, while a bit slower in velo, has depth and some horizontal movement to it as well. It is a very effective pitch and helps the fastball play a tick up. Boyd continues to put together strong outings, including his Future Games performance in late July and getting up to 88 mph in the VA Fall Open.

Strengths: Misses bats with fastball, feel for spin

Areas for Improvement: Continued gains in fastball velo, solidifying a third pitch, curveball velo




Jacob Eckhaus RHP / OF / Briar Woods, VA / 2025

6-foot-1, 155-pound thin athletic frame. Tall and fall type of delivery that is a bit upright. Full arm swing from a three-quarter arm slot. Eckhaus stayed in the 79-81 range with the fastball and got up to 82.6, working mostly to the glove side. The curveball sat 69-73 with some 11/5 slurvy shape. He reeled off a couple of breakers that had tighter shape than others and were effective.

Strengths: Quick arm, athletic, flashed some feel for spin

Areas for Improvement: Arm strength, physical strength, lower half usage


Weston Lillard RHP / C / Highland , VA / 2025

The 6-foot, 170-pound right hander sort of burst onto the scene early summer at the Titans Scout Day and continues to trend up. Raw, easy velo that was up to 85 early summer. Above average spin on the fastball and slider. The slider has shown up to 16" horizontal break with some depth as well. Right now it is a control over command arm, with plenty of room to add polish.

Strengths: Easy velo, spin shape, athletic

Areas for improvement: Continued gains in fastball velo, control, solidifying the slider





Hunter Ross RHP / C / Mills Godwin, VA / 2024

Leaps and bounds. The 6-foot-2, 175-pound right hander has really taken off over the last eight or so months. Lean strength that has continued to fill out. Longer arm swing, arm speed through release, and secondary continues to get better. The fastball was up to 86.4 mph in late September and is pretty electric out of the hand. It comes out easy and there is still ceiling left in the velo department. There is depth to the secondary offerings and solid arm speed on the slider. The changeup has hard late fade at 79-80 mph and has the makings of a solid out pitch. I think Ross has a chance to be a special arm long term.

Strengths: Physical makeup, arm speed, feel for secondary

Areas for Improvement: Continued gains in fastball velo, curveball velo, continue to add polish