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The Vault: 11/30

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By Jerry Shank
Maryland / Virginia Scouting Director

The Vault is a periodic series that takes a look back at some of the top talent across the state that have been part of PBR. In just under two years of existence, PBR Virginia/DC has had over 200 event participants commit to colleges, along with the many more that we have seen through our non-stop, boots-on-the-ground approach to scouting across every state we cover. With The Vault, we give a "where they are now", along with the scouting report from the event they attended. 

110Brent Boggs OF/3B Battlefield HS 2017
Virginia Military Institute Commit
Current VA Rank: No. 47
Current Pos. Rank: No. 5

Event Evaluation (2016/2017 Top Prospect Games 11.8.14)
Boggs is a 5-foot-11, 165 pound, and started from a slightly vertical stance with flex in the knees and hands tight to his body. In the round, Boggs had a tendency to have an “uphill” swing plain but exhibited outstanding bat speed for a 2017 grad (85 MPH Exit Velocity). He stayed behind the ball well and showed the ability to finish his swing, getting through the ball consistently. In the field, Boggs showed average arm strength (76 MPH) and the ability to get to the ball. He was an adequate defender that took good routes to the ball and was able to cover ground.

110Noah Goins 1B/RHP Kettle Run 2017 
Patrick Henry CC Commit
Current VA Rank: No. 49
Position Rank: No. 2

Event Evaluation (Top Prospect Showcas North 6.21.16)
Goins has an athletic 6-6 frame and throws from a low three-quarters arm slot with a drop and drive delivery. Loose, quick arm action with easy effort. Shoulders are closed and stride is on line to a square landing and fall off finish. Fastball had hard run, sat 83-85, touched 87. Change-up had sink and decent armspeed, running 70-72. Knuckleball had sink, almost forkball action, ran 63-65. Goins hits from the right side from an open stance. Smooth load back into a wrap with a leg kick stride. Explosive lower half and good balance generate explosive bat speed. Short swing with good extension, good approach with power to his pull side and a fluid rhythm. Exit velocity was 95. At first base, average hands and fluid footwork, threw from low three-quarters arm slot with positional velocity of 68.

110Scott Morgan OF Woodbridge HS 2017 
George Mason Commit
Current VA Rank: No. 51
Position Rank: No. 7

Event Evaluation (Fall Top Prospect Games 10.31.15)
Morgan has an athletic 6-2 frame and very strong lower half. He hits from the left side from an athletic tall stance. He takes a leg kick stride while smoothly loading his hands back. He has an explosive lower half and maintains balance throughout his swing. He has a quick bat with an exit velocity of 87 off of the tee. He has a classic lefty swing that has a short, uphill swing path and he gets excellent extension through the ball. Morgan has pull power and could grow into home run power to all fields. In the outfield, Morgan takes good routes to the ball and has a quick, clean exchange. He has a big arm, hitting 88 from the outfield during his workout. He throws from a high three-quarters arm slot with a loose arm action.

110Ryan Davis C Oakton HS 2017 
Georgetown Commit
Current VA Rank: No. 54
Position Rank: No. 6

Event Evaluation (Underclass Invitational 2.15.15)
Hit from a tall stance. Had a small, smooth load back. Stride was short for the most part but jumped at the ball at times. Had a good approach during the round with a quiet rhythm. Had a short, level bat path with extension. Line drive stroke that will find the gaps. Hands are strong and fast. Had an exit velocity of 80 mph. Behind the plate, threw from a short, high ¾ arm slot. Accurate with average arm strength. Set up was a bit stiff. Feet were quick. Hands were soft at times. Transfers were quick and clean. Gained ground towards the bag on throws. Pop times to second were 2.06-2.09. Positional Velocity was 70 mph.

110Trey Campbell OF Riverside HS 2017
UNC Asheville Commit
Current VA Rank: No. 52
Position Rank: No. 8

Event Evaluation (Unsigned Senior Games 8.7.16)
Campbell has an athletic 6-0 frame. Long loose arm action from a high three-quarters arm slot, above average strength with some accuracy, position velocity of 78. Average hands and fluid footwork, clean exchange while playing through the ball. Hits from the right side with an open stance. Slight load back and short stride, explosive lower half and excellent balance throughout swing. Fast bat with good approach, short swing with extension through the ball. Fluid rhythm and gap to gap approach with easy doubles power, exit velocity of 90. 60 time was 6.94.

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