Prep Baseball Report

Top Prospect Games: Catching Analysis

By Sammy Serrano
Director of Scouting

On the weekend of November 8 and 9, Prep Baseball Report hosted the 2014 Top Prospect Games at Davenport Field on the campus of the University of Virginia for members of the 2016 and 2017 classes. Over 65 players participated, with some of the best talent from all corners of the Commonwealth showing off their ability on the field over the weekend. Here is our analysis of the Catchers. (Listed Alphabetically)

Devon Adams, Catcher, Paul VI, 2016
Adams is 5-foot-11, 190 pound, athletic catcher.  Offensively, he hits from a balance stance with feet slightly outside of the shoulders and bent knees. Has a smooth load back with a short stride to the ball.  Short line drive approach that is gap-to-gap with good extension. He has a 83 mph exit velocity off of the tee. Defensively, Adams is a athletic catcher behind the plate. He showed good arm strength with a 77 mph positional velocity.  Has a short-quick release to second base from a high three-quarter slot.  Showed the ability to have soft hands while receiving.  Posted pop times of 1.93-2.15 with accuracy.

Hunter Gore, Catcher, Loudoun Valley, 2016
Gore is a 6-foot-3, 195 pound, left-handed hitting catcher.  Hits from a tall stance with slightly bent knees. Has good balance with little rhythm in the hands or lower body. Slight hitch that gets him on the plane with the ball. Has a short stroke that gets through the baseball with a line drive approach. Posted and 89 mph exit velocity off of the tee. Defensively, Gore was slightly up right in his stance behind the plate. Showed the ability to get out of his crouch quickly. Arm strength was present with a 74 mph velocity reading. Short arm arc from a high three-quarter slot. Posted pop times of 1.96 to 2.12.

Chase McKinney, Catcher, Varina, 2016
McKinney is a 5-foot-10, 170 pound, catcher that hits from a balanced athletic stance.  Has high hands with a slight leg kick. Was short to the baseball and had great extension. Stayed behind the baseball well. Show the ability to hit the ball gap-to-gap with a line drive approach. Attacks the baseball. Posted an exit velocity of 87 mph off of the tee. Defensively, McKinney has quick feet and soft hands behind the plate. He throws from a high three quarters arm slot.  Was quick and accurate on throws   Posted pop times of 2.07 to 2.16. Had an arm velocity reading of 72 mph. Showed the ability to block and move behind the plate and be a above average receiver.

Matt Padeway, Catcher, Chanitlly, 2016
Padeway is a 5-foot-11, 205 pound, catcher that hit from a tall/athletic stance. Had slightly bent knees with good rhythm and high hands. Recorded and exit velocity of 93 mph off of the tee. Good extension, explosive hands, was able to hit the ball gap-to-gap with a line drive approach with power potential. Defensively, Padeway had a good set up behind the plate. He was a solid receiver with soft hands. Had a short, high three quarters arm slot, quick release, quick feet, and average arm strength at 73 mph. Posted pop times of 2.17 to 2.26.

Elijah Quiceno, Catcher, Stone Bridge, 2016
Quiceno, is a 5-foot-11, 175 pound, athletic catcher that hit from a balanced stance with high hands. Smooth load back, slight leg kick, explosive bat speed, exit velocity of 89 mph off of the tee. Good line drive approach with the ability to utilize the middle of the field with power. Defensively, Quiceno is an athletic catcher that has polished skills. Throws from a high three-quarter arm slot and posted a positional velocity of 78 mph.  Utilizes quick feet and quick transfer out of the crouch.  Had plus feel for in-game pitch calling, and was a leader on the field. Posted pop times of 1.96 to 2.03.

Gabe Schilke, Catcher, Colonial Forge, 2016
Schilke is a 6-foot-1, 185 pound, athletic catcher that hits from a balanced stance. Has a smooth load back, minimal rhythm and movement, small stride, and good balance. Short to the baseball, line drive approach that stays in the middle of the field. Posted an exit velocity of 77 mph off of the tee. Defensively, shows arm strength with a 75 mph positional velocity. Throws from a high three-quarter arm slot. Comes out of the crouch well, gains ground to the bag, utilizes his arm strength versus quickness. Posted pop times of 2.01 to 2.15.

Alex Smith, Catcher, Mountain View, 2016
Smith is a 6-foot, 175 pound, catcher that hits from a tall athletic stance. Has minimal movement in set up, inward turn to create load, short stride, good balance.  Short, line drive approach, and posted an exit velocity of 81 mph off of the tee.  Defensively, threw from an over-the-top arm slot. Showed arm strength with a 74 mph positional velocity. Was slightly upright in stance, was athletic and quick behind the plate.  Moved well, showed the ability to block, and was a slightly above average receiver. Had pop times of 1.99 to 2.08.

Tyler Solomon, Catcher, Battlefield, 2017
Solomon is a 6-foot-4, 215 pound, switch-hitting catcher. Left-handed hit from a wide stance that was balanced with low hands. Power present now, short to the baseball, stayed on backside well, had great extension. Posted an exit velocity of 90 mph off of the tee. Right-handed, hit from a wide stance with low hands.  Had a line drive approach that stayed in the middle of the field. Had minimal movement, slight rhythm, stayed through the baseball with a gap-to-gap approach.  Defensively, Solomon is a huge target behind the plate. Throws from a high three-quarters arm slot. Moves well out of the crouch, has a short arm arc, quick feet, and a quick transfer. Has average arm straight with a 68 mph positional velocity. Posted pop times of 2.16 to 2.26.

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