Prep Baseball Report

Top Prospect Games: Middle Infield Analysis (2017 Grads)

By Sammy Serrano
Director of Scouting

On the weekend of November 8 and 9, Prep Baseball Report hosted the 2014 Top Prospect Games at Davenport Field on the campus of the University of Virginia for members of the 2016 and 2017 classes. Over 65 players participated, with some of the best talent from all corners of the Commonwealth showing off their ability on the field over the weekend. Here is our analysis of the Middle Infielders (2017 Grads). (Listed Alphabetically)

Logan Barker, SS, Colonial Forge, 2017
Barker is a 6-foot, 165 pound, two-way threat. At the plate, hits from a balanced/wide stance with high hands. Has a quiet rhythm, smooth load back, and balance throughout the swing. Has a line drive stroke that has the ability to lengthen out and become a gap-to-gap doubles type hitter. Had an 80 mph exit velocity off of the tee. In the field, Barker was a solid defender. Had a very solid glove with good actions, above average footwork, and was able to take good angles to the baseball.  Showed soft hands and an average arm strength with positional velocity of 76 mph.

Daniel Brooks, SS, Spotsylvania, 2017
Brooks is 5-foot-11, 175 pound shortshop. At the plate, from the left side, hits from a balanced stance. Has high hands with a smooth load back. Has a leg kick with a short stride. Line drive stroke, with quick hands, and a gap-to-gap approach. Has the tendency to spin off the ball at times. Had an exit velocity of 85 mph off of the tee. From the right side, hits from a balanced stance, with high hands in a smooth load back. Has a leg kick with a short stride. Really stays through the ball well and shows more power potential.  Short/compact stroke with good extension. Had an exit velocity of 87 mph off of the tee. In the field, Brooks was an outstanding athlete, with above average actions, and quick feet. Created good angles and had smooth actions with soft hands. Had above average arm strength for the 2017 grad class with a positional velocity of 82 mph.

Robert Guenther, SS, Marshall, 2017

Guenther is a 5-foot-11, 165 pound, middle infielder that hits from a wide stance with high hands and a slight bat wrap. Guenther has a quick load back that a little rhythm. Has a short stride, stays behind the baseball, creates backspin, and stays balanced throughout the swing. Has a line drive approach and has the ability to have gap power. Had an exit velocity of 81 mph off of the tee. In the field, Gunther had above-average feet, soft hands, and was versatile in the middle infield. He had quick actions with his hands and had good exchanges.

Ben Sedgwick, SS, Marshall, 2017
Sedgwick is a 6-foot-1 160 pound, switch hitter. At the plate, from the right side, he hits from a tall athletic stance. Has slight bend in the knees with high hands. Smooth load back. Has a compact/line-drive stroke that is direct to the ball and creates backspin. Gap-to-gap approach. Good balance and stays behind the baseball. Had an exit velocity of 78 mph off of the tee. From the left side, set up in the athletic balance stance with his feet slightly outside of shoulder width apart. Has high hands with a slight load back that was smooth. Slight leg kick with short stride. Line drive stroke. Utilized the entire field. Had an exit velocity of 75 mph off of the tee. In the field, Sedgwick was a good athlete. He had above-average actions, with soft hands, and good footwork. Exchanges were smooth and quick, showed the ability to create angles, and utilize his athleticism to lengthen his range.

Dawson Sims, SS, North Stafford, 2017
Sims is 6-foot -3, 185 pound, two-way threat that hit from a balance stance with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Started with high hands, had a quiet rhythm, and had a smooth load back. Took a direct path to the ball, had a good lower half that collapsed on occasion but maintained a line drive stroke. Created backspin with good leverage is going to have the ability to show above-average power.  In the field, showed good actions for size. Had soft hands and average feet, needs to grow into his body. Shows the ability to take good angles, had more range to the glove side.

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