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VA/DC Scout Blog: Gonzaga & McLean

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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Monday night brought the first public school regular season game. This matchup was between Gonzaga and McLean. It was a crowded, electric atmosphere and the game did not disappoint. Gonzaga took an early 1-0 lead, but McLean would tie it up. The game would remain tied until a Nicholas Morabito two run homerun and Gonzaga would not give up the lead, winning by a final score of 4-3. 

Take a look at video and notes on a few players from Monday night's game. 


Bryson Moore RHP / 3B / Gonzaga, VA / 2023

6-foot-3, 200-pound projectable frame with a strong lower half. On the mound the delivery is medium effort with a longer arm swing into a three-quarter arm slot. Plenty of arm speed through release. Moore's fastball sat 87-89 mph early on and touched 90 a few different times. The fastball, while it was scattered at times, was really heavy with carry through the zone. While he did not show great control of the 72-74 mph curveball, it showed really good shape and hard downer bite. Spin ranged roughly from 2600-2800 RPM and definitely has the makings of a legitimate out pitch, but he will need to throw it for strikes more consistently. Flashed a few changeups at 82-83 mph. In the second he backed the fastball velo down just a tick at 85-87 mph to get back into the zone. It was our first time seeing Moore in game action and there is big upside to the UVA commit.




Nicholas Morabito SS / 2B / Gonzaga, VA / 2022

Listed at 5-foot-10, 175-pounds, Morabito has added physicality to his athletic frame. Strength is easily visible throughout the frame. Defensively, Morabito played shortstop where he showcased his athleticism and arm strength. He made a couple of plays on slow hit ground balls where he showed ability to throw from multiple slots with arm strength. At the plate it is a square stance, simple stride landing on line, and short compact swing. Level path to contact and swing stays in the zone through extension. Had a single in his first at bat on a fastball that ran in on him, then followed it up with a no doubt homerun out of center on a two strike slider. In his third at bat he attacked early in the count for a RBI single back through the middle. Morabito showed some aggressive, instinctive baserunning early in the game. Intriguing potential draft prospect that has a solid offensive skill set and some defensive versatility.





Christopher Morabito SS / 2B / Mclean, VA / 2023

Thin athletic 5-foot-11 frame. Wider square stance, simple lift to stride, and finishes on line. Hands make a small load back to separation before a level swing path through the zone. Does a nice job adjusting to pitch height and natural loft built into the swing. Hit a ball to deep left field that fell and scored Stieg. In his final at bat flew out to right field.






Griffin Stieg RHP / OF / McLean, VA / 2022

6-foot-2, 215-pound physical athlete. On the mound it is a delivery that builds pace and intent. Full arm circle and throws from a very low three-quarter arm slot. The fastball sat 90-93 in the first and touched 94 a few times with big arm side run. When runners got on in the first he dialed it back a few pitches to 88-89 mph, but later on was back up to the 90-92 range with runners on. The slider was 80-83 mph throughout with hard 10/4 break. Flashed a few changeups at 81-83 mph. Stieg was a little scattered in the first. The fastball was working to the arm side with a lot of run at times. Settled a bit in the second and was much more efficient in the zone. The slider stayed down in the zone for a large majority of his outing and has some swing and miss tendencies, but did not get a lot of swing and misses on the slider partly because it was not in the zone consistently. Stieg's stuff and arm slot combines for some of the most uncomfortable at bats of any pitcher in the state and offers a lot of intrigue because he brings some things to the table that not many offer.