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On Wednesday, March 1st, the Gonzaga Eagles travelled to Freedom-South Riding where plenty of talent was on display. See a trio of arms, including one 2024 uncommitted lefty, that stood out that day.


Jack Feehery LHP / 1B / Gonzaga, VA / 2024

With only one inning of work, Feehery turned a lot of heads on Wednesday night. People inside the fence, outside the fence, and a few that were not even in attendance took notice that this arm has made a massive jump not only in velo, but in pure stuff on the mound. Lower three-quarter slot, normal effort, the arm works, and showed the ability to move the fastball in and out. The fastball sat 85-87 mph, mostly 86's, and it had some late arm side take off, running away from right handers. The slider had elite makeup. While the velo could have been a tick higher from the 73-74 mph range it sat, the shape, action, and spin (3100+) were pretty high end. This is definitely a guy that we want to see again, as well as an arm that coaches should get out and see in a more extended outing than Wednesday night. 




Bryson Moore RHP / 3B / Gonzaga, VA / 2023

The UVA recruit had some strong moments on Wednesday night. For me, one of the brightest spots was the level of athleticism that he showed. Fields his position, quick feet on picks, and just moves like an athlete. On the mound, Moore sat 88-92, 90-91 through first inning or so, and touched 92 a few times. The right hander had some carry to the glove side and at times worked slightly around the fastball, while he showed a handful of fastballs to the arm side that had hard late sink. The spin ranged in the 2437-2721 range and got swings and misses in the upper half of the zone. Struck out four with the fastball. Had average feel for the breaking ball on the night, showing a 74-77 mph slider with elite spin, ranging in the 2800-3022 range. The slider backed up out of the hand and did not land it at a consistent rate. 




Ethan Van Sice RHP / 3B / Gonzaga, VA / 2023

The Cornell commit works with intent on the mound. Throws from a higher three-quarter arm slot, shorter arm action, and lands closed at stride. The fastball tended to stay in the upper half of the zone, while sitting 87-89 mph and touching 90 mph. After a leadoff walk in his first inning, Van Sice punched out the next two on fastballs. Did show one 71 mph breaking ball, but seems to be still developing feel early in the season.