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VA/DC Scout Blog: Steward, Douglas Freeman, & Trinity Episcopal

Jason Burton
Scouting Director PBR Virginia/DC

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On Friday March 25th I was able to sneak in a double header in the Richmond area.  The first game was between visiting Steward and Trinity Episcopal. Trinity took an early lead on a Logan Janney ( Longwood) double and the Titans would not look back. Josiah Harrison would contribute two homeruns to the cause, as well as strike out six during his three innings of work on the mound. Trinity went on to win 7-1 over Steward.

In the second game Douglas Freeman jumped out early lead after a litany of walks and a few JR Tucker miscues. Freeman had pulled away after two innings and all of the starters were pulled in the third. The Mavericks of Douglas Freeman won by a convincing score of 13-0. 

Take a look as we highlight some video and notes on five players, including two uncommitted 2023's, from Friday's action. 


Michael Shamus 3B / SS / Steward, VA / 2023

6-foot-3, 185-pound frame. Offense first uncommitted 2023 with corner infield profile. At the plate it is a wider square stance, small stride landing on line, and is really short to contact. Hands first type of swing with a level path and line drive tendency. In his second at bat he did a nice job staying on a two strike pitch, but it was tough luck as this barrelled up line drive was right at the centerfielder. Defensively I think the arm will need to get stronger to stay at third long term, but shows some athleticism coming forward well and did a nice job starting a double play to his glove side. Adjusted his slot, got it out clean and quick, and delivered a ball the second baseman could handle.




Trinity Episcopal

Josiah Harrison OF / RHP / Trinity Episcopal , VA / 2022

Listed at 6-foot-1, 180-pounds with lean strength and long limbs. Athletic makeup with twitch. Has possessed the tools to be one of the better players in the state for a long time and has put those tools into game action over the past year. Had a huge offensive year last spring and picked up where he left off. At the plate it is a wider, square stance that starts in a slight crouch. Hands are set high and minimal pre pitch movement. Stays simple in the stride and does a nice job attacking contact out front. His first at bat he was just a touch early and still barreled it to left field, but right at the left fielder. In his third and fourth at bats he would hit homeruns. The first got in on the handle a touch and he sent it out of right center field. The next at bat, his fourth and final on the day, he crushed a ball out of center field and off of the building behind center. Simply put for Harrison, it just comes off different. He has the physical strength and athleticism to be a real power threat every at bat. Harrison also jumped on the mound and was outstanding. In the past he has struggled with control at times, but he did not have that problem Friday. The fastball sat 88-90 mph with life out of the hand and spun the breaking ball really well. His breaking ball sat 74-77 mph with 12/6 break and did not find many, if any, bats during his three innings of work. Harrison collected six strikeouts, including striking out the side in his first inning of work. Very impressive performance all the way around for the Longwood commit.





Logan Janney 3B / 2B / Trinity Episcopal School , VA / 2023

Janney is currently listed at 6-foot, 188-pounds and has some physicality to him. Strong lower half and chest with sloped shoulders. Fluid at the plate, loose hands, direct pickup to stride forward, and lands on line. The front foot does not hover on his stride, which I like because he gets it up and down on time without drifting into the swing. Incorporates the lower half well into a swing that has some slight uphill tilt. In his first at bat he jumped on a pitch and drove it to deep left center for a double that would jumpstart the scoring for Trinity. Had a really good summer at the plate and looks to be continuing his trend up, showing why he is one of the more consistent offensive pieces in the Richmond area. Longwood commit.




JD Stemhagen RHP / SS / Trinity Episcopal, VA / 2023

5-foot-11, 160-pound athletic frame. Square athletic stance, equal distribution, and hands are relaxed. Loads to separation and slight arm bar before a level path swing through the zone. Head stays down and tracks to contact. Stemhagen seemed to be seeing it really well. Had solid zone discipline, was patient, and had aggressive takes. He was ready to attack every pitch out of the hand. Above average runner and showed good athleticism in his actions.




Douglas Freeman

Benjamin Santiago SS / RHP / Douglas Freeman, VA / 2022

6-foot, 200-pound frame. Solid, evenly proportioned frame. The VCU commit is an offense first profile. Elite hand and bat speed that can really turn the barrel. Small leg lift loading back, lands on line, and really gets the lower half going into the swing. The swing can get a little unorthodox at times, but he has such good hand-eye coordination and feel for the barrel. Santiago, simply put, is a hitter. Turned on a pitch early in the count for a loud, long foul ball and then a pitch or two later gets slightly out of balance, but keeps the hands back and barrel in the zone long enough to shoot a single back through the middle. I do not know if there is one clear cut defensive position for Santiago, but regardless he will find his way into the lineup at the next level because of his athleticism and ability to hit.