Line-Drive Leaders - NW Pre-Season Invite (Upperclass)

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

Last week at the Northwest Pre-Season ID we had a look at over 300 prospects between the 2021 and 2025 grad classes. 

We've already released our statistical leaders and taken a look at some of the impressive metrics that were posted. 

Upperclass Hitting / Upperclass Pitching

Underclass Hitting / Underclass Pitching

Continuing our coverage tonight with a group of 10 prospects in the Upperclass session that stood out for their consistent and professional BP. The group below were towards the top in line-drive % across their rounds and put together impressive spray charts. Regardless of whether you're old school or new school, being able to produce line-drive contact and spray contact to all parts of the field will always have a place in the game. 

Although we might be indoors, using the Trackman portable B1 unit allows us to look at spray charts and contact info post-event. Helping create a comprehensive understanding of how a player performed. For graphics and visual charts on the following players, visit our Instagram

line-drive leaders


Nick Alder SS / 2B / Columbia River , WA / 2021

Strong, athletically built with some twitch in his game. Alder lived up the middle during BP. Hands start below rear shoulder with some looseness & rhythm. Creates stretch against front side with a subtle scap load. Compact swing that stays focused on the inside of the ball.



Anthony Andrews OF / 2B / Nathan Hale, WA / 2022

Working with a compact frame and short levers, Andrews stays quick & direct to the ball. Uses a quiet, upright set up with simple actions. Lets the ball travel into the zone and keeps his hands inside of the ball, utilizing the middle of the field and showing the ability to work to his back-side gap



Khol Bush 1B / LHP / Ridgefield, WA / 2022

Strong, physical presence from the left-side of the plate. Bush shows an aggressive approach and intent with his lower half with his forward move. Taking a long, controlled stride into landing. From a wide hitting base, the hands shift down and back and the barrel gets on plane early with a level finish thru contact.


Brady Culp C / 2B / Heritage, WA / 2021

With improved metrics across the board, Culp showed off added strength and impressive overall development. He stayed on time with the ball throughout BP and kept most of his contact in the middle of the field. Shows consistent rhythm with a simple hand load into his forward stride.


Kayden Dawson 3B / 1B / Capital, WA / 2022

A strong corner INF bat with the ability to lift the ball to his pull-side. Dawson keeps it simple in the box with very few moving parts. Maintains alignment towards the pitcher and uses a low leg lift to create separation. The swing has a fluid, uphill path while keeping his hands tight to the body. 

Evan Galle SS / RHP / Lake Washington, WA / 2022

Long and lean with a proportional build, Galle has a balanced set-up & polished approach at the plate. His stance gives him clean direction for the barrel to work into the zone and stay behind the ball at contact. Avoiding any turnover or cross-action. Hands stay loaded during his subtle forward move. High, easy finish with some leverage.


Ashton Olson SS / RHP / Glacier Peak , WA / 2022

Olson put together an impressive spray chart throughout BP. Working between both gaps with solid contact. Coils into his back hip with a controlled leg lift up to about knee height. Adjusts barrel angle & keeps rear elbow level with shoulder line before initiating swing. Loose finish with extension thru contact


Braeden Terry OF / OF / Newport, WA / 2021

Polished and consistent at the plate, Terry showed off some added power while still maintaining his disciplined approach. Understands how to manipulate his swing to where the ball is pitched and worked from line to line in BP. The clean, easy actions should allow him to be a reliable contact threat. 

Jaiden Tolentino-Balagtas 2B / SS / Central Kitsap , WA / 2022

Tolentino-Balagtas had a solid showing at our Underclass Fall Showcase & continued the momentum at the Pre-Season Invite. Showed improvements with his strength that translated to higher EV numbers and improved barrel control. Consistently caught the ball out front and worked his pull-side gap with hard contact.


Daniel Wagner SS / 2B / Skyline, WA / 2022

Hard nosed and steady at the dish, Wagner consistently peppered the middle of the field and backside with line-drive contact. The swing covers depth in the zone and gets behind the ball early. He stays balanced in his legs & allows the hands to work to the ball and control the barrel