PBR Announces Seattle Elite And Seattle Premier Collaboration

PBR Washington Staff

Prep Baseball Report Washington is excited to announce a collaboration with Seattle Elite Baseball and the Seattle Premier League for the upcoming 2020 season and beyond. The competitive summer baseball atmosphere that both leagues offer, and their commitment to continuing the growth of the sport, pairs perfectly with PBR Washington’s goal of promoting local players and offering comprehensive coverage.

By working with Seattle Elite and Seattle Premier League with their multitude of teams, PBR will not only be able to promote individual players through its vast resources including player profiles, but also the teams as a whole which compete to win the prestigious league titles. Tracking the progress of teams and players on a consistent basis through games, workouts, and events, PBR will be able to work in tandem with the leagues, in their 10th season, to create a powerful source of information for the 800-plus college and professional scouts who subscribe to the Prep Baseball Report.

In addition to providing events for league members, PBR Washington will be covering playoff action along with additional “marquee” match-ups throughout the summer.

“Seattle Elite Baseball is thrilled about our developing relationship with Prep Baseball Report. We are excited to add their top-notch player and team coverage to our existing leagues and tournaments, giving the players participating in our events an opportunity to be seen and have their accomplishments highlighted. Specifically, the Washington branch of PBR has made a huge impact in the Seattle area in just one short year, and we are looking forward to partnering with them as a way to help the players in our leagues & tournaments accomplish their goals of playing at the next level.”  Derek Bingham - Director, Seattle Elite Baseball

Seattle Elite Website

“The Seattle Premier League (SPL) is extremely excited about our developing relationship with Prep Baseball Report (PBR) as well. The talented players in the Premier league will benefit from PBR’s  top-notch player and team coverage to the SPL and SPL run tournaments. The goals of the SPL for exposure to colleges is truly benefited by this partnership.” Wil Snyder - Commissioner, Seattle Premier League, Co-Commissioner Seattle Elite League

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