Scout Blog - Juanita at Skyline

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

Sammamish, WA - After a weekend loaded with Jamboree action, the 2019 baseball season finally arrived on Monday. To get our coverage started, we headed over to Skyline HS to check out their match-up against visiting Juanita. Although Skyline busted things open late and ended up winning by a final score of 9-3, early on it was a tightly contested battle.

Juanita’s young line-up is full of hard-nosed, scrappy players who compete with each at-bat. They’ll be anchored by promising freshman Tyce Peterson. The ‘22 grad had a big game offensively with 2 hits, a run scored and an rbi. Expect Peterson to attract quite a following as the spring season continues.

Skyline on the other end has a line-up that when fully healthy will feature five Division 1 baseball commits. ‘19 grad and Stanford commit Cole Hinkelman missed some time during the pre-season while battling the flu and wasn’t active on Monday due to lack of required practices. Once he returns, he’ll add even more juice to the middle of the order.


Tyce Peterson, SS, R/R, 2022
Impressive showing on our first look at the up and coming freshman. Proportionally built with an athletic frame at 5-foot-8, 160 pounds. Hits from an upright, balanced stance with feet square to the pitcher. Shows active hands with rhythm as he gets into forward stride. Lands in athletic hitting position. Flashed adjustability in his swing and present bat speed. Loose, whippy barrel action. Lift in swing after contact. Mature, disciplined approach at the plate. Defensively has the tools and actions to find a permanent home in the INF. Light on his feet with a soft glove hand. Maintains body control while moving laterally. Funnels ball in quickly. Throwing motion has some length at times but the arm action is clean and projects to get stronger with additional physical development. Overall, very impressive looking prospect who could bust out in a big way this spring.


Austin Santiago, RHP/INF, R/R, 2020
5-foot-8, 140 pound 2-way prospect. Santiago began his day on the mound and looked solid across 3 innings while facing a powerful and balanced Skyline line-up. Uses a simple, repeatable delivery with consistent direction towards his target. Stays tall on his backside with a level shoulder plane throughout. Keeps the ball high and straight back on his takeaway. Arm action is quick and deceptive. FB sits 77-80 but gets on hitters quickly. Shows quality life as it gets into the zone, especially when down. CB has 11/5 shape in the 68-71 range. Maintains good hand speed on the offering. Pitches with noticeable confidence and maintained poised body language while battling in tough situations. At the plate, hits with slightly open, upright stance. Shows a contact approach with a compact, level swing. Quick bat speed with full rotation from lower half as he finishes. Shows rhythm/tempo in hitting actions.

Cody Krohn, OF, R/R. 2020
5-foot-8, 140 pounds. Blue collar type player that should be a consistent performer for Juanita moving forward. Hits from a balanced, slightly open stance before striding into a toe-tap at landing. Hands work quick and direct to the zone. Simple, contact approach at the plate, doesn’t try to do too much. Keeps barrel inside of the ball. Moves well on defense in the OF. Smooth, easy strides while tracking. High ¾ release point in arm action.


Will Simpson, 1B, R/R, 2019 (Washington State commit)
Strong, sturdy build at 6-foot-4, 210 pounds. Sets up in the box with feet set just outside of shoulder width. Slight knee bend with upright posture. Hands stay relaxed before loading into stronger hitting position as he gets into his leg lift and forward stride. Lands in an athletic base that should allow him to adjust to more advanced pitching down the road. Hands stay tight to the body as barrel gets on plane with the ball early. Hits against a firm front side and creates consistent leverage with his frame. Rarely saw pitches to hit on this look. Only had 2 swings in 4 at-bats. Defensively he moves well for his size and shouldn’t have any issues at 1B. Throwing motion has length at times but he gets rid of the ball quickly and has some clean footwork around the bag.


Alexander Brenner, SS, 2019 (Gonzaga commit)
5-foot-10, 170 pounds. Athletic infielder with a wide set frame that should handle additional strength. Plays with noticeable bounce in his step at SS. Stays light on his feet while moving laterally. Quick, fluid actions on defense. Short, compact arm action. Starts in a balanced, upright stance in the box with constant rhythm in the hands. Barrel loads quickly as he creates separation during forward stride. Didn’t do much damage offensively on this look but got on-base and showed a disciplined approach at the plate. Aggressive baserunner. Always a threat to steal and make something happen on the base paths.  

Eddie Rosemont, RHP, 2019
Strong framed at 6-foot-3, 195 pounds. Thick, developed build. Proportionally built between his upper and lower half. Simple, repeatable delivery. Short stride with consistent direction towards target. Compact arm action with constant bend in elbow after hand break. Pitches from ¾ release point. FB sat 80-82 and peaked at 83. Occasionally flashes some heavy action when down in the zone to his glove side. CB has 11/5 shape at 70-72. Manipulates the offering as needed based on the count. Flashed a CH in warm-ups but didn’t get any readings on it during game action. Overall, very even keel and competitive demeanor on the mound. Works quick. Attacks the zone and allows his defense to work behind him.

Ryan Escover, RHP, 2019 (Shoreline CC commit)
6-foot-1, 170 pounds with a proportional frame and average build. Uses a slow tempo, deliberate wind up. Slight hesitation after hand break as he gets into forward stride. Simple mechanics with clean direction towards target. Arm action is short and compact. High ¾ release with some effort and hand speed out front. FB sat 82-83 and topped at 84. Showed some arm side run at times. CB has 11/5 shape at 68-72. Didn’t have great command of the offering on this look but it flashes quality depth when he stays on top of it.

Luke Rohleder, OF/LHP, L/L, 2020
5-foot-10, 155 pounds with a wiry, athletic frame. Well above average runner from the left side. Clocked a 4.27 down the line on a 1B and followed it up with a 3.95 on a push bunt. That speed plays well in the OF with his smooth, easy strides. Uses a high ¾ slot with loose, whippy arm action. Generates consistent carry on the ball. Sets-up in a balanced, relaxed stance at the plate with feet square to the pitcher. Uses leg lift to gather weight on backside before getting into forward stride. Barrel gets on plane early and stays flat thru the zone. Presently more of a contact/gap to gap approach. Swing has some lift as he finishes so he could tap into more power as he gets stronger.

Cole Fontenelle, INF, S/R, 2020 (Washington commit)
6-foot-3, 190 pound, switch hitting infielder with a tall frame and projectable build. Balanced, fluid defensive actions. Flashed a quick first step while maintaining body control working thru the ball. Light on his feet. Quick exchange funneling into throwing motion. Compact arm action that produces consistent carry. Might end up at the hot corner long-term based on size and power potential. Swung exclusively from the left side on this look. Hits from a relaxed stance with tall posture. Starts slightly open to the pitcher before getting into leg lift. Feet square up to the pitcher at landing. Front side stays in with hands back in a strong hitting position. Generates smooth, powerful bat speed with minimal effort. Barrel gets on plane early. High finish with lift after contact. Aggressive approach in game. Looked to do damage early in the count. Overall, very advanced skill set on an imposing, physical frame.

Daniel Hirose, INF/OF, R/R, 2020 (Wofford commit)
5-foot-9, 160 pounds with a lean, athletic frame. Saw action at DH on this look so wasn’t able to get any evaluation on his defense. At the plate, sets up with feet square to the pitcher, just outside of shoulder width with some knee bend. Hands stay loose and relaxed as he gets into his leg lift. Shows consistent rhythm and tempo to his actions. Smooth, low effort swing with noticeable strength at the point of contact. Generates easy bat speed that should produce consistent, gap to gap power.