Scout Blog - South Kitsap at O'Dea

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

Bellevue, WA - On Wednesday night we took in action from Bannerwood Park, home of Seattle U baseball. The South Kitsap Wolves were the visiting team as they faced off against the O’Dea Fighting Irish.

Both offenses started off slow as quality pitching and consistent defensive play kept us scoreless thru 4 innings. The bats came alive in the 5th inning for both squads and O’Dea ended up victorious by a final score of 4-3.

O’Dea has an experienced, balanced line-up that features several Division 1 commits in the middle of their order. Defensively they have athletes all over the diamond. South Kitsap might lack some firepower and thump on offense, but they play with noticeable grit and show a consistent approach at the plate. There’s some nice young pieces on their roster who should develop into college talent. 


‘21 Max Debiec, 1B, R/R, uncommitted
Big, extra tall frame at 6-foot-6, 185 pounds. Plenty of room for additional strength and development. Still growing into his body but shows quality athleticism and moves well on the diamond. On a cool night where the ball wasn’t carrying at all, Debiec had a huge day at the plate with 2 towering shots to the pull-side gap. The first went for a 2B and the next a 3B. Naturally creates some easy leverage with his frame and should add more power as he develops. Stays balanced thru contact. As is the case with most really tall hitters, the swing can get long at times due to the length of his limbs. But when he does connect, the ball will travel. Defensively he presents a sizable target at 1B and should be able to stick there long-term. Very intriguing, young prospect to keep an eye on. 

‘20 Anthony Adams, RHP, uncommitted
5-foot-10, 185 pounds. Proportionally build with a strong, durable frame. Adams got the start for O’Dea and was highly efficient across his 4+ innings of work. Punched out 5 and only allowed 1 free pass. Pounded the zone early and often with his FB at 77-80 and mixed in a heavy dose of tight sliders at 70-72. Shows the ability to maintain velocity and stuff while working out of the stretch. Simple, clean mechanics with consistent direction towards his target. High ¾ arm slot with loose, clean arm action. Quality hand speed out front at release. Lands soft and keeps eyes on target thru his finish. Throws with intent but avoids over-throwing or tensing up early in his delivery. Highly competitive demeanor when on the bump. Stays even keel but shows some fire/emotion when getting out of big jams. Understands how to pitch and should continue to develop as he adds strength to his frame.

‘20 Kelly Corl, INF, R/R, Gonzaga commit
Athletically built at 5-foot-9, 175 pounds. Noticeable strength throughout frame. Polished, quick actions on defense. Light on his feet while moving laterally. Maintains control of glove hand throughout fielding process. Fluid exchange on double play feeds. Short, compact arm action with plenty of strength to make all the necessary throws. At the plate, sets up in a balanced, relaxed stance. Hands stay loose as he loads with low leg kick. Works quick to the ball but avoids getting too steep with his barrel. Swing path is level and consistently produced hard contact. Gap to gap type of approach. Had multiple hits on this look, including the go-ahead RBI single in the bottom of the 6th. Showed some speed out of the box as well with a 4.40 to 1st with a turn.

‘19 Ben Schulte, OF, R/R, Bellevue College commit
5-foot-10, 170 pounds with a proportional, athletic frame. Flashed quality athleticism in the OF during pre-game. Quick, easy strides with long, loose arm action. Average arm strength at present with the chance to get to plus in the future. Quiet day at the plate on this look but there’s tools to work with. Sets-up in a tall, upright stance. Slight leg kick to load. Hands stay tight to the body and keep barrel inside of the ball. Flashes some bat speed when he pulls the trigger on a ball. Aggressive finish thru contact. Committed to Bellevue College.


‘19 Max Samson, OF, L/L, Oregon State commit
5-foot-11, 180 pounds. Athletically built with a strong frame throughout. Normally a starter in the OF, Samson underwent shoulder surgery this past August to repair a torn labrum. He'll spend most of his time at DH this spring but he'll be back in the OF during the summer. At the plate, begins in a tall, upright stance with some bat wiggle for rhythm. Steps back with a toe tap load before getting into forward stride. Works quick to the ball with a compact swing. Hands stay tight and keep barrel inside of the ball. Gets to top speed out of the box quickly, beat out an INF single and also laid down a bunt for a hit. HBP in his other AB. Looks to make something happen and is aggressive on the bases. Overall, possess an impressive combination of physical tools to go with his hard-nosed approach to the game. 

‘19  Ben Patacsil, SS, R/R, Portland commit
Strong, developed build at 6-foot-1, 180 pounds. Possesses next level defensive actions to go with his athletic frame. Showed some impressive field and throw skills during I/O. Stays balanced in everything he does with good tempo throughout the fielding process. Loose, easy arm action that produces strong carry on the ball. Quick, fluid hands on exchange and double play feeds. Plays low for a bigger infielder. Had a tough night at the plate recognizing spin. Went hit-less on this look but that’s not indicative of his offensive ability. The set-up is balanced with consistent tempo/rhythm. Loose hitting actions that produce a smooth swing with a whippy barrel thru the zone. Has the frame and swing path to generate power down the road. Overall, possess ideal size with a strong overall feel for the game.

South Kitsap

‘20 Tim Reidy, RHP, uncommitted
5-foot-10, 155 pounds with a lanky, projectable build. Consistent, steady tempo in delivery with balance throughout. Low ¾ arm slot with loose, fluid arm action. Low effort thrower who should be able to stick as a starter. Ball has sneaky life to it and gets on hitters quickly. Not a high velo guy, FB worked mostly 72-76 but there could be more in the tank with additional development. Easy delivery causes the velo to play up more. Showed consistent feel for his breaking ball throughout his start. Slurve type shape at 64-66. Reidy does a good job tunneling it with his FB and avoids creating too much of a hump. Knows how to manipulate and adjust shape based on the count. Should continue to be a reliable strike thrower with a solid, 2-pitch mix.

‘21 Rylen Bayne, SS, R/R, uncommitted
5-foot-9, 155 pounds with an athletic frame and broad, slender build. Stood out for his easy and fluid defensive actions in pre-game. Has the look and movement of a natural SS. Stays balanced while moving laterally. Soft glove hand when receiving the ball. Quick funnel into throwing motion. Loose, clean arm action that projects to get stronger. Still developing offensively but given his age and overall athleticism, there’s time for him to become a quality hitter. Presently the bat gets steep at times and limits his ability to make hard contact. Demonstrated a patient approach in-game though and doesn’t try to do too much.

‘21 Sam Canton, OF, L/L, uncommitted
5-foot-10, 160 pounds. Proportionally built between his upper and lower half with present strength in his frame. Moves well in the OF. Long, clean arm action that plays well in the OF. High ¾ slot produces consistent carry on the ball. Presently a solid runner. 4.40 down the line on a hard-90 and 4.71 with a turn on a 1B. Expect those times to get faster with additional strength. Had multiple hits on the day. Quick, level swing with some feel for the barrel. Relaxed set-up with a slightly open stance. Shows some bat speed and the ability to drive the ball with some gap power. Stays balanced thru contact with a level finish.

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