Throwback Thursday - Uncommitted 2020 LHP's

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

With the 2020 spring season on the horizon, we take a look back at some of the LHP's we've seen at our various events who still remain uncommitted heading into their senior year. 

One thing that remains true across all levels of baseball is that you can never have too much left-handed pitching. Whether you're a hard thrower or a specialist, colleges are always on the lookout for LHP's who know how to get outs. 

Check out write-ups & video on the following southpaws which includes 2 out-of-state prospects. 

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uncommitted 2020 lhp's

Shane Melrose LHP / OF / Redmond, WA / 2020

6-foot-3, 175 pounds with a durable pitchers frame, Melrose is one of the top uncommitted arms left in the state. Stays tall throughout his clean, repeatable delivery. Shoulders remain level as he gets into landing, allowing him to work downhill from his ¾ slot. Maintains consistent rhythm & tempo to his throwing actions, which allows him to keep all of his offerings around the zone. Short, clean arm action with aggressive finish thru release. Shows considerable extension out over his front leg. Sat 81-84, topped at 86 with his FB on our look this summer. Throws CB & SL. Both are tightly spun with the chance to be quality pitches at the next level. Also mixed in a developing CH. With a productive off-season, Melrose could see his stuff take a big leap forward.

Benjamin Wes Harkins LHP / OF / Bishop Blanchet, WA / 2020

Smooth, fluid lefty at 5-foot-11, 155 pounds. Proportionally built between his upper and lower half, which helps his body control. Harkins has a long, loose arm with a whippy finish thru release. Stays smooth and fluid throughout delivery with clean direction towards his target. Blocks with his lead leg at landing as he follows thru with an upright finish. Flashed a FB/CB/CH repertoire. CB has tight bend with depth in the zone. CH tunnels well with his FB. Has shown the ability in game on our looks to manipulate speeds and finds ways to miss barrels.

Connor Blackburn LHP / OF / Juanita, WA / 2020

Strong framed with a lean, muscular build at 6-foot-1, 190 pounds. Worked exclusively out of the stretch. Gathered with a high leg lift before getting into forward stride. Slight bend on his backside as he works down the slope. Has some shoulder tilt at hand-break to create leverage/angle from his high ¾ release. Full arm path but avoids wrapping the ball behind him. Aggressive hip rotation as he finishes his offerings. FB has heavy life in the bottom of the zone at 80-81. Also mixed in CB/CH. 

Jett Randall LHP / 1B / Shorecrest , WA / 2020

Large framed with a sturdy build at 6-foot-3, 210 pounds. Randall pitched out of the stretch with a short, quick forward stride. Breaks hands down the center of his body with some slight knee bend as he separates. Deceptive arm action. Shows full arm swing early on but then shortens up & gets more compact as he gets to his landing. Throws from low ¾ slot with ball jumping out from behind his ear. Upright, rotational finish. FB flashed occasional arm-side run. CB has slurve-type shape at 61-66. 

out of state prospects who attended PBR Washington events

Caden Welch, LHP, Walnut Grove (British Colimbia)
Welch hails from British Columbia but made his way down south of the border for our Washington Summer Showcase in late July. Average build to his frame at 6-foot, 185 pounds. Pre-sets his back foot on the far 3rd base side of the rubber before beginning quick paced delivery. High leg kick with slight drop-and-drive move on backside. Creates some cross action at landing. Compact arm action with high ¾ release and hand speed out front. Showed feel for FB/CB/CH combination. Mixed in all of his offerings with same intent & release point.

Ryan Henrickson, LHP/OF, Dimond (Anchorage, Alaska)
A native of Anchorage, Alaska. Henrickson showcased at both OF & LHP back in early July at Bannerwood. Strong, stocky frame that allows him to stay in his legs and keep balance as he works down the mound. Eyes stay on target throughout delivery. Keeps direction towards target with forward stride. High, over the top release. Stays behind the ball well. Quick, compact arm action. Tall, upright finish thru release but that doesn’t stop him from finding the bottom of the zone with all 3 of his offerings. Overall, showed some noticeable feel for FB/CB/CH combination.