Uncommitted '20 Seniors

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

With no HS baseball being played for at least the next 6 weeks, we're going to be cycling back and putting out consistent content of all the players we've seen so far at various PBR events. We will be putting an emphasis on uncommitted seniors in the 2020 class. While the current situation effects everyone in the baseball community, seniors are being hit especially hard. 

Let's take a look back and review all of the prospects who are still looking for a home that attended our Uncommitted Senior Showcase in August. 

For additional info, statistics and video on each player, click on their name to be taken to their profile page. 

uncommitted prospects

Austin Anderson 3B / 1B / Sumner, WA / 2020

6-foot, 170 pounds with a long, lean frame and projectable build. Narrow, upright stance in the box. Front side & feet start square to the pitcher. Hovers on back leg before taking short, forward stride. Upper half stays relaxed & uses a quick scap load to create separation. Balanced, controlled swing with a high finish and leverage in lower half. Sound actions defensively at the hot corner. Steady, reliable footwork. Stays wide and uses a hip hinge to work his glove hand down to the ball. Exchanges ball while getting into side shuffle to get momentum behind throws. Short arm action with ¾ release. 

Connor Blackburn LHP / OF / Juanita, WA / 2020

Strong framed with a lean, muscular build at 6-foot-1, 190 pounds. Worked exclusively out of the stretch. Gathered with a high leg lift before getting into forward stride. Slight bend on his backside as he works down the slope. Has some shoulder tilt at hand-break to create leverage/angle from his high ¾ release. Full arm path but avoids wrapping the ball behind him. Aggressive hip rotation as he finishes his offerings. FB has heavy life in the bottom of the zone at 80-81. Also mixed in CB/CH. Both secondary offerings came out of hand with FB angle & consistently found the zone. 

Daniel Charron OF / RHP / Chiawana, WA / 2020

5-foot-9, 165 pounds. Athletic, proportional build. Uses a high, athletic leg kick in box to get into forward move. Barrel stays on a flat angle as hands stay back at rear shoulder at landing. Sprayed contact throughout BP with a flat stroke into the zone with a level finish. Head stays quiet throughout. Moves well in the OF while ranging laterally. Works to get behind ball and funnels in just outside of his glove-side foot. Uses a step-behind shuffle as he exchanges. Full arm path with clean throwing motion. Ball showed accuracy from high ¾ release point. On the mound, pitches with a consistent & repeatable delivery. Stays tall with slight bend on his back leg as he starts to get down the slope. Clean direction towards target allows hips to work easily. Shoulders stay level throughout. Arm action shows added quickness with a more compact takeaway than the OF. Repeats high ¾ arm slot on all 3 of his offerings. 

Dyson Hindberg OF / 1B / Rogers , WA / 2020

6-foot, 185 pounds with some strength throughout frame. Wide stance in the box with front leg extended and some knee bend on his back leg. Starts slightly open before closing off to pitcher with short forward stride. Hands stay back throughout, loading just below rear shoulder. Swing has some depth in the zone & gets on plane with the ball early. Uphill barrel path with some projectable power to tap into. Long, powerful strides in the OF. Ranges to the ball with an aggressive approach. Head stays down on ball as he funnels into exchange. Rotates glove side towards target to create direction. ¾ arm slot. 

Andrew Hollomon OF / Bishop Blanchet, WA / 2020

High waisted, athletic frame at 5-foot-11, 175 pounds. Narrow, tall set-up in the box. Controlled leg lift up to just below waist height. Shows consistent top-hand extension into his finish. Hands are strong at the point of contact. Head stays down to the ball. Holds his balance/posture throughout. Gap-to-gap type power. Light on his feet defensively. Clean, fluid strides. Has the straight line speed to cover some ground in the OF. Full arm path after takeaway with clean throwing motion. ¾ release point. Throws showed consistent ball flight with accuracy throughout defensive workout. 

Jared Kahn C / RHP / Ridgefield, WA / 2020

Sturdy build at 5-foot-10, 195 pounds with a developed frame. Sets up in the box with bend in his lower half and an upright upper body. Hands show some rhythm/movement before stretching into hitting position during forward stride. Swing has some lift, especially to his pull-side. Keeps hands inside of the ball. At C, left leg dips low as he receives, allowing him to move his glove hand more freely. Posture gets more balanced when throwing down to 2nd. Comes out of stance and realigns feet/shoulder with second base to give himself a clean throwing angle. Short, quick arm action that stays bent throughout. High ¾ release point. Pitching - Steady paced, repeatable throwing actions. Drop and drive type delivery. Shoulders stay level as back leg pushes off of the mound. Quick, high takeaway after hand break. Slight pause in arm action as he gets into landing. High ¾ release point. Finishes with momentum out over front side. 

Cody Krohn OF / Juanita, WA / 2020

5-foot-9, 150 pounds. Lean, wiry frame. Hits from a balanced, slightly open stance. High but balanced leg lift to create stretch with hands prior to swing. Hands work quick and direct to the zone while staying relaxed and allowing barrel to have some whip. Simple, contact approach at the plate with ability to lift ball to his pullside. Keeps everything inside of the ball. Moves well on defense in the OF. Smooth, easy strides while tracking. Uses a side shuffle for direction and to get momentum behind throw. High ¾ release from bent, quick arm action. Ball flight stays true after release. 

Haziel Lopez C / 3B / Cascade, WA / 2020

5-foot-11, 210 pounds with stocky build and durable frame. Slightly open in the box with hands/barrel relaxed inside of back shoulder. Slow, deliberate load and forward stride. Hands drift back to create separation. Early barrel turn gets swing on plane with depth in the zone. Has some looseness in his actions throughout. Creates a compact target behind the dish at C. Quiet glove hand. Slightly staggers stance when throwing down to second. Exchanges down center of body as he gets out of crouch. High ¾ release with short arm action. Fields with controlled tempo at 3rd. Stays behind ball, allows hips to sink down when funneling ball in. Glove hand stays centered. Uses side shuffle to get direction towards target. Repeats clean arm action and shows accuracy from across the diamond. 

Aidan Lowry RHP / Eastside Catholic, WA / 2020

6-foot, 165 pounds with a sloped upper half and high waist. Has present strength in his frame with the build to handle more weight/strength. Simple, repeatable delivery. Maintains tempo throughout. Stays tall at leg lift. Short, direct stride helps keep core centered, avoids leaking or rushing down the slope. Creates steep downward plane on his offerings from high ¾ release. Short, compact arm action. Ball stays above waist after hand break, allowing him to be time and work downhill at landing. FB mostly 80-81. Has feel for moving the ball in & out while staying in bottom 3rd of zone. CB/CH combo gives him a reliable 3-pitch mix. CB has tight 11/5 shape at 67-69. CH sits 72-75 with heavy life into the zone.

Luke Rican OF / 3B / Bishop Blanchet, WA / 2020

5-foot-10, 165 pounds with short levers and an athletic build. Balanced stance with upright posture and hands set high above back shoulder. Short leg lift that syncs with hand movement as he loads. Lands in wide, athletic base. Hands show quickness to the ball with a strong, compact swing. Creates easy bat speed. Quick, active footwork in the INF. Stays under control while moving laterally with low center of gravity. Reliable glove hand with quick, fluid exchange. Tight, bent arm action from ¾ release. Athleticism translates to the OF. Covers ground aggressively while keeping momentum behind ball. Uses a side shuffle with a longer arm path than the INF on throws. Overall, well-rounded skill set with some versatility. 

Luke Wenzel C / RHP / Mercer Island, WA / 2020

Tall, extra large frame at 6-foot-5, 200 pounds with projection left. Wide, square stance in the box with slight hinge at the waist. Flat bat angle with some rhythm before starting stride. Shows some barrel control in swing with ability to adjust to the ball. Stays in lower half throughout. Moves well at 3rd defensively. Feet stay active and he avoids getting flat footed. Does a nice job working down to the ball for a taller INF’er. Soft glove hand. Loose, whippy arm action across the diamond with some strength. Presents a compact target behind the plate at C. Hips sink below the ball while upper half remains tall. Quick exchange out of crouch. Short arm action with ¾ release. Throws were consistently on target with the bag. Pitching - Considerable projection left to tap into on the bump. Uses a mechanically sound, repeatable delivery with consistent tempo. Stays tall into landing, allowing him to create downward angle on his offerings from high ¾ release point. Long, clean arm action. Aggressive finish out over front side with hand speed thru release.

Nate Wenzel 1B / RHP / Mercer Island, WA / 2020

6-foot-5, 200 pounds with wide, projectable frame and lean build. Slight bend in lower half as he sets up with feet just outside shoulder width and hands set below shoulder line. Uses a short scap load as he gets into toe-tap forward move. Solid job keeping hands tight despite his long levers. Level swing path & finish with gap-to-gap type power. Highly capable defender at 1b. Solid footwork with athletic actions near the bag. Big target with noticeable flexibility and an impressive catch radius. Full extension on arm action with short ¾ release point. Clean delivery with up-down-and out lower half. Slight hesitation at hand break allows him to stay gathered over strong back leg. Quick arm action after hand break. Gets long initially on takeaway but then shortens up and gets more compact into release. Height and high ¾ release allows him to work downhill and create tough angle on all of his offerings.