WA Pre-Season ID - Uncommitted 21's (Pt. 1)

Dan Jurik
Scouting Director - Pacific Northwest

As we continue our look at uncommitted prospects across the state, we go back to our Washington Pre-Season ID event this past February. A strong group of 2021 grads were in attendance that day. 

Below, we break down the first half of that group, which features several players who landed in our updated 2021 state rankings

For more info on each prospect. Click on their name to be taken to their profile page. Each profile page will have all stats from the event.

We will conclude with reports on the rest of this group tomorrow. 

uncommitted 2021's

Jack Anderson RHP / 1B / Montesano, WA / 2021

Strongly put together with a wide frame at 6-foot-1, 200 pounds. Feet set up just outside shoulder-width at plate with slight bend in lower half. Short, quick forward stride with a toe-tap style load. Hands load beyond back shoulder to create stretch against front side. Strong, direct swing to the ball. Doesn’t need a lot of moving parts to create bat speed. Holds posture thru contact while head stays down on the ball. Big target at 1B with a wide catch radius. Consistently came in on the ball throughout defensive workout. Clean, quick exchange when turning 3-6-3 double play opportunity. Full arm path with ¾ release. Capable of handling all throws needed for 1B. On the mound, pitches with a slower paced, steady delivery. Stays tall at leg lift with some coil/shoulder turn. Slight bend on backside as he pushes down slope. Arm action stays shorter and more compact than when he plays 1B, which allows him to be in a strong throwing position at landing. Balanced finish with eyes on target and ¾ release point. Physical strength translates well to the mound. Solid 3-pitch-mix. 

Ryan Contreras SS / 3B / Henry M. Jackson, WA / 2021

5-foot-9, 175 pounds with a sloped upper half and developing strength in frame. Square, upright stance in box with a loose, relaxed barrel. Widens out stance with subtle, low effort load. Creates some vertical bat angle at landing which allows barrel to get on plane & behind the baseball quicker. Easy bat speed with a high finish after contact. Sound defender with the actions & arm strength to float around the INF. Stays low with hips as he receives ball. Slight angle in upper half as he gets over the baseball. Short, tight arm action from ¾ slot. Showed ability to adjust arm angle as needed. Accurate ball flight across the diamond.

Kevin Corder SS / RHP / Mount Si, WA / 2021

Lean, projectable frame at 6-foot-1, 180 pounds. Slightly open stance with bend in lower half and upright torso. Low leg kick to begin forward move. Loads barrel while keeping bend in his lead arm, allowing him to keep hands tight to body during swing. Has some natural lift after contact. Front leg stays firm to help create leverage. Keeps balance thru finish. Defensively, stays wide & keeps feet active. Slight hop in his pre-pitch set up allows him to be quick with his first step laterally. Maintains body control as he works thru the ball. Quick arm action with varying release points depending on throw. On the bump, features a methodical and repeatable delivery with a consistent pace. Works from the center of the rubber with a cross-action landing. Slight dip on backside but maintains level shoulders. Full arm path after hand break. Hides ball well before getting to high ¾ release point. Keeps eyes on target thru finish. 

Cameron Ferreri C / SS / Mount Si, WA / 2021

Athletic, wiry-strong frame at 6-foot-2, 185 pounds. Tall, relaxed stance with narrow posture. Front side is slightly open to pitcher prior to low leg lift and forward stride. Hands show fluid & consistent movement as they load into a stronger hitting position. Swings with intent. Gets backside off the ground at point of contact. Gap-to-gap type power. Quiet receiver at C position. One-knee-down set up. Glove hand works up to the ball with control. Shows quickness with lower half and on his exchange when coming out of his crouch. Short, compact arm path with ¾ release. Ball flight shows consistent carry and all throws were on the bag.

Jaxon Henderson 3B / RHP / Glacier Peak, WA / 2021

6-foot, 185 pounds with a proportional build and some present strength. Athletic, partially open stance. Stays tall while hovering on backside with a short scap load as he gets into landing. Tight, compact swing. Keeps barrel inside of the ball while still getting lift at contact. Showed some top hand extension thru the baseball. Strong front side as he gets into high, 2-handed finish. Steady defender at 3B with clean footwork and balanced actions. Stays wide in pre-pitch set up with quick hop prior to contact. Maintains tempo as he works thru the ball. Side shuffle to get momentum behind throws. Clean, whippy arm action with ¾ release. On the mound, works from the far left side of the rubber with some cross action at landing. Slight bend in back leg as he comes to balance. Subtle inward hip turn before he starts to work down the slope. Shoulders stay level throughout. Same clean, loose arm action that he displayed during INF. ¾ release point with an aggressive finish out front.

Jack Johnson 3B / RHP / Archbishop Murphy, WA / 2021

6-foot-2, 210 pounds with a powerful build and strength throughout his frame. Stance has evolved a bit from a toe-tap load in the summer to a low, controlled leg lift now. Keeps everything relaxed/loose in the box, which allows for easy bat speed and consistent barrel control. Strength, bat speed and swing plane give the chance to hit for consistent power. Aggressive approach in the OF. Receives ball out in front of glove-side leg with head down and and athletic posture. Clean footwork as he exchanges & uses step-behind shuffle into throws. High ¾ release. At 3B, stays balanced & under control throughout. Maintains wide stance while funneling ball in. Tightens up arm path as needed on quicker throws. Ball shows consistent accuracy out of hand. On the bump, uses a simple, repeatable delivery. Shows some rhythm in hands that syncs up with leg lift and forward move down the slope. Short, direct stride towards catcher. Landing in line allows hips to clear and gives him extension out front. Full, clean arm path with high ¾ release. Balanced finish on all offerings

Bryce Larkin OF / 3B / East Valley, WA / 2021

Sloped upper half with a proportional frame at 5-foot-11, 195 pounds. Lower half starts open in the box while front side stays in line with pitcher. Strides forward into toe-tap as he separates with his hands. Hands work down and thru the zone with a level finish after contact. Creates bat speed easily. Stays in his legs and firms up front side, creating lift to his pull-side. At 3B, shows some movement with his feet prior to contact. Flattens out back with hip hinge as he works down to the ball. Slight bend in lower half as he funnels in. High exchange into throwing motion and arm path. Works from various slots as needed. In the OF, uses a 2-handed approach to receiving ball out in front of lead leg. Takes short, controlled strides in his approach. Uses step-behind shuffle to keep momentum going into throwing motion. Full, continuous arm path with high ¾ release.

Triston Madison C / 1B / University , WA / 2021

Long, lean and projectable frame at 6-foot-2, 170 pounds. Square, balanced set up in the box with hands out in front of rear shoulder. Uses a short move to create separation and get into hitting position. Hand path stays tight to body, keeping barrel inside of the ball. Level swing thru the zone with high finish after contact. Capable defender at 1B who handled all the plays throughout defensive workout. Covers a considerable amount of ground at the bag with his long levers. Redirects feet quickly to align with target. Clean arm action with ¾ release. Gives a compact target behind the plate at C. One-knee-down set-up when receiving. Quick actions out of crouch on throws down to 2nd. Arm action is shorter, quicker than at 1B with a slightly higher slot. Throws show consistent carry and true ball flight down to 2B. 

Cannon Marshall SS / 2B / University , WA / 2021

6-foot, 170 pounds with an average build and proportional frame. Wide-set, square stance in the box with a flat barrel angle near back shoulder to begin. Takes forward stride into toe-tap load as hands adjust into hitting position. Creates bat speed with a quick, direct hand path into the zone. Consistently made contact out front and lifted the ball throughout BP. High, 2-handed finish while keeping balance in his posture. Showcased at both 3B and SS defensively. Actions should allow him to stick at an INF position long term. Stays wide with constantly moving feet. Presents glove hand right underneath chin as he funnels ball in and covers up with throwing hand. Exchanges ball quickly while minimizing the footwork needed to get into his next throw. Quick on double play feeds from both 3B & SS. Tight, bent arm action with ¾ release. Plays with high motor at all times. 

Mason Palagyi LHP / 1B / Peninsula , WA / 2021

6-foot-1, 230 pounds with a durable frame and wide upper body. Noticeable strength throughout lower half. Pitches with a cross action delivery and some hesitation in his tempo. Works primarily from high ¾ release but also showed the willingness to lower his arm action to more of a sidearm slot. Stays upright at leg lift before slight dip on backside as he gets down the mound. Average stride length allows his arm to be on time at landing. Gets considerable extension from torso out over front leg at release. The tough angle he creates & aggressive finish thru release make him a very uncomfortable AB for opposing hitters. Showed feel for a 3-pitch mix.