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Class of 2019: By the Numbers

By Phil Kerber
Associate Scout

On Thursday, August 24th, the updated Class of 2019 Overall Rankings were released. The state of Wisconsin has often flown under the radar, given its lack of warm weather. But sleep no more on Wisconsin. The trend is clear, the state produces high-level prospects that can compete with the very best of them.

Let’s take a look at how Wisconsin fared in the expanded Top 400. Wisconsin makes up 2.75% of the Top 400. In all, 11 prospects made the cut, including one newcomer. The breakdown of rankings shows that the distribution of prospects from Wisconsin is fairly even, slightly back-loaded, in the Top 400. The lone newcomer, a right-handed pitcher, saw his name debut at 149th overall. Interestingly enough, a teammate of his, was the biggest mover in the Top 400, rising from 139 to crack the Top 100 at 89th overall.

By Ranking
Top 100 - 2
Top 200 - 5
Top 300 - 7
Top 400- 11

No one position from Wisconsin is overly represented in the Top 400. Pitchers, shortstops, and outfielders all placed three. The two catchers ranked, includes the top overall ranked player from Wisconsin at 85th overall. The position is the most well represented in the state with an average rank of 122nd.

The three pitchers ranked can bring it, with an average fastball velocity of 88.3 mph. The catchers are both left-handed hitters and have sub-2.00 pop times. In fact, 4 of the 8 position players are left-handed hitters. As a group, their average 60 yard dash time is 7.04.

By Position (Average Rank)
Pitcher - 3 (138.3)
Shortstop - 3 (301.6)
Outfield - 3 (359.6)
Catcher - 2 (122)

Shortstops and catchers are off the board. The five total have already made their commitments to play at the Division I level. The pitchers remain patient, as only one of three ranked have made a commitment.

By Commitment
Committed - 8
            SS - 3
            OF - 2
            C - 2
            RHP - 1
Uncommitted - 3
            RHP - 1
            LHP - 1
            OF - 1

No big revelation here. This is Big 10 country, and with only one in state Division I baseball program (Wisconsin-Milwaukee), the Big 10 and Missouri Valley Conference hold a pipeline to the state. That does not mean the rest of the country does not have an eye on Wisconsin though. With prospects having made commitments to the SEC, Big 12, and Big East. In total, 11 prospects from Wisconsin have made commitments, three of which fall outside the Top 400.

By Conference
Big 10 - 3
MVC - 2
Big East - 1
Big 12 - 1
SEC - 1

By College/University
Arkansas - 1
Illinois - 1
Illinois State - 1
Indiana - 1
Michigan - 1
Missouri State - 1
West Virginia - 1
Xavier - 1

For the Class of 2019, Southern Wisconsin is a hot bed. Eight of the 11 prospects ranked call south of Madison/Milwaukee home. The two prospects from Northwest Wisconsin are teammates, right-handed pitchers, at Webster High School.

By Region of Wisconsin
South Central - 4
Southeast - 4
Northwest - 2
West - 1

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