Prep Baseball Report

Madison Preseason I.D.: LHP Analysis

By Steve Nielsen
Scouting Supervisor – Wisconsin/Illinois

Finishing up our coverage with the pitchers, here’s a look at the top left handed pitchers from the Madison Preseason I.D. The overall crop of southpaws was impressive led by two standouts in Jack Eagan (Wautoma, 2016) and Augie Mihlbauer (Mukwonago, 2017) several youngsters impressed as well and this list is filled with Division 1 type recruits.

Top Left-Handed Pitchers

1. Jack Eagan, LHP, Wautoma, 2016
Indiana commit. Big strong extra-large build, 6-foot-3, 220-pound left-handed pitcher, physical frame. Delivery works in line, squared landing, showed the ability to repeat, minimal effort. Long drawing arm action, similar arm action to John Danks, high ¾ slot, strong arm. Fastball sat 89-91 mph, touched 92 mph, good downward angle, pounded the zone, showing command. Plus curveball showed excellent depth, 12/6 downer, and the ability to command, 72-74 mph. Changeup also showed command, heavy sinking action, 77-80 mph. One of the best outings we’ve seen out of Eagan, commanding three pitches he looked exceptionally more polished and pitchable. 2016 prospect should have draft interest this summer.

2. Austin Mihlbauer, LHP, Mukwonago, 2017
5-foot-11, 155-pound, left-handed pitcher. On the mound works from a ¾ arm angle with a long, loose, quick arm action. Tall and fall online delivery with easy effort. Smooth rhythm with a square landing and athletic finish. Threw fastball for strikes with run at 87-88 topping out at 89 mph. Easy life on fastball. Slowed arm on curveball that showed 2-8 shapeat 67-70 mph. Threw changeup for strikes down in the zone. Changeup showed occasional sink at 76-79 mph. High level prospect with a big time fastball from the left side.

3. Keaton Knueppel, LHP, Verona Area, 2016
6-foot-1, 185-pound, left-handed pitcher. On the mound works from a high ¾ arm angle with a short, loose, quick arm action. Turns lower half to load hips over rubber. Online delivery with a slightly closed landing and level shoulders. Fastball sat 82-84 mph. Curveball  has 1-7 shape with some depth at 67-71 mph. Changeup flashed sink at 75-77 mph. High follow LHP

4. Jordan Krueger, LHP, Mukwonago, 2016
6-foot-2, 215-pound left-handed pitcher, thick sturdy build, strong lower half. Clean repeatable delivery, little effort, stays closed. Arm action has length in the back, high ¾ slot close to head. Fastball has sink, occasional cut to glove side, sat 84-85 mph. Curveball showed sweeping action, 67-71 mph, 2/8 plane. Changeup is firm with fastball arm speed, deceptive, sinking action, tendency to drop arm angle, 80-82 mph. Uncommitted junior that is a strong follow in the class.  

5. Jackson Pothast, LHP, Sheboygan North, 2018
High ceiling left-handed pitcher, 6-foot-3, 175-pounds, very projectable, long lean frame that will fill out. Tall and fall delivery, smooth rhythm, stays inline, level shoulders and squared landing. Quick arm action, short and loose, projects for much more velocity. Fastball showed late run to arm side, showed ability to command, 79-80 mph, touched 81 mph. Slider showed downer action, 62-64 mph. Excellent feel for changeup, fastball similar arm action, fades to arm side with action in the hitting zone, good control, 67-68 mph. High follow left handed pitcher that could project into one of the top arms in the area.

6. Ryan Bader, LHP, Mukwonago, 2017
Long lanky frame, 6-foot-1, 155 pounds, thin with room to fill out, good projection. Tall and fall delivery, knees and elbows, has some deception. Arm is fast and loose, high ¾ slot, little effort, arm speed projects well. Fastball sat 80-82 mph, touched 83 mph, downhill angle worked the bottom of the zone, good action. Curveball had sweeping action, slurve-like action. 67-71 mph. showed feel. Changeup flashed occasional cut action, 68-72 mph. Projectable 2017 left handed arm that is a high follow.

7. Justin Stollberg, LHP, Brookfield Central, 2016
6-foot, 176-pound left-handed pitcher, average frame and build, longer legs. Delivery works rotationally, high toe up balance position, online with squared landing. Long arm action from a ¾ slot. Fastball has late life to it, arm side action, 82-84 mph, touched 86 mph. Tendency to get around his curveball, 68-71 mph, back up action, could be better suited for a slider. Changeup has arm side run, well above average action, sinks at the bottom of the zone, 77-78 mph, good split off of fastball.

8. Jim Frusciante, LHP, Middleton, 2018
6-foot, 160-pound, left-handed pitcher. On the mound works from a high ¾ arm angle with a long, loose arm action. Tall and fall delivery with easy effort. Slow paced delivery with a short stride. Smooth rhythm with a high draw out of glove. Fastball sat 78-79 mph. Curveball sat 58-61 with gradual action. Changeup sat 61-64 mph. Will continue to improve with maturity.

9. Jacob Greenberg, LHP/OF, Wauwatosa West, 2016
Lean frame, 5-foot-10, 160-pound left handed two-way prospect. Delivery works online, slightly closed, upright finish. Short arm action, high ¾ slot, occasionally gets higher. Fastball showed occasional cut action, 80-82 mph, lively through zone. 1/7 curveball, flashed plus action at 73 mph, ranged 67-72 mph. Straight change is firm, 72-74 mph, lacked command. Lively action on all three pitches, swing and miss type stuff, lacked overall command. Left-handed hitter, balanced stance, short quick double stride, late trigger. Path is short and quick, line drive type hitter, works on top of the baseball, mostly opposite field contact. 82 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively showed arm strength from the outfield, loose arm action, over the top slot, 87 mph from the crowhop, has the athleticism to transfer that to the mound as he matures. Plays through the baseball feet work, 6.9 runner in the 60.

10. Anthony Leedle, LHP, Clinton, 2016
Extra-large frame, 6-foot-7, 235-pound left-handed pitcher, long levers. Mechanically sound, stays balanced, sits on back side, slight collapse. Long arm action, clean through a high ¾ slot. Fastball sat 80-81 mph, slight action in the zone. Curveball has 12/6 shape, 65-67 mph, showed feel with the ability to drop for strikes. Changeup sat 75-77 mph, flashed cut at times.

Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Joshua Hunt, LHP, Waukesha West, 2017
5-foot-11, 160-pound, left-handed pitcher. On the mound works from a high ¾ arm angle with a short arm action. Tall and fall online delivery with toe down at balance point. Uphill shoulders with smooth rhythm. Threw all pitches for strikes. Fastball sat 73-75 topping out at 76 mph. Curveball showed 1-7 shape with feel at 57-59 mph. Changeup sat 61-65 mph.

Tristan Largent, 1B/LHP, Verona Area, 2018
5-foot-11, 200-pound, left-handed hitting 1B/LHP. In the field has a short arm action from an over the top arm slot with slower actions. Threw 64 mph across the infield. At the plate hits from a wide balanced setup with a short heel-lift stride. Opposite field hitter with a short level swing path. 74 mph exit velocity from a tee. Ran the 60 at 8.19. On the mound works from a high ¾ arm angle with a short arm action. Tall and fall online delivery with regular effort and a square landing. Threw fastball for strikes at 67-69 topping out at 71 mph. Slider showed 2-8 and sweeping action at 56-59 mph. Changeup sat 63-65 mph.

Alex Olver, LHP, DeForest, 2016
6-foot-1, 210-pound, left-handed pitcher. On the mound works from a high ¾ arm angle with a short arm action and slight wrap in the back. Tall and fall delivery with some rhythm and level shoulders throughout. Slight crossfire creating a tough angle for hitters. Fastball flashed cut at 77-78 mph. Curveball showed slider action at 66-70 mph. Showed good feel for changeup with ink at 72-74 mph.

Alex Tanke, LHP/1B, Arrowhead, 2018
5-foot-11, 165-pound, right-handed hitting LHP/1B. On the mound works from a high ¾ arm angle with a short clean arm action. Tall and fall delivery, toe down at balance point, opens up to 3rd base side. Level shoulder throughout delivery with some rhythm. Fastball flashed occasional cut at71-72 topping out at 74 mph. Slider showed cutter action with 2-8 shape and short, late break at 64-66 mph. Changeup sat 66-69 mph. In the field works from a high ¾ arm slot with average hands and slower actions. Threw 72 mph across the infield. At the plate hits from a tall balanced setup. Starts high and drops hands on load with a short stride. Long level swing path. 77 mph exit velocity from a tee. Ran the 60 at 7.50. Will continue to improve with maturity.

Carl Valk, OF/LHP, Appleton North HS, 2017
Lanky build, 5-foot-10, 145-pound two-way prospect. Switch hitter at the plate with similar approaches from both sides. Utilizes short stride, quiet load, rotational approach; athletic hands, more whip generated from left side. Registered 81 mph exit velocity from right side; 83 from left. Defensively, shows fluid outfield actions, high-3/4 slot, clocked at 76 mph from outfield and ran a 7.31 60. On the mound, left-handed pitcher, works from high-3/4 slot with longer arm action. Tall and fall delivery, in-line direction. Fastball sat at 73-74 with slight run, consistent strikes. Slider ranged between 66-68 mph, more lateral sweep. Changeup is thrown with fastball arm action with similar fastball velocity, 70-72, with some running action.