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Milwaukee Preseason ID: Outfield Analysis

By Steve Nielsen
Scouting Director – Wisconsin/Illinois

As we continue this week with our coverage of the Milwaukee Preseason ID today we take a look at the outfielders. Regardless of class our positional analysis will rank the top high school prospects at each position from this event. Later we will break down the event according to class and see how players stacked up against their respective class.

If you thought the top three middle infielders were tough to rank, the top three outfielders were even tougher. Dominic Clementi (Arrowhead, 2016), Doran Turchin (Oak Creek, 2015) and Cyrillo Watson (South Milwaukee, 2016) separated themselves from the pack as the clear favorites for the top spot.

No matter what way you slice it you could make a case for all three of these prospects to take the top spot, none the less we had to make a decision. Clementi’s left handed bat gained a slight edge over the pack this time as he has improved his overall approach and showing more signs of power to his pull side, still with years ahead of him to grow.

Turchin followed right behind with his advanced physicality and athleticism, also showing his best arm strength to date from the outfield at 94 mph. Not to be outdone by arm strength was Cyrillo Watson who had the top arm at 95 mph, also his personal best. Watson looked to have better rhythm at the plate with an added leg kick, and his arm speaks for itself. A legitmate two-way threat, Watson could have easily been the top prospect as well.

Here’s our breakdown of the top outfielders and you at home can try to pick your favorite.

Top Outfield Prospects

1. Dominic Clementi, OF, Arrowhead, 2016
Michigan commit. 6-foot-1, 180-pound, left handed hitting outfielder, longer frame, well-proportioned athletic build. Offensively projects to be a major threat from the left side of the dish. Open stance, short stride approach, lower half is active, good balance throughout. High level bat speed, bat path produces excellent contact point out in front. Generates whip and gap to gap pop, advanced approach. 91 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively has quick feet in the outfield, 4.00 runner down the line. Plays through the baseball well, athletic action, loose rangy athlete. Arm action is loose, over the top slot, arm carries with accuracy to target. 89 mph arm from the outfield. Clementi’s left handed bat is what separates him from other outfielders in his class. As his projectable frame fills out, Clementi will see more power out of his left handed swing.

2. Doran Turchin, OF, Oak Creek, 2015
Advanced strength, 6-foot-1, 190-pound outfielder, highly developed build. Currently one of the best available prospects in the state. Defensively has plus arm strength from the outfield, 94 mph from his crow hop. Traditional outfield arm action, long over the top arm slot, produces advanced carry, athletic arm action. Natural outfield actions, plays through the baseball aggressively and efficiently, exchange is clean and stays online through the baseball. Advanced foot speed, 4.01 runner down the line. Advanced offensive abilities, hits from a tall narrow stance, using smooth loading action and regular stride length, quiet setup. Maintains excellent balance while generating advanced bat speed.  Shows quick twitch hands, bat path is short with extension, fluid rhythm, athletic hitter. 91 mph exit velocity from the tee. Turchin is a high level prospect with advanced athletic abilities.

3. Cyrillo Watson, OF/RHP, South Milwaukee, 2016
Illinois commit. 6-foot, 175-pound two-way prospect, lanky frame, wide shoulder, solid base to add more strength. Offensively hits from an open stance, smooth loading action, leg kick stride. Showed improved rhythm with new leg kick trigger. Hands work well, highly athletic, advanced bat speed. Short bat path, shows power potential, gap to gap type hitter, flashes pull side power. 90 mph exit velocity. Defensively showed plus arm strength from the outfield, topped out at 95 mph from the outfield, long loose arm action, over the top slot with accuracy. Natural outfield actions, quick footwork, plays through the baseball well, highly athletic. 4.40 runner down the line. On the mound shows excellent arm action on all pitches, aggressive with conviction, high ¾ slot, quick athletic arm. Fastball has erratic life in the zone, hard late action, showed control, 85-86 mph, topped out at 87 mph. Curveball has sharp action, 11/5 shape, highly aggressive, fastball arm speed, 74-76 mph. Changeup has plus potential, excellent conviction, fastball arm speed, fading action, showed advanced feel, 78-80 mph. Watson is a high follow prospect with a huge ceiling. Highly ranked 2016 prospect in the region.

4. TD Walker, OF, Milwaukee Lutheran, 2016
Slender build, 6-foot-1, 165-pound outfielder. Excellent defensively actions for his age, plays through the baseball well with an efficient crow hop. Arm produces carry, loose arm action, over the top slot. 85 mph arm strength from the outfield. Offensively has loose hands and creates bat speed. Hits out of balanced setup, rhythmic loading action, short stride. Bat path is short, producing line drives, athletic hands. Walker is a long athlete and the more strength he adds the better he will get.

5. Aaron Goecks, OF, Brookfield, 2016
5-foot-11, 190-pound left handed hitting outfielder, overall strong build. Offensively hits from a closed stance, balanced setup, short stride. Makes hard contact, advanced bat speed, shows some effort. Pull side power approach. 98 mph exit velocity from the tee was the best at the event. Defensively uses a long arm action, high ¾ slot, some carry, 86 mph from the outfield. Quicker exchange, plays through the baseball at times, footwork and body control can improve. Also ran a 4.32 down the line from the left side. Goecks is a strong, athletic left handed hitting outfielder who shows raw abilities that can be polished into a high follow prospect.

6. Augie Mihlbauer, OF/LHP, Mukwonago, 2017
Lanky athlete, 5-foot-7, 130-pounds, long limbs, left handed two-way prospect. Defensively showed natural outfield actions, feet work well, plays through the baseball, quick clean exchange. Arm plays well, loose arm action, high ¾ slot, highly accurate and produces carry at 84 mph. Advanced arm strength for age. Offensively hits from the left side, open stance, short stride, good balance through contact. Loose hands, low effort, simple approach, hands work well. Above average bat speed for his age, 75 mph exit velocity from the tee, short path, fluid rhythm. On the mound delivery works fluidly, stays on line and works towards his target, athletic finish. Works with little effort, easy arm action, projects well, loose arm action, high3/4 slot. Fastball has significant run for his age, showed control of the zone, 77-78 mph. Curveball has 11/5 shape, 65-67 mph, occasional sharp bite. Changeup has feel, well above average fading action, throws with arm speed, 70-72 mph.

7. Zach Campbell, OF/LHP, Burlington, 2017
5-foot-10, 152-pound left handed two-way player, long limbed athlete. Defensively plays through the baseball well, feet stay active and work in line to target. Uses crow hop, loose arm action, 80 mph from the outfield, high ¾ slot, produces occasional carry, more to come with strength. Offensively hits from a slightly open stance, short stride. Highly repeatable swing, maintains balance. Excellent bat path, short to the baseball, line drive type hitter, occasional pull tendency, athletic hands and excellent rhythm. 74 mph exit velocity from the tee. On the mound delivery is athletic, clean arm action, loose, high ¾ slot. Fastball is mostly straight, 73-75 mph. Curveball has 11/5 shape, occasional sweep, 65-68 mph. Changeup has feel, fading action, near fastball arm action, 67-68 mph.

8. Takoda Metoxen, RHP/OF, Franklin, 2016
Athletically built, 5-foot-11, 170-pound two-way player. Metoxen’s live arm is his best tool. Tall and fall delivery is clean and athletic, full windup, free and easy, works on line, shoulders stay closed. Arm action is loose, minimal effort, high ¾ slot, quick arm action. Fastball flashed running action, control of the zone, 79-80 mph, touched 81 mph, arm works quicker than current velocity. Up to 87 mph from the outfield suggest there is more velocity to come. Changeup has above average feel, slight sinking action, 67-70 mph. Breaking ball has gradual action, flat, occasional 11/5 tilt, has high potential, 69-72 mph. Offensively uses a slight leg lift stride, average balance. Handsy swing, creates some whip, loose athletic hands. Line drive, gap to gap hitter. Showed well in the outfield, actions played through the baseball, advanced arm strength, 87 mph from his crow hop.

9. Connor Kimple, OF, Marquette University, 2016
Strong bodied athletic frame, 6-foot-2, 200-pound outfielder. Offensively hits from an open stance, short stride, can get more out of his lower half, average balance. Strength generates bat speed, 88 mph exit velocity, shows the ability to repeat swing, line drive type hitter. In the outfield arm action is short and rigid, high ¾ slot, 83 mph from the outfield. 4.28 runner home to first.

10. Ben DeGracie, OF, South Milwaukee, 2016
5-foot-7, 155-pound outfielder, build shows strength. Offensively hits from a balanced stance, smooth loading action, short stride. High contact hitter, shows barrel awareness, line drive hitter, gap to gap approach. Short bat path, produced 79 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively uses a long arm action, over the top slot, strong actions, 83 mph from the outfield. 4.25 runner home to first.

Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Ryan Bigalke, OF/RHP, Whitnall, 2017
5-foot-10, 135-pound lanky, two-way player. Defensively, showed quick catch and release exchanges. Arm works long, from over the top at 78 mph with some accuracy. At the plate he hits from a closed, slightly crouched stance and a short stride. Swing has choppy rhythm, uphill path, and solid extension. Exit velocity off the tee was 66 mph. On the mound his arm works from a high ¾ slot with long, stiff action on the backside. Delivery has regular effort. Fastball 66-70 mph, flashing a 73 mph one time, with run and sink action. Throws a curveball at 62-64 mph. Changeup was 58-62 mph with sinking action.

Henry Davies, OF, Whitefish Bay, 2015
5-foot-10, 145-pound outfielder, lanky frame, thin build. Defensively played through the baseball, athletic actions, active feet, uses crow hop well. Arm shows carry, 83 mph from the outfield. Offensively hits from a slightly open stance, longer stride. Loose hands, creates whip, line drive hitter. Generates above average bat speed, 89 mph exit velocity from the tee. Advanced foot speed, 4.16 runner home to first.

Troy Hickey, OF/LHP, Wilmot Union, 2017
5-foot-11, 160-pound left handed throwing two-way player. Above average projectability on the mound, slower tempo delivery, tall and fall approach, minimal effort. Arm operates from a high ¾ slot, loose arm action. Fastball is mostly straight, flashed occasional cut action, showed control of the zone, 73-75 mph. Curveball has 11/5 shape, showed feel, tends to get on the side, showed better feel for it out of the stretch, 62-63 mph. Changeup has fading action, 66-68 mph, also showed control, pitch has excellent potential. Offensively hits out of an open stance, short leg kick stride, high elbow load. 76 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively plays through the baseball well from the outfield, arm shows carry, topped out at 80 mph, loose over the top arm action. 4.33 runner down the line. Currently Hickey’s left handed arm and athleticism are his best attributes and project well.

Taylor Just, RHP/OF, Brookfield Academy, 2017
6-foot, 165-pound two-way player. Arm strength has promise on the mound. Delivery has some effort, drop and drive style. Above average arm strength for his age, high ¾ slot. Fastball touched 79 mph, sat 77-78 mph. Breaking ball had slurve action, 11/5 tilt, 64-67 mph. Changeup sat 70-72 mph. Defensively uses long arm action from the outfield, 81 mph from the outfield. Offensively hits from a balanced stance, short stride. Bat path has length, works uphill.

Dylan Moser, RHP/OF, Homestead, 2017
Slender frame, 5-foot-9, 145-pound two way player. Offensively hits from a balanced stance, short stride, simple setup. Bat path has length, slightly uphill path, 77 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively uses a long arm action across the diamond (75 mph). Clean exchange with long transfer. On the mound fastball is mostly straight, 74-78 mph. Curveball has 12/6 shape, gradual action at 63-64 mph. 62-64 mph straight changeup.

Jake Primack, OF, Whitefish Bay, 2017
5-foot-8, 141-pound outfielder. Offensively, hits from an open stance, backward loading action, toe tap stride. Swing has stiff rhythm with a long, uphill bat path. Exit velocity was 68 mph off a tee. Defensively, his arm works long, from a high ¾ slot at 60 mph with some accuracy. Ran a 4.91 home to first time.

Angel Ramirez, MIF/OF, Greendale, 2015
5-foot-9, 160-pound multi-positional player. From the outfield his arm works long, from a high ¾ slot at 77 mph with some carry. On the infield he has the same arm action, firm hands, and throws it 74 mph across the diamond. Ran a 4.35 home to first. At the plate he hits from an open stance with a backward loading action and a toe tap stride. Swing has stiff rhythm and quick bat speed. Exit velocity off the tee was 80 mph.

Jake Schultz, OF, East Troy, 2015
5-foot-10, 160-pound outfielder. Defensively, he has fluid foot work and plays through the ball well. Arm works from a ¾ slot at 70 mph. Ran a 4.79 home to first time. At the plate hits from a tall, opened stance with a medium stride and linear lower half. Swing has pull side tendencies with choppy rhythm and solid bat speed. Exit velocity was 72 mph off a tee.

Christopher Zak, RHP/OF, Shorewood, 2017
5-foot-9, 140-pound two-way player, athletic frame with length, highly projectable arm. On the mound works with regular effort, high ¾ arm slot, clean quick arm action. Arm works extremely quick for his age. Fastball has arm side run, shows control of the zone, 74-75 mph, arm speed suggests more velocity will come. Curveball has 11/5 shape, advanced action for age, flashes sharp bite, showed well above average feel, 65-67 mph. Changeup also has advanced action to his arm side, occasional sink, showed the ability to control the zone with it, 64-67 mph. Offensively hits from a balanced stance, short stride, minimal load. Short path, line drive guy. Defensively plays with a long arm action, high ¾ slot, 80 mph from the outfield. Gets down the line at 4.44.

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