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PBR IA Scout Blog- IA Limited Series Tournament

Rob Allison
Prep Baseball Report Iowa


The PBR Iowa Limited Series Tournament featured select 2020 through 2022 grad teams; with many rosters dotted with up-and-coming top committed and uncommitted grads from Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Nebraska. The tournament was held at TBK Bank Sports Complex in Bettendorf, IA on September 7 and September 8, 2019


SCOUT BLOG (by team)


’21 JD DiPrima- Athletic in field, quick transfer with solid arm strength, shows proper footwork to field and hands are soft. Smaller frame and athletic in box, good balance, flashes occasional bat speed. Interesting prospect to follow offensively.

’21 Andrew Bohrer- larger frame, physical in box, open stance and strides to closed with projectable pop in bat.

’21 Conner Filer- RHP, fastball was 74-77 mph. Showed above avg. command of 61-63 mph curveball with consistent 11/5 shape.

’21 Cade Barton- SS, good actions around the bag, shows soft hands, short quick arm action with loose lanky frame showing good body control. Was also 78-82 mph on mound showing arm side run and feel for strike zone to both sides of plate.

’21 Kalen Piechota- C, above avg. defensive catcher, quick feet, blocks ball well, shows instincts on field, with ability to hit to all fields.

’21 Garrett Freeman- 1B, shows good power in games with bat, solid defender around the bag, has pop in bat to both sides of field.


’21 Easton Johnson- RHP, Creighton commit, larger frame with solid athleticism, 85-87 mph on mound with late arm side run and sink, 68-69 mph curveball with flashes of shape and depth, above avg. arm side sink on changeup for strikes.

’21 Jaxon Van Pelt- C, strong receiving and blocking skills, comfortable behind plate in games.

’21 Gehrig Christensen- SS, good feet with strong arm across diamond, has feel for game, LHH shows pull approach looking to square both line drives and lift fly balls to right side of field. U. of Iowa commit. #367 in PBR National Rankings.

’21 Jackson Wentworth- RHP, Kansas State commit, showed above avg. 3 pitch mix. Fastball was 87-88 mph with solid command of strike zone, sharper 12/6 breaking ball at 73-75 mph, has feel for changeup at 76-77 mph with fade and sink.

’21 Ethan Drown- RHP, good projectable body, simple delivery from stretch, solid feel for changeup at 73 mph and was consistently 80-83 mph with flashes of late varying action.


’21 Drew Dykstra- LHP/OF, lean athletic frame, loose actions in field and on mound, 79-82 mph on mound with command to both sides of plate, 2/7 shape on curveball with late break, changeup is near plus with late arm side fade and sink. Easy actions in the field, LHH, works both gaps with line drive approach with occasionally lift through zone.

’21 Mark Eddie- RHP, 80-82 mph fastball, above avg. command to both sides of plate, above avg. changeup with late running action away from barrels in bottom of zone.

’20 Parker Shupe- 2B/OF, balanced LHH in box, shows flashes of bat speed with ability to drive baseball to both gaps.

’21 Cael Kolacia- RHP, longer arm action producing 83-84 mph fastballs, occasional sharp break on curveball at 71-72 mph.

’20 Nick Scanlon- RHP, cleaner arm action with quickness out front, 83-86 mph; touching 87 mph. Late cutting action with solid/avg. overall command. 74-75 mph breaking ball with tighter spin.

’21 Ben Everhart- RHP, simple delivery with ability to repeat, 81-85 mph with occasionally tailing action, avg. shape on 70-72 mph curveball.


’20 Casey Stalzer- RHP, wider shouldered to tapered waist, 82-85 mph, ¾ slot. Occasional life to fastball with late running action. Flashes sharper curveball with tight spin and 11/5 shape.

’20 Nathan Anderson- RHP, larger frame on mound, swings and lands wide open to first base side, creates different angled downhill plane into RHH, 83-84 mph.

’21 Zach Pleggenkuhle- LHP, smaller frame, 78-79 mph, high % of strikes with 3 pitches, throws breaking ball for strikes in any count, short arm action hiding baseball from hitter, off-sets hitters timing well.

’21 Sam Petersen- SS/OF, RHH, plays hard, runs out balls, compact swing with bat speed, mid/pull approach with flashes of pop in bat.

’20 Alex Pendergast- 3B, consistent hard contact, is athletic, and runs avg. to above.

’21 Ben Wilmes- SS, moves well in field, athletic, has rhythm in box, gap to gap approach, consistent hard line drive contact.

’20 Jackson Payne- RHP, long lanky frame, 80-82 mph topping out at 85 mph. 70-72 mph curveball with solid shape. Ball is easy out of hand and projects to add velocity with physical development.

’20 Avery Mellman- SS, athletic top of order hitter, runs well, aggressive swing and on the bases, attacks pitches early, consistent hard contact. Recent South Dakota State commit.

’20 Alec Nigut- OF, open setup to square position, sound approach, looks to work gaps with line drive swing, has feel for zone with ability to drive pitches. 82-84 mph with true fastball for strikes. Flashes tight breaking ball at 70-72 mph. Iowa commit.


’22 Tommy Specht- OF/RHP, thin frame, loose hands at plate, LHH, solid athletically, above avg. arm from outfield.

’22 Aaron Savary- IF/RHP, loose quick hands, projectable frame, shows flashes of bat speed.

’22 George Sherlock- C/UTL, high energy player, good field instincts, ability to play multiple positions. Good rhythm in load, all fields approach, hard line drive contact.

’22 Kellen Strohmeyer- IF/RHP, above avg. frame, loose projectable body, classic delivery with occasional head snap, fastball was 77-78 mph with flashes of breaking ball with sound shape. Tall open stance, quick compact swing.


’20 Joey Pettit-RHP, shows arm-side running action on fastball at 73-76 mph, above avg. late break on curveball with 10/4 shape, slight arm-side run and fade on changeup for strikes.

’21 Reese Stanley- 3B, RHH, good hands in field with solid arm across, shows range and proper footwork, strong with quick bat, flashes of power in swing to pull side of field.

’20 Reyshawn Sprewer- CF, easy actions in outfield with above avg. range, plays under control with confidence reading fly balls off bat, athletic in box, quick bat, with good overall approach looking to put balls in play from the lead-off spot.

’20 Joey DiMotto- large frame with physicality, ball jumps off bat, has above avg. power to middle of field.


’20 Zach Wesolowski- 1B, strong quick swing, works gap to gap, shows approach in box, has present strength with ability to drive baseball, hard pull side contact.

’20 Noah Weiman- SS, smaller athletic frame, plays light on his feet, shows good actions at SS, active feet with solid arm across with carry to bag, gap to gap line drive hitter with strong wrists and flashes of solid bat speed.

’20 Jacob Norris- RHP, 82-85 mph with occasional arm side running action, 12/6 curveball at 66-68 mph with occasional sharper break, good deception on changeup thrown at fastball arm speed. Long and lanky frame, solid athlete, with flashes of quick twitch movements on field.


’21 Seth Clausen- SS/RHP, sound actions at SS with playable arm across, shows carry and accuracy to bag, clean bat path with ability to repeat swing. 82-83 mph on mound, goes after hitter, with solid 3 pitch mix.

’21 Dom DeLaPaz- C, raw defender with solid present strength with flashes of projectable arm strength.

’21 Hunter Woods- OF, small athletic frame, competitive AB’s, sound arm from OF, scraps together at bats fighting off pitches. Has above avg. range and instincts in field.

’21 Blake Gaskey- RHP, fastball was 78-80 mph with late arm-side run, confident on mound and shows ability to pitch, 11/5 shape on breaking ball, displayed above avg. changeup late to hitters with run and sink for swing and miss.


’21 Cael Eck- lean athletic frame, 78-81 mph with slight running action, above avg. spin and shape on curveball with sharp late break.

’21 Ryan Reyerson- LHP, long lanky frame, keeps hitters off-balance with 3 pitch mix, 81-84 mph fastball with late arm-side life, steep plane on 2/8 breaking ball for strikes, hides ball well, hitter take uncomfortable swings against, U. of Iowa commit.

’21 James Jefferson- RHP, taller skinny frame, easy movements, short ¾ arm action, 80-81 mph fastball with tilted plane to batter, flashed avg. to above avg. breaking ball at 72-73 mph.

’21 Aiden McGee- RHP, 81-83 mph, downhill and works bottom of zone well, occasional run and sink action, 70-72 mph breaking ball with solid depth.

’21 Evan Borst- RHP/SS, solid defender in field, avg. range with sure hands and accurate arm across. Aggressive swinger in box with ability to drive ball to pull side gap. 82-85 mph on mound with varying action on fastball. Consistently throws strikes with breaking ball at 71-72 mph.

TOP TIER- 2020

’20 Blake Oesterblad- RHP, wide shouldered durable frame, lean with room to fill out, ¾ arm slot, was consistently 82-85 mph with flashes of late running life on fastball, topped out at 87 mph, above avg. action on changeup at 75-77 mph with late fade and sink. Currently #210 ranked player in IL 2020 class.

’20 Nicholas Pratscher- OF, compact swing, shows bat speed, aggressive approach in box, flashes of pop in bat, routinely squared baseball, home run to left.

’20 Joel Sarver- RHP/SS, good frame, easy arm action, attacks hitters, FB 84-86, hard SL 76-77. Live body with quickness and actions in field, good game AB’s, sound setup to hit position with flashes of bat speed.

’20 Alonzo Raigosa- SS, flashed athleticism in field, loose actions with clean transfers, accurate thrower to bag.

TOP TIER- 2021

’21 Jaylon Nauden- SS, athletic frame with present strength, shows actions in field, developing angles and reads to field, shows solid carry and accuracy across diamond. Flashed bat speed with sound present feel to hit.

’21 Anthony Wiorski- OF, strong compact frame, LHH, consistently squared baseball, hard contact with occasional fly ball pop in bat. Sound approach and showed patience in box for drivable pitches.

’21 DJ Morand- RHP, front shoulder tilt, pitches up and over front side, 82-83 mph fastball with occasional running action, above avg. CH at 74-75 mph, usable and effective vs. both R and LHH.


’20 Mitchell Brent- RHP, 82-84 mph fastball, topped out at 87 mph, shows quicker twitch actions on mound with durable frame. Ball is heavy at plate and shows above avg. command of strike zone. 77-78 mph breaking ball with flashes of depth. Usable changeup at 72-74 mph.

’21 Brady Kauzlarich- lean athletic frame with room to fill out, solid routes and angles in OF, above avg. runner, shows occasional line drive pop in bat.

’22 Keaton Scott- C, Solid in game catcher, active behind plate, quick release on throws with accurate arm. Good approach at plate, quick hands, tough out every AB, sprays ball to all fields.

’22 Connor Lyons- LHH, scrappy player, plays with quickness, inside/out swing, slap hitter that battles in box.

’20 Drew Chiprez- IF, strong compact frame, sure hands in field, accurate arm with solid carry, takes big hacks, aggressive in box, consistent hard contact.

GRB- 2020

’20 Bryce Miller- C, shows strong hands with ability to receive and block. True carry and accuracy on throws to second base, consistently on bag.

’21 Liam Moreno- IF, shorter compact frame, extremely soft hands and light on his feet, plays with above avg. actions, playable arm with carry and accuracy to bag. Aggressive swing in box with above avg. extension through contact showing ability to use both sides of field.

’20 Eduardo Saucedo- athletic frame, LHH, shows rhythm in box, short to contact, has ability to drive baseball to pull side gap, clean line drive swing plane.

’20 Mitch Mueller- RHP, 80-84 fastball on true plane, occasional late run and sink, 70-72 mph curveball shows consistent 11/5 shape with above avg. depth.

’20 Thomas Otto- C, committed after tourney to U. Wisconsin-Milwaukee, projectable frame, larger target behind plate, big swing producing home run to left along with oppo line drives, comfortable in box. Middle of order type hitter at college level with solid feel to hit.

’20 Carter Endisch- RHP, Quincy U. commit, classic RHP with sound delivery, 82-84 mph fastball with occasional running action, tight spin on 11/5 curveball for strikes, shows heavy sink on changeup in bottom of zone.