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Prospect Identification Showcase: Outfield Anaysis

By Steve Nielsen
Scouting Director - Wisconsin

Watching the outfield group at Wisconsin’s Prospect Identification Showcase was one of the more impressive displays of collective arm strength from a group of young outfielders that I have seen. It was a hard task to put these outfielders in order and arm strength is not the only tool that matters in the outfield. The top three prospects could have easily gone any direction, but in the end Doran Turchin’s (Oak Creek HS, 2015) prowess at the plate and advanced physical frame took the top spot beating out Dominic Clementi (Arrowhead HS, 2016) and Cyrillo Watson (South Milwaukee HS, 2016). All three outfielders have well above average outfield arms, for their age you could easily project it as a plus tool for each of them. It’s safe to say that the state of Wisconsin will not be short on outfield talent over the next several years.

Here’s how we looked at the rest of the outfield group.

Top outfield prospects

1. Doran Turchin, Oak Creek HS, OF, Class of 2015
Physically advanced, plus strength for age, strong athletic build, 6-foot, 182-pound outfielder. Turchin is one of the more physically advanced athletes in the Class of 2015. Excellent athleticism, plus arm strength for age, projects as an elite level outfielder. Defensively shows advanced athletic actions, quick clean exchange, footwork is fluid and athletic, aggressive actions to the baseball. Arm action works well, well above average arm strength for age, 89 mph arm strength from the outfield. Offensively hits from slightly open stance, smooth load, short stride approach. Aggressive swing, above average hands, bat path is short and level showing extension. Gap to gap hitter with power. Excellent rhythm and balance throughout. Turchin’s advanced physical frame projects well at the next level.

2. Dominic Clementi, Arrowhead HS, OF, Class of 2016
Athletic frame, advanced athleticism, 6-foot, 165-pound left handed hitting outfielder. Advanced offensive threat, high level left handed hitter, pull side pop has improved, stays through the baseball well. Hits from balanced setup, smooth load, uses short stride. Lower half shows explosiveness, slight collapse, uphill tendency. Advanced bat speed, bat path is short, shows advanced pop for age. Projects as a premier offensive threat. Defensively shows advanced outfield actions, highly aggressive, attacks baseball well, excellent crow hop. Arm action is long and loose, high ¾ arm slot, arm shows carry, 86 mph from the outfield. High level Class of 2016 prospect.

3. Cyrillo Watson, South Milwaukee HS, OF, Class of 2016
Athletic build, rangy frame, long limbs, 5-foot-11, 162-pound outfielder. Watson has a plus arm for his age, could be one of the top outfielders in the region, elite arm strength, will be one of the top outfielders in his class. Defensively arm is a plus tool for his age, 90 mph from the outfield, arm works long and loose, high ¾ arm slot. Defensive actions are advanced, plays athletically and through the baseball, exchange is quick and clean. Hits from balanced setup, smooth load some bat wrap, uses short stride. Lower half works well, excellent balance. Hands work well at the plate, top hands works hard, gets through the baseball with extension, bat speed is advanced for age, 85 mph exit velocity. Watson has matured offensively since last seeing him, stronger hands and upper body has improved bat speed.

4. Nickolas Lackney, Whitefish Bay HS, LHP/OF, Class of 2015
Long, lanky frame, long thin limbs, 6-foot-4, 165-pound left handed two way player. One of the top pitchers in his class, very projectable athlete.  Projects well on the mound, delivery shows regular effort, lacks repeatability, tall and fall approach, shoulders and landing stay closed. Arm works from high ¾ arm slot, quick arm action, long and loose. Fastball has control, 81-82 mph, features hard run. Curveball lacked feel, loose rotation, flashed late bite, 70-72 mph. Changeup showed action, some cut, some sink, 69-71 mph, lacked feel. Defensively attacked the baseball well from the outfield, arm played well, 87 mph, showed carry. Offensively hits from the left side, open stance, good balance throughout. Hits with high elbow, shows some pop, occasional barrel whip.

5. Parker Sniatynski, Marquette University HS, OF/RHP, Class of 2014
Projects to be one of the more promising prospects in Wisconsin’s thin 2014 class. Athletic 6-foot-1, 175-pound two-way prospect with long limbs. Arm strength present from outfield, registering at 88 mph with carry from lower arm slot. Aggressive approach at plate. Hits from balanced setup. Generates advanced bat speed though aggressive lower half. Gets excellent extension after contact. Ball jumps off bat with some backspin carry. On the mound, fastball topped at 78 mph. Long arm action, some stiffness and inconsistency in delivery. Curveball ranged between 68-72 mph with inconsistent action. Changeup displayed arm-side run in the 72-75 range.

6. Tucker Maris, Homestead HS, RHP/OF, Class of 2015
Athletic frame that has some length, 5-foot-11, 170-pound two way player. Defensively Maris shows well above average arm strength for his age, 87 mph from the outfield, arm shows carry. Hands work well defensively, above average outfield actions, fluid footwork, clean exchange. Offensively hits from open setup, uses short stride. Lower half is active, good balance throughout. Swing shows easy effort with bat speed, shows pull tendencies, fluid rhythm. On the mound delivery shows regular effort with moderate rhythm. Arm action is quick, operates from high ¾ arm slot. Fastball sits 80-82 mph, shows slight run, exhibits control. Curveball works on 11/5 plane, shows some control, 66-70. Changeup lacks feel, misses down, 76-77 mph. Also displays cutter, shows more slider action, 71-75 mph.

7. Kyle Schulz, Kenosha Bradford HS, LHP/OF, Class of 2015
Athletic two way player, 5-foot-9, 145-pound left handed thrower, right handed hitter. Athletic defensive actions, excellent crow hop, footwork is fluid, plays through the baseball athletically and aggressively. Traditional outfield arm action, loose and over the top, 83 mph arm strength, shows accuracy and carry. Clean setup offensively, balanced stance, smooth load and short stride. Lower half works, rotational tendencies. Bat path is flat through the zone, some length in bat path, line drive gap to gap approach. On the mound delivery shows plus rhythm, no wasted time on the mound, gets the ball and goes, great tempo. Arm works from a high ¾ arm slot, loose arm action, clean arm. Fastball shows control, occasional running action, 75-76 mph, flashing 77. Curveball shows feel, 11/5 action, curveball shows slight hump, repeats fastball delivery. Changeup also shows feel, sinking action, thrown with command at fastball arm speed.

8. TD Walker, Milwaukee Lutheran HS, OF, Class of 2016
Lanky frame, athletic build, 6-foot, 155-pound outfielder. Defensively shows athletic feet,  excellent crow hop, shows well above average athleticism. Arm action is loose, works from a high ¾ arm slot, 80 mph arm strength from the outfield. High level outfield actions, advanced outfielder for age. Offensively hits from slightly open stance, balanced setup, short stride. Load is choppy, hands work, quick hands to the ball, bat path is short and level, line drive approach, gets some extension. Very projectable outfielder with upside.

9. Joseph Kaszubowski, Whitefish Bay HS, LHP/OF, Class of 2015
Athletic lefty, 5-foot-10, 165-pound left handed two way player. Arm works well on the mound, projectable. Delivery shows moderate effort, smooth rhythm from a tall and fall approach, delivery is clean, mechanically sound and athletic. Arm action is loose, arm shows quickness, ¾ arm slot. Fastball shows command, 80-81 mph, plus command to arm side, fastball shows arm side run, 79-80 from the stretch, repeats well. Changeup is an above average pitch, shows excellent deception, thrown with fastball arm speed, excellent action to arm side, thrown with command as well, excellent feel, 72-74 mph. Curveball lacks consistent action, best when thrown with sweeping action, 66-68 mph, consistent wrist action will improve breaking ball. Overall shows feel for multiple pitches, excellent velocity splits between pitches, shows pitchability. Defensively demonstrates athletic actions, loose arm action, lower arm slot, arm lacks carry, shows tailing action, 84 mph from the outfield. Offensively hits from the left side, balanced setup, uses smooth load and short stride. Repeats swing well, short bat path, line drive pull approach, fluid rhythm. Athletic two way player who will project well at the next level.

10. Will Helbing, Waunakee HS, OF, Class of 2013
Strong  athletic body, wide shoulders, 6-foot-2, 200-pound outfielder. Defensively arm works in a short action from an over the top slot, shows accuracy, 81 mph arm strength. Hesitant attacking the baseball, exchange is slow. Offensively hits from a slightly open stance, hits from the left side, short stride. Some uphill bat path, hits off back side. Pull side approach, shows hard contact, some pop.



Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)


Justin Barney, Westosha Central HS, OF, Class of 2014
5-foot-9, 155-pound outfielder, strong lower half. Offensively hits from the left side, open stance, uses short stride, smooth load straight back. Quiet approach, line drive guy, works the middle of the field well, efficient bat path, drops the barrel to the baseball, flat through the zone. Defensively, throws from an over the top arm slot, exchange is long, crow hop uses excessive footwork. Arm strength is 78 mph from the outfield.

Jordan Farner, Pius XI HS, OF, Class of 2014
Strong, athletic build, 5-foot-11, 180-pounds. Defensively shows effort, fielding position displays stiffness. Arm slot is high ¾, 80 mph arm strength. Offensively hits from balanced setup, uses short stride, bat wrap load. Strong lower half, tendency to lunge. Bat path is level, hands drop at load and stay flat through swing, 85 mph exit velocity.

Dom Hillesheim, Menasha HS, C/OF, Class of 2014
5-foot-10, 175-pound multi-positional player. Shows athletic feet, 4.26 runner home to first. Pop times range 2.32-2.43, long stride coming out of the crouch. Arm action is short and loose behind the plate, 73 mph. In the outfield shows arm strength of 80 mph, aggressive crow hop, over the top arm action, produces some carry. Hits from a slightly closed stance, uses short stride. Flat bat path, aggressive bat, hits off of back side, line drive hitter.

Tanner Hunsucker, Waterford Union HS, OF, Class of 2013
Long limbed frame, wide shoulders, 6-foot-4, 180-pound outfielder. Defensively throws with long arm action, 77 mph arm strength from outfield. Defensively fields on the move with two hands, shows mechanical exchange. Offensively hits from the left side,  wide stance, uses no stride approach, heel lift trigger. Two piece swing, line drive hitter, pull side approach, good balance throughout.

Aaron Jaeck, Case HS, OF/RHP, Class of 2016
Average frame, 5-foot-9, 165-pound two way player. Hits from balanced setup with smooth load and short stride.  Lower half lacks involvement. Balance is solid throughout, level path, swings involves mostly hands, short finish, lacks extension. Defensively arm action shows stiffness, 75 mph across diamond. On the mound delivery shows some effort, arm action works from a high ¾ arm slot. Fastball shows occasional cut spin, 69-71 mph. Slider sits 60-61, loose rotation, 10/4 action with early break.

Ryan Selner, Milwaukee Lutheran HS, RHP/OF, Class of 2016
Prototypical pitchers build, long limbs, athletic frame, sturdy shoulders, 6-foot-4, 180-pound two way player. Projects more on the mound, could be one of the top prospects in his class, high ceiling. Delivery shows minimal effort, rhythm is smooth, good balance throughout, shows athletic finish. Arm action is long and loose, over the top arm slot, quick arm action. Fastball shows life, erratic action, flashes both arm side run and cut action, 81-82 mph, hard late life, thrown for strikes. Curveball projects as a plus pitch, shows 12/6 action, sharp bite, solid depth, thrown with arm speed, thrown for strikes, 71-73 mph, pitch will improve when he stays closed longer. Changeup has minimal action, slight sink, thrown with excellent arm speed, thrown for strikes, thrown with confidence and conviction. Overall projects to be an elite level 2016 prospect. Defensively shows an aggressive crow hop from the outfield, fields the baseball athletically. Arm works long and over the top, 82 mph. Offensively, hits from a balanced setup, tall stance, short stride, hits off front foot, tends to lunge, 82 mph exit velocity from the tee.

Sam Wojs, Cudahy HS, OF, Class of 2016
Wojs is an undersized 5-foot-2, 115-pound left handed outfielder. Defensively showed above average athletic actions in the outfield. Uses excellent crowhop when releasing the baseball, traditional outfield arm action, long loose and high ¾. Footwork is fluid, shows some quickness, plays through the baseball athletically. Hits from the left side, balanced, slightly open stance, uses smooth load and short stride. Swing is easily repeatable, good approach, line drive hitter, uses the whole field, short level path, shows extension. Lacks overall size and strength.

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