Prep Baseball Report

Green Bay Preseason ID: Quick Hits

By: Wisconsin Staff

On Feb. 24, PBR Wisconsin hosted its latest event along the 2024 winter showcase circuit, the annual Green Bay Preseason ID took place at Impact Sports Academy in De Pere, WI. Around 120 players made it out to this event, providing us with updated looks and a new list of prospects to follow in an area of Wisconsin that regularly produces some of the state’s top talent.

Today, we’ll be highlighting the players who stood out in Green Bay within this Quick Hits piece. Stay tuned throughout the week as we continue to break down the in-depth metrics measured at this event, with the help of our tech partners TrackMan, Blast Motion, Swift, and Vizual Edge.



+ Recent Prep Baseball Future Games standout, OF/RHP Trevor Vande Hey (Wrightstown, 2025; Iowa commit) is one of the most “tooled up” prospects in the Midwest and he showed off those tools on Saturday. Starting during athletic testing, Vande Hey recorded the top 60-yard dash of the day at 6.78 where he reached a top run speed of 20.5 mph. He also surpassed the 30” mark on his vertical jump with a 30.5” jump. His loudest tool was on display during his BP round, where he averaged a whopping 100.1 mph exit velocity with his hardest hit coming off at 105.6 mph, and his furthest batted ball traveled 405 ft. His swing metrics were also off the charts too, as he averaged a bat speed of 79.8 mph and a hand speed of 26.4 mph as well. Then during the outfield defense portion of the event, his strong arm that topped at 94 mph on his hardest throw, coupled with his twitchy athleticism allow him to be a sure-fire center fielder in the future, too. For what it is worth, he also reached an 87.1 mph high on the mound too, with feel for a sweeping slider and a changeup with fade. Overall, it was yet another ultra-loud performance from the Iowa commit, something our staff has become quite accustomed to seeing from him, and he enters his junior year as one of the top prospects in the state.

+ INF Jack Kangas (Appleton North, 2025) is a corner infielder with a thick, powerful build. The left-handed hitter works out of a tall set-up with a controlled leg-lift load. The junior has an aggressive footstrike and strong hands that lead to quickness to the ball, generating a 91.7 mph max exit velocity. His bat path has an uphill component to it, working mostly with a middle/pull-side approach that leads to some pop that way. Defensively, Kangas showed rhythm in his feet, working through the ball athletically. The arm has a full arc into a ¾ slot, working up to 82 mph across the diamond with accuracy.

+ Built at a hulking 6-foot-5, 274 pounds, 1B Vance Schroeder (Manitowoc Lincoln, 2025) authored one of the loudest rounds of the day. From a direct and simple swing, Schroeder’s hardest hit ball of the day came off at 106.5 mph all while averaging 98.6 mph throughout his round. His blast metrics were also top of the line, too. He averaged a hand speed of 23.1 mph and a bat speed of 77.1 mph, while maxing out at 80 mph. With as large of a presence that Schroeder is, it is tough to see him profile anywhere other than first base. While on the right side of the infield, he features athletic footwork around the bag with a willingness to smother throws in the dirt.

+ OF Jackson Neilitz (Plymouth, 2025) is a strong, right-handed outfielder with strong tools across the board. He’s an aggressive mover with powerful hands and a controlled lower half to get him into a good hitting position and create leverage. His bat speed generated a 94.8 mph max exit velocity. In the outfield, it’s a one-hand gather into a shuffle step with a strong arm - Neilitz reached 85 mph on his top throw from the outfield. His 6.95 60-yard time ranked in the top five among all performers on Saturday, too.

+ INF Levi Mills (Homeschool, 2025) authored one of the more consistent rounds of the day. Out of an upright, slightly open setup, Mills produced exit velocities upwards of 96 mph, while averaging 91 mph, which speaks to how on the barrel he was. Also, he led all in attendance with an average carry distance of 331 ft. with his furthest ball traveling 363 ft., both of which are well above average metrics.

+ INF Andres Finley (Kingsford, MI, 2025) is a powerful infielder with strong ability to hit. He sets up with a wide, athletic base before moving into a short and easy hitting position. His strong lower half and hands create leverage and bat speed to spray hard-hit line drives to all fields. Finley’s 98.3 max exit velocity was one of the better marks of the day. Defensively, the junior uses a two-hand gather into the midline of his body, working his momentum toward 1B. The arm has a short arc from a high-¾ slot.

+ OF Christian Collins (Notre Dame Academy, 2025) is an athletic outfielder with speed and a level, left-handed swing. At the dish, Collins works from a balanced set-up with a leg-lift load into an aggressive footstrike. His bat stays level through the zone, generating line drives with some loft to the pull side. Collins generated the fourth-highest exit velocity of the day at 99.7 mph. The junior impressed with his speed, running one of the best 60-yard times at 6.97, while showing athleticism in the outfield with aggressive actions and an arm that reached 87 mph from the outfield.

+ C/OF Dimitry Edmunds (Appleton West, 2025) showed tremendous athleticism at the Green Bay event, a catcher who recorded the second-best 60-yard time at 6.92. Offensively, Edmunds has a balanced set-up that leads to a compact swing working directly toward the ball. His hands are strong, helping to generate much of the 98 mph exit velocity he maxed out at. Behind the plate, the junior showed quick feet and soft blocking skills. His throws had carry and accuracy, leading to pop times as low as 2.04 seconds. Edmunds’ athleticism was evident in his outfield defense, showing quality actions while reaching 86 mph on his top throw.

+ INF Trent McLain (Florence, 2025) is a right-handed hitting infielder with high upside at the plate. He begins in a slightly open, upright position, gaining ground with his stride before landing centered. The bat path is flat and quick, allowing McLain to get extension to hit the ball hard consistently to the gaps, especially on the pull side. His top exit velocity was 95 mph. In the infield, the junior moves quick - both in the first step and laterally, working on-line with 1B as he throws. His arm showed some whippiness from its high-¾ slot, reaching 79 mph on his top throw.

+ INF Brady Lokken (Mosinee, 2025) continued his string of quality performances in front of our staff during our annual Green Bay Preseason ID. With the bat, the 6-foot 215 pounder registered a max exit velocity of 99 mph and averaged 92 mph from a strong right-handed swing. On the infield, Lokken featured soft hands and an arm that topped at 83 mph across, profiling as corner infielder at the next level.


+ INF Logan Michaels (Random Lake, 2026) is a sophomore with a strong skillset, especially on the hitting side. Michaels uses a narrow, upright set-up into a simple load before working to a balanced finish. His whippy barrel generates sneaky pop from his 180-pound frame, especially with the ability to elevate the ball to the pullside he displayed in Green Bay. The 2026 grad reached 89 mph on his top exit velocity. On the defensive side, Michaels showed smooth actions playing through the ball with a two-handed gather, working with a short arm path toward 1B.

+ C Brennan Otto (Appleton North, 2026) is a sophomore who showed a strong catcher’s skillset at Saturday’s event. Offensively, Otto works from an open set-up with rhythm as he moves into a hitting position. He generates plus bat speed through the ball with his flat, direct path, resulting in the ball jumping off his bat, especially to the pull side. Otto recorded one of the most impressive rounds of batting practice in the Green Bay showcase, maxing at 93 mph off the bat. Behind the plate, Otto is aggressive and quick with his release, resulting in pop times as low as 2.10 seconds. He admirably smothered dirt balls, quick to get to the ball on them as well as on bunts. His throws were accurate, reaching 70 mph on his best throw down to 2B.

+ OF Adam Morrell (Hortonville, 2026) is a tooled-up, right-handed hitting outfielder who was one of the more all-around players at the Green Bay event. Morrell recorded one of the best 60-yard times to begin the event at 6.95. At the plate, Morrell uses an open set-up, working into a leg tuck to get to his hitting position on-time. The bat path is downhill and direct to the ball, leveraging the ball with authority to all fields. Morrell maxed out at 93 mph off the bat while showing clear feel to hit. The sophomore’s athleticism was evident in the outfield where he showed smooth actions before unleashing throws up to 88 mph. Morrell showed as strong of a package of tools as any sophomore at the event.


+ INF Elijah Yeager (Hortonville, 2027) showed strong feel to hit and sneaky power from his 6-foot, 145-pound frame. The right-handed hitter uses a balanced base with low hands and a simple load into a balanced finish. He has a direct bath path to hit the ball to all fields with ease. Defensively, the Hortonville native showed rhythm in his feet and soft hands, moving athletically toward 1B. He threw 76 mph with carry across the diamond, mostly throwing from a high-¾ arm slot but showing the ability to throw from various slots. Even with the varying angles, Yeager showed accuracy.

+ C Arthur Adams V (Bay Port, 2027) is a 5-foot-10 catcher with skills on both sides of the ball. His set-up begins with an easy move back into a hitting position before leveraging the ball out front to hit the ball hard, topping at 92 mph off the bat. His quick hands allowed him to drive the ball to all fields, resulting in one of the most impressive rounds of batting practice on the day. Behind the plate, Adams has good feet and gains momentum quickly in his throws down to 2B. His throws had carry and accuracy, contributing to pop times as low as 2.29 seconds.



+ One of the rawest yet impressive arms in the state RHP Tavian Ramos (Neenah, 2024; Cornell commit) made it out to ISA on Saturday and put together arguably the loudest ‘pen we have seen on our winter circuit thus far. Standing at a long and athletic 6-foot-2, 180-pounds, Ramos is a methodical mover on the bump, pairing it with a fast and loose arm that produced the day’s top metrics. Ramos ran his fastball up to 94.7 mph, while sitting in the 91-94 mph range throughout. Not only was the sheer velocity of this pitch impressive, but it also played with over 16 inches of vertical break while maxing out at over 22 inches and also spinning at over 2,300 RPMs. As for his offspeed, he was able to spin in a slider and curveball, both of which are advanced metrically. His curveball, which sat in the 70-74 mph range, was spun at nearly 2,800 RPMs and featured hard, late breaking 10/4 shape. His slider was equally impressive as it sat in a similar velocity range, but played with more sweep than the curveball, averaging 20 inches of horizontal break. Rounding out his three-pitch mix was a changeup that has continued to make strides, as it played with some fade and depth while being thrown at arm speed.


+ After a successful 2023 campaign that saw him earn an invite to the Prep Baseball Future Games and a commitment to Baylor, RHP Loren Georger (Appleton West, 2025; Baylor commit) made it back in front of our staff early on into 2024. The 6-foot-1, 192-pound right-hander was impressive on Saturday, working athletically on the mound, and pairing it with a strong arm. Georger’s fastball topped at 89.3 mph, while casually sitting in the upper-80s throughout with above-average carry through the zone. He also featured an impressive curveball in the lower-70s with sharp 11/5 break that he was able to land low in the zone consistently. He also featured a deceptive changeup in the low-80s which he sold well and played with late depth at the plate. Overall, it was yet another impressive look at this Baylor commit as he has continued to trend in the right direction for a handful of years now.

+ RHP/INF Nick Hirsch (Hudson, 2025) is an uncommitted two-way prospect to know in the state. Built at a strong and athletic 5-foot-11, 195 pounds, Hirsch pumped his fastball up to 87.6 mph, while ranging 86-87 mph, from a loose and clean delivery. He also featured two different breaking balls; the first being a gradual breaking 11/5 curveball and a hard thrown slider in the 79-81 mph range. He also threw in a changeup with late fade/depth that he is still fully harnessing feel for the zone with. During his BP round, Hirsch consistently created backspin to all parts of the field, with his hardest batted ball coming off at 97.4 mph and also averaged 89.1 mph. On the infield, he featured clean footwork and soft hands that look viable to stick on the infield in some capacity in the long run. Overall, it was another quality showing from Hirsch, who looks to be one of the top uncommitted prospects left on the state’s current junior board.

+ INF/RHP Brayden Steinbecker (Manitowoc Lincoln, 2025)is another Prep Baseball Future Games participant who was in attendance during Saturday’s event. At the plate, he begins in a strong hitting position, a wide and open set-up. He makes good use of his lower half, using that aggressiveness, strong hands and compact swing to generate hard line drives through the middle of the field - Steinbecker maxed at 94 mph off the bat. His quick first step and soft hands have the makings of a quality infielder, as does his arm which reached 85 mph across the infield. His 7.25 60-yard dash was one of the better times of the day, adding speed to his already well-rounded overall game. On the pitching side, Steinbecker has a quick, repeatable delivery that leads into a short arm path and ¾ arm slot. His fastball reached 84.2 mph with a downhill angle and the ability to hit spots. The 73-74 mph curveball showed 11/5 shape with good break, a pitch he was able to land low in the zone. Steinbecker’s changeup flashed depth at 76 mph, a pitch thrown with fastball intent.

+ RHP Ian Aoki (Ashwaubenon, 2025) is a well-built, talented righty who had a nice showing at the Green Bay event. He worked 85-87, topping at 87.2 mph with the fastball from a downhill angle, showing the ability to hit his spots. His curveball has tight 10/4 break, a pitch he also showed the ability to land in the zone. Aoki sells his changeup, throwing it out of the same tunnel as the fastball. It’s a pitch with depth at 77-79 mph. The Ashwaubenon junior uses a quick sidestep delivery into a high balanced leg lift with a controlled stride and balanced finish. His arm path is short but quick, consistently on-time out of a high-¾ slot.

+ RHP Ben Hites (Greendale, 2025) is righty with a loose arm that impressed during Saturday’s showcase. On the mound, Hites’ overall ease and fluidity of his delivery is impressive, methodically getting to his balance point before athletically working downhill. Out of that delivery, Hites ran his lively fastball that averaged over 14” of vertical break up to 87.7 mph, while strictly 86-87 mph. He also featured a sweeping slider that already seems to be an out-pitch, as it played with sharp and late lateral break, while spinning at a well above average rate (avg. 2,524 RPM). He rounded out his productive three-pitch mix with a changeup that he sold well, and sat in the upper-70s. It seems that Hites has been hard at work this offseason, and he is certainly a very intriguing uncommitted prospect in the state junior class.

+ INF/RHP Ryan Stephen (Sheboygan South, 2025) is a right-handed hitting infielder with feel to hit and power, along with some arm talent. Stephen has a wide base, using his lower half and strong hands well to hit the ball with authority. He consistently worked into a good hitting position, maintaining good feel for the barrel which resulted in one of the better rounds of batting practice of the day. The infielder had a stellar 96 mph max exit velocity. On the pitching side, the right-hander has a methodical delivery, working with a high leg-kick and full arm swing into a high-¾ slot. The Sheboygan native reached 82.7 mph on his fastball, working mostly in the zone from a downhill angle. Stephen showed two breaking balls - a big curveball thrown mostly in the zone with sharp 11/5 break, and a sweeping slider with tight break, both thrown in 67-70 mph range. His changeup sat 75-77 mph with similar shape to his fastball. Stephen has more upside as a position player, but also showed an aptitude to pitch at the Green Bay showcase.

+ INF/RHP Zachary Grossman (Evangel Christian, AL, 2025) is a solidly-built two-way player with feel to hit, power and upside on the mound. The 6-foot, 187-pound Grossman sets up with a narrow, upright stance, leading to an early front foot land to create a strong hitting position. It’s a quick, compact swing with strong hands and feel for the barrel to generate hard-hit line drives all over the field. His 98.7 mph exit velocity was one of Saturday’s best marks. Defensively, it’s a quick first step with quality actions, including an arm up to 81 mph across the diamond. On the bump, Grossman uses a high-tuck lift into a crossfire delivery with a quiet head that helps him stay in the zone. He works at a ¾ slot with a quick arm that allows him to generate velocity - the junior topped at 84.7 mph with good finish from a downhill angle. He uses a low-70s curveball with 10/4 shape out of the same window as the fastball, a pitch he stays on top of consistently to throw low in the zone. The changeup was 77-78 mph out of the same tunnel as the fastball, a pitch thrown with fading action and some depth when down in the zone.

+ RHP Gavin Trevillian (Kingsford, MI, 2025) has an up-tempo delivery that allows him to work quickly down the mound, a dynamic mover. It’s a repeatable delivery with a quick arm and strong finish, generating good velocity despite his short frame. The right-hander worked mostly 83-85, reaching 85.9 mph on the fastball. The fastball has a downhill angle with feel to work in the zone. Likewise, his changeup was around the zone at 72-76 with some depth, a pitch the junior threw with fastball arm speed. The slider is a notch slower at 70-73 mph but with a sharp, 10/4 break. Trevillian has the makings of a strong three-pitch mix.


+ RHP/OF Matthew Hietpas (Appleton North, 2026) is an athletically built 5-foot-10, 173 pounded two-way prospect who continued to impress our staff during Saturday’s event. Starting on the mound, Hietpas utilized a clean and simple delivery, paired with a loose arm to deliver fastballs upwards of 90.4 mph that played with over 16” of carry through the zone, too. Hietpas also showed impressive feel for a curveball with sharp 10/4 tilt that already has the makings of a quality out-pitch. His changeup was delivered out of the same window as his fastball and played with fade/depth to his arm side while sitting in the low-80s. Offensively, Hietpas took a clean and impressive round of BP. From a well sequenced and compact swing, Hietpas consistently hit line drives to all parts of the field, with his hardest one registering in at 92.5 mph and he averaged 85 mph, too. Defensively, his athleticism is really one display, as he is a quick lateral mover on both the infield and outfield, pairing it with plenty of arm strength for both. Hietpas has continued to make big strides to his game over the past couple of years and is certainly a highly talented name-to-know inside of the state’s sophomore class.

+ One of the cleanest all-around performances was brought by RHP/INF Sam Abrahamson (Hudson, 2026). Listed at an athletic 5-foot-11, 181 pounds with some strength throughout, Abrahamson marked a 6.94 60-yard dash time and also reached a max jump height of 32”, which speaks to his innate athleticism. Offensively, he swung a free and easy bat from the right side that produced exit velocities upwards of 100.7 mph while averaging 87.3 mph throughout his round. On the infield, he is a clean and athletic mover that looks to be able to stick on the infield in the long run. Abrahamson’s ‘pen was also one of the day’s most intriguing. Out of a simple delivery, he ran his fastball up to 87.7 mph with rise and run through the zone. His slider played with gradual 11/5 break in the mid-70s, while flashing sharp break occasionally, too. Rounding out his productive three-pitch mix was a changeup that he effectively killed spin on, while sitting in the low-70s and played with fade, roughly 14” on average.

+ OF/RHP Carson Hawley (Bay Port, 2026) is an athletic two-way player with strong tools across the board. Hawley sets up with a wide base and high hands, landing centered on-time with good separation. His quick hands and direct path create good leverage and bat speed out front, resulting in plus power. Defensively, Hawley showed athletic actions and reached 90 mph from the outfield, the third-best mark of the day. His 7.14 60-yard time was among the top 10 performers on Saturday. On the mound, the sophomore has a rhythmic delivery with a medium-high leg tuck, landing slightly crossfire in a repeatable and athletic manner. His arm was on-time and quick, a high-¾ slot that led to good velocity - Hawley topped at 86.4 mph with carry. The curveball has 11/5 break with tremendous late depth, a pitch thrown with firmness at 76-77 mph. The changeup has some depth and fade at 79-80 mph, a pitch thrown with fastball arm speed and good feel.

+ LHP Bergen Aune (Hudson, 2026) is a lanky left-hander with long levers and an athletic delivery. The 6-foot-1, 170-pound sophomore works with a high leg lift and up-tempo windup, landing slightly closed to create a crossfire delivery. Aune is a dynamic mover with a quick arm, working with a medium arm swing before finishing aggressively with a high leg swing finish. The Hudson native showed feel for three pitches. His fastball reached 83.3 mph from a downhill angle, hitting his spots with quality finish on the pitches. The curveball had sharp 2/8 break at 65-67, while the changeup had fading action, a pitch he threw at 72-73 mph but with fastball arm speed. Aune is a lefty with a true three-pitch mix and room to add velocity as he matures.

+ RHP Lennox Peacock (Escanaba, MI, 2026) is a high-upside arm in the class of 2026 who made the trek down from Escanaba for Saturday’s showcase. Peacock showed controlled tempo on the mound, working from a high leg-kick into a drop-and-drive delivery with an engaged lower half. The arm is loose and whippy from a ¾ slot. The sophomore worked in the 83-84 range, topping out at 84.5 mph on the fastball with life through the zone. His curveball had sharp 11/5 break, a pitch he threw in the 69-71 mph range. Both pitches were in and around the zone consistently. Peacock also threw a mid-70s changeup that had heavy running action with some fade.

+ RHP Joseph Shimek (Brillion, 2026) displayed athleticism and projection at Saturday’s event, showcasing an extremely whippy arm. The 5-foot-11, 153-pound right-hander works with a high leg-tuck into a drop-and-drive delivery, maintaining good balance throughout. It’s a medium arm swing into that quick, whippy arm that he works at a low-¾ slot. Shimek worked mostly 82-83 mph on his fastball, reaching 83.9 mph with life and riding action through the zone. The curveball worked 66-69 mph, showing late, sharp 10/4 break. Shimek’s changeup was thrown with fastball intent, a pitch at 70-73 mph that featured running action. Shimek is an arm that should gain velocity as he continues to develop physically.

+ INF/RHP John Zeamer (Waupaca, 2026) is a two-way player with physicality and strength. Zeamer works from an upright set-up with low hands, letting his front foot hang as he reads the pitch. It’s a handsy swing with feel for the barrel, a powerful swing that resulted in exit velocities up to 100 mph. The sophomore’s feet worked well around the ball in the infield, working on-line to 1B on his throws. His arm showed carry across the diamond, reaching 83 mph. Zeamer has good rhythm on the mound, working downhill on-plane with home plate from a medium leg lift into a high leg-swing finish. His quick arm allowed him to generate his velocity, reaching 82.6 mph. His 73-75 mph curveball has sharp 10/4 break with feel to land in and below the zone. The changeup showed depth, a pitch thrown at 74-76 mph with fastball intent.

+ RHP Colin Reddy (Appleton North, 2026) is a strong, athletic right-hander with high upside. The Appleton native sat 83-84 mph with his fastball, reaching 85.1 mph with running action through the zone. His breaking ball is a quick, lateral slider, a pitch at 73-75 mph that he showed an aptitude for throwing in the zone. He sells his changeup well, consistently showing fading action while flashing late depth when thrown down in the zone. Reddy works with a high leg-lift, getting far downhill into a medium leg swing finish. He’s balanced throughout the delivery, staying on-time with the arm that’s quick and works from a ¾ slot.

+ After impressing across a couple of looks throughout the summer, RHP Braylon Brantner (Hortonville, 2026) continued that trend on Saturday. Brantner begins with a medium leg tuck, landing slightly open in a clean, repeatable, athletic delivery. He used a medium arm swing that was consistently on-time. The fastball is a two-seamer up to 85.7 mph with run. Branter’s breaking ball has two-plane movement, an 11/5 curveball at 70-72 mph that he showed the ability to land for strikes. Likewise, his changeup was consistently in and around the zone at 75-76 mph, a pitch with late depth and fade.