Prep Baseball Report

Northern Wisconsin Open: Quick Hits

By: Vinny Rottino & Isaiah Glidden
Wisconsin Staff

On Oct. 21, PBR Wisconsin hosted its last open showcase of 2023: The Northern Wisconsin Open. With this being the first-ever fall showcase in the area, it introduced our staff to new need-to-know players in the state that we’d not yet seen before, as well as provided us with updated looks at players who’ve earned our attention in the past.

Today, we’ll highlight several standouts and performances from Saturday’s showcase in De Pere. You’ll see more content roll out throughout the week, such as our traditional stats story as well as leaderboards taken from TrackMan, Blast Motion, and Swift data, as our partners’ state-of-the-art technologies helped our staff identify even more players to know headed into the offseason and beyond.

For now, let’s take a look at the standouts from Saturday’s event at Impact Sports Academy in De Pere. Each of the prospects below are uncommitted unless stated otherwise.



+ OF Alex Tornio (Fox Valley Lutheran, 2024) is a strong and athletic 6-foot-1, 205-pound outfield propsect to know following Saturday's event in De Pere. To start his day, Tornio registered a 7.03 in the 60-yard dash, showing a quick burst and also reached a top speed of 19.9 mph, respectivley. Offensively, Tornio features a smooth and simple right-handed swing that produced exit velocities up to 93.4 mph, while averaging 85.2 mph throughout his round. Tornio's athleticism was apparent during the outfield defense portion as he worked quick to the ball and delivered accurate throws to the bag, too.

+ INF Oscar Garcia (Taft, IL, 2024) stands a strong and sturdy 5-foot-9, 190-pounds. Garcia showed off his quick and strong hands during the hitting portion of the event, registering the second highest exit velocity of the event at 95.2 mph. He hits with a well sequenced swing working from the ground up and gets himself into a strong hitting position on a consistent basis. Garcia’s propensity for consistently barreling up baseballs suggests that the bat will play at the next level and is certainly someone to monitor heading into the winter.


+ INF Drew Siudzinski (Notre Dame Academy, 2025) is a strong right-handed hitting infield prospect that stands at 5-foot-11, 190-pounds. At the plate, Siudzinski took one of the better rounds of BP of the day, producing loud contact often recording an average exit velocity of 87.9 mph and a 93.9 max. The right-handed hitter creates leverage in his swing consistently driving the ball in the air to the pull-side, recording a max distance of 290 feet and averaging 231 feet. In the field Siudzinski showed clean actions with some bounce to go along with an accurate arm with carry that was up to 78 mph from across the diamond.

+ C/OF Dimitry Edmunds (Appleton West, 2025) was one of the biggest winners of the event on Saturday. Edmunds stands a sturdy, athletic and strong 5-foot-8, 174-pounds. He started off his day with the fourth fastest 60-yard dash time of 6.99, showing off his quick burst and quick turnover once underway. Edmunds then showed off his impressive hand talent with the bat, hitting rockets all over the field and registering the third highest max exit velocity of the event at 95.1 mph. On defense, Edmunds showed off his ability to turn the ball around quickly with the second best pop time of the day at 1.98 seconds. From the outfield, Edmunds has plenty of speed and arm strength to be able to play all three outfield spots. It was another impressive look at Edmunds as he continues to take steps forward and has firmly placed himself on the map for the class of 2025 in the state.

+ C Elery Hardwick (Marquette University, 2025) is 6-foot, 193-pounds backstop to know from the event. Behind the plate Hardwick impressed with a quick pop time of 2.05 seconds using his quick feet and quick hands to turn the ball around quickly to second base. During the hitting portion of the event, Hardwick squared up multiple balls and recorded the fourth highest average exit velocity (86.5 mph) and seventh highest max exit velocity of the event (92.5 mph). He also showed some pop by driving the ball 330 feet which was the fifth furthest hit ball of the event.

+ Built at a strong 6-foot, 190-pounds, CIF Trent Mclain (Florence, 2025) authored the day's loudest round of BP. From a flatter bat path and quick hands, Mclain shot the ball to all parts of the field with authority during his round. Metrically, he led all players in attendance in max exit velocity with 95.4 mph and also average exit velocity with 90.4 mph, which speaks to how on the barrel he was. He also put up some noteworthy Blast metrics, averaging a hand speed of 22.2 mph, and a bat speed of 69.6 mph, too.

+ INF Blake Bugher (Eau Claire Memorial, 2025) is a wiry 6-foot, 142-pound infielder who has more fill and strength coming. Bugher showed off his loose and rhythmic swing from the right side, driving the balls to all fields. On defense, his smooth feet and hands allows him to flow into his low ¾ arm slot and throw accurately to first base. Bugher has established himself as an interesting upside prospect in the state after his performance on Saturday.

+ C Calvin Hurtgen (Watertown, 2025) was one of the biggest surprises of the event on Saturday especially with his performance behind the plate. Hurtgen was throwing seeds behind the plate at an event best 78 mph from the catching position with consistent pop times under 2.00 seconds, with his best coming in at 1.97. His soft hands and ability to handle pitchers when catching bullpens was impressive. He folds well, and is able to handle hard breaking balls in and below the zone. Hurtgen can also handle the bat showing loose and quick hands with a short path spraying line drives to all fields.

+ INF Randall Von Haden (Green Bay Preble, 2025) is a strong and sturdy framed infielder who stands at 6-foot-1, 230 pounds. Von Haden showcased his quick and strong hands to go along with his well-sequenced swing to produce the sixth highest exit velocity of the event at 93.3 mph. During his infield workout, Von Haden also showed clean feet and hands with the ability to make plays consistently.


+ C Brennan Otto (Appleton North, 2026) is strong right-handed-hitting catching prospect in the states 2026 class. At the plate, Otto sets up with a wide base and swings with intent, driving the ball through the middle of the field posting a max exit velocity of 90.9 mph and a max distance of 288 feet. Defensively behind the plate Otto has an accurate arm to the second base bag that was up to 70 mph in this look.



+ LHP Aidan Birling (St Mary Catholic, 2024) is an athletic unsigned senior prospect standing at 6-foot, 168-pounds. On the mound Birling showed the ability to repeat his delivery and throw downhill out of a high ¾ slot. Birling ran his fastball up to 80.4 mph and did not drop below 80 mph throughout the ‘pen. He paired his fastball with a changeup that he throws with intent with fading action, and a 2/8 curveball that has potential to get swings and misses.


+ INF/RHP Nolan Meis (Lakeside Lutheran, 2025) has an athletic 6-foot, 178 pound frame with sloped shoulders and high waist and should add more mass and strength. Meis started off his event by running a 7.29 60 yard dash showing an athletic gait and burst to his strides. During hitting, Meis showed off his ability to consistently barrel up balls through both gaps by recording the third best average exit velocity of the event at 87.2 mph. Meis does an impressive job of using his lower half to create bat speed out front on a consistent basis. On defense, Meis showcased his smooth actions and clean feet to get around the ball and show a quick first step to both sides. He has a strong arm and accurate arm (T84 mph) which should allow him to stick on the left side of the infield. He was equally as impressive on the mound, too. Out of an athletic delivery, Meis ran his fastball that averaged over 15” of run up to 84.6 mph, while sitting in the 82-84 mph range throughout.. As for his offspeeds, Meis featured a low-70s slider that spun at over 2,300 RPM on average and played with nearly 18” of horizontal movement at its max. He rounded out his three-pitch mix with a deceptive changeup in the mid-70s, too.

+ RHP Ethan Oatman (Mosinee, 2025) stands at an imposing and strong 6-foot-3, 205-pounds and threw one of the best ‘pens of the event. Out of an athletic and smooth moving delivery to pair with an easy and low effort arm action Oatman was able to be in the zone consistently with all of his pitches. to run up his fastball to 86.9 mph with above average spin rates 2255 RPM (T2320 RPM) and sat in the mid-80s throughout his ‘pen with 17 inches of run on average while flashing sinking action. Oatman also showed the ability to spin a low-70s slider at an above average rate 2478 avg RPM (T2535 RPM) that averaged 12 inches of sweep T16.7 and flashed sharp break at times. To round off his arsenal Oatman threw a mid-70s changeup with intent that he was able to spot at the bottom of the zone

+ LHP Riker Blahnik (Appleton West, 2025) is an athletic left-hander in the state’s 2025 class with a loose and athletic arm action. Blahnik’s fastball sat in the low-80s throughout his ‘pen, topping out at 83.5 mph. His fastball played with occasional cutting and sinking action and flashed the ability to work around the zone. Blahnik also showed the ability to throw a low-80s sinker that he was able to consistently throw for strikes with slight sinking action. Blahnik threw two offspeed pitches that project to be potential weapons; a heavy fading changeup that averaged 15.1” of run and a sweeping slider that played with 16” of sweep on average.

+ RHP Isaac Crosby (Shell Lake, 2025) is a long levered 6-foot-2, 175-pound right-hander that popped at Saturday’s event. Crosby is a dynamic mover on the mound with a quick arm, running his fastball up to 86.4 mph while sitting in the mid-80s throughout his ‘pen. His fastball plays with above average spin at 2,276 RPM and carry at 17.6” of IVB and was able to locate it in the zone. Crosby would also show the ability to land his low-70s curveball in the zone with short and quick breaking action. To round off his arsenal, he threw a changeup with intent with similar shape to the fastball. Crosby established himself as a follow prospect in the Badger State after his performance at the event.

+ RHP Gavin Brady (Bay Port, 2025) stands at 5-foot-10, 165-pounds and authored one of the more intriguing ‘pens from the event. Brady possesses notable arm speed and whip out of a ¾ slot allowing the baseball to explode out of the hand. Brady ran his fastball up to 80.7 mph while sitting in the upper-70s throughout his ‘pen and being consistently in the zone. He also threw a sinker in the upper-70s that he was able to locate at the bottom of the zone and played with slight sinking and running action. His two offspeed pitches, a changeup and a curveball were both located in the zone with his changeup flashing heavy fading action, and his curveball playing with gradual 11/5 break.


+ RHP Logan Haupt (Manitowoc Lutheran, 2026) is an athletic sophomore right-handed pitching prospect in the Badger State with upside. On the mound Haupt showed feel for four different pitches out of a low ¾ slot. Haupt ran his fastball up to 74.7 mph that played with occasional cut, while sitting in the low-70s throughout his ‘pen. Haupt went to his sinker that sat in the low-70s that played with sink and running action, averaging 17.2” of run on the pitch. He also showed feel to spin two above-average breaking balls with different shapes, a slider that averaged 2,405 RPM that played with tight lateral movement and a 11/5 curveball that averaged 2,435 RPM.

+ LHP/OF Jacob Coopman (Menasha, 2026) is an athletic left/left outfield and pitching prospect that showed well on both sides of the ball from Saturday’s event. Standing at 6-foot, 162-pounds Coopman started the day by running one of the top laser-timed 60s of the event, recording a 7.06 which is a well above average time for his age. At the plate, Coopman was able to consistently make hard contact to the middle of the field, recording a max exit velocity of 88.7 mph throughout his round. Defensively from the outfield, Coopman’s arm showed out the most with advanced velocity for his age at 85 mph that played with carry and showed the ability to make accurate throws to the plate. Coopman’s arm strength translated to the mound as the left-hander put together one of the better ‘pens of the day. His fastball sat in the low-80s throughout, topping at 82.3 MPH and was able to locate it around the zone. He threw a low-70s slider that flashed tight sweeping movement, and a 2/6 curveball with tight downer movement. To round off his arsenal Coopman threw a changeup in the 69-71 mph range for strikes, too.


+ RHP/INF Henry Koopmeiners (Waukesha North, 2027) is an imposing 6-foot-4, 195-pound two-way prospect in the state’s 2027 class. At the plate, Koopmeiners sets up wide and takes a short/compact path to the baseball with easy bat speed and feel for the barrel. The right-handed hitter recorded an 85.8 mph average exit velocity with a max of 90.9 mph. His Blast metrics were also impressive, recording an average bat speed of 69.1 mph topping out at 77.6 mph. Defensively at first base, Koopmeiners has feel for the bag and plays with soft feet that pairs with an accurate arm across the diamond up to 77 mph. On the mound Koopmeiners impressed with his ability to repeat his delivery and arm action. His three-pitch arsenal features a running fastball that sat in the 78-80 mph range and topped 80.8 mph. He also showed feel for a tight breaking slider that he was able to consistently throw to his glove side and a low-70s changeup that he was able to throw for strikes, too.