Prep Baseball Report

West Milwaukee Preseason ID: Quick Hits

By: Wisconsin Staff

On Feb. 17, PBR Wisconsin hosted its latest event along the 2023 winter showcase circuit, the annual West Milwaukee Preseason ID at GRB STiKS Academy in Waukesha, Wis. Around 120 players made it out to this event, providing us with updated looks and a new list of prospects to follow in an area of Wisconsin that regularly produces some of the state’s top talent.

Today, we’ll be highlighting the players who stood out in Waukesha within this Quick Hits piece. Stay tuned throughout the week as we continue to break down the in-depth metrics measured at this event, with the help of our tech partners TrackMan, Blast Motion, Swift, and Vizual Edge.



+ INF Dean Staudacher (Muskego, 2025) was one of the biggest winners of the day. His 5-foot-11, 182 pound frame is athletic with good proportions and has more room to add more size and strength. Staudacher showed impressive hitability with a loose and rhythmic swing that allows him to hit line drives to all fields. Staudacher’s defensive portion of the event at shortstop was one of the more impressive performances we’ve seen at a Wisconsin event thus far. He has clean footwork working through the baseball with rhythm and quickness. The arm strength on the junior has taken considerable steps forward as he was consistently in the mid 90s across the infield with carry and had the top infield velocity of the event at 97 mph. He has clearly taken huge steps with his development and is certainly an uncommitted name-to-know in the Badger State.

+ INF Logan Zaverl (Germantown, 2025) is an athletic 6-foot-1, 194-pound athlete with a considerable amount of size and strength left to an already sturdy frame. His strength was on display during the hitting portion of the event when he was hitting rockets all over the field and recorded the fifth highest exit velocity of the event at 97.4 mph and the third highest average exit velocity of 93.9 mph. His simple handsy swing with a short path is repeatable with quality balance and minimal head movement. In the infield, Zaverl unleashed a cannon from the left side of the infield flashing legitimate arm strength at 92 mph. Zaverl has plenty of arm to stick on the left side of the infield.

+ OF Nathan Schopf (Oak Creek, 2025) continues to impress our group with his skills and tools. The 6-foot-1, 197 pound junior had a monster day at the plate. His quick and strong hands delivered top end bat speed and top end exit velocities. His 97.6 mph max exit velocity was tied for third best at the event. Schopf shows plenty of athleticism to be in impactful outfielder and a strong arm 89 mph that shows solid carry. Schopf, yet again, impressed the Prep Baseball Wisconsin staff on Saturday and further established himself as one of the top outfield talents in the state for the class of 2025.

+ OF Yamato Takahashi (Arrowhead, 2025) is a prospect that continues to perform well in front of our staff. The junior started his day by running a solid 60-yard dash of 7.18 seconds showing quick burst and quick to get to his top speed. With the bat, Takahashi has a balanced swing with minimal head movement to deliver the barrel consistently to and through the baseball and registered his max exit velocity at 90.4 mph and drove a ball 325 feet showing quality gap-to-gap line drive power. His 85 mph velocity from the outfield with carry and accuracy is enough arm strength to cover all three spots. It was another consistent and overall impressive day from Takahashi.

+ C Marek Bolson (Oconomowoc, 2025) is one of the handful of recent Prep Baseball Future Games standouts that put together strong showings on Saturday. Bolson has that loose, easy, rhythmic swing through the baseball that allows him to consistently barrel balls all over the field from the left side of the plate. One of the biggest takeaways from his performance was the pop he has added to his left-handed bat, as his hardest hit ball came off at 95.5 mph and he averaged 90.9 mph, both of which were vast improvements since our previous looks. On defense, Bolson is a smooth receiver and has a quick transfer on throws to second base. The 2.00 pop time is quick and accurate to second base. The Kent State commit has a projectable frame and we can see more ceiling in the future as he continues to develop.

+ C PJ Hamel (Arrowhead, 2025) was measured at an imposing and athletic 6-foot-3, 193 pounds with plenty of room to add size and strength to his well-proportioned frame. He started his day with a 7.28 60-yard dash, a solid time for a backstop, showing burst and an athletic gait. At the plate, Hamel was hitting rockets to all fields and his hardest hit ball of the day came off at 95.5 mph. He hits with a controlled move to the hitting position which allows him to use his long levers to drive the ball consistently. It was another solid look behind the plate from Hamel as he was able to turn the ball around quickly to second base and put the ball on target at 2.00 seconds from home to second base and recorded an event best 82 mph velocity behind the plate.

+ INF Luke Schlosser (Oconomowoc, 2025) is a wiry, left-handed hitting middle infielder with as strong of a feel to hit as almost any player in Saturday’s event. Schlosser utilizes a narrow set-up with low hands to get into a strong hitting position on-time. His relaxed hands work into an uphill path, creating elevation to the pull-side and up-the-middle. His 7.23 60-yard time and 91.9 mph exit velocity showed solid tools across the board. Defensively, Schlosser has clean feet with soft hands and aggressive actions through the ball. It’s a loose arm that plays from multiple slots, reaching 90 mph across the diamond. His quality actions and strong arm should enable the Oconomowoc native to stick at shortstop long-term.

+ INF Andrew Carlson (Neenah, 2025) continues to prove how impactful and loud his right handed bat can be after his showing on Saturday. He hits with strong hands and a flat path through the baseball and stays inside the ball consistently, producing a max exit velocity of 95.7 mph. Additionally, he showed quality and rhythmic actions in the infield, playing through the ball and showed off an accurate arm at 83 mph.

+ INF Preston Manthei (Lake Country Lutheran, 2025) is a well-built infielder with feel to hit and power. He sets up with high hands and a short leg lift, getting separation with rhythm in the swing. The right-handed hitter’s quick hands and uphill path led to a balanced finish, resulting in a bevy of hard-hit balls (93.6 mph max). Defensively, the Lake Country Lutheran junior showed quickness with the feet with momentum through the ball. It’s a two-hand gather with soft hands that will play in the infield. The arm has strength and carry, reaching 83 mph across the diamond. He throws from an over-the-top slot with a compact arm action.

+ C Marek Wawrzyniakowski (Catholic Memorial, 2025) is an athletic catcher with strength and room to mature physically. At the plate it’s a controlled gather into the back side, landing on-time toward the pitcher in a controlled manner. Wawrzyniakowski creates good separation and uses his quick, strong hands to hit the ball hard in the air to the middle of the field. The Catholic Memorial junior showed clean actions defensively - a quality receiver with soft hands who also showed the ability to smother balls in the dirt. He has a quick transfer with a repeatable, accurate arm that allowed him to run pop times down to 1.97 seconds.


+ OF Matthew O’Grady (Badger, 2026) was one of the biggest winners of the day. The standout two-sport athlete put his baseball talents on display on Saturday, and the effort was notable. The sophomore stands at an athletic and well-proportioned 5-foot-11, 178 pounds and started his day with a 7.13 60 yard dash showing an extremely athletic gait with burst. He then showed off that burst with a 31 inch vertical jump which was amongst the day’s best. O’Grady’s hitting talents continue to impress our staff. O’Grady has a simple approach with an easy rhythm and despite his no-stride and balanced approach, his 96.0 mph max exit velocity and his 89.9 mph average exit velocity were some of the event’s best. In the outfield, O’Grady fields through the ball aggressively and showed off impressive arm strength at 88 mph. O’Grady showed exactly why is a top-10 talent in the state for the class of 2026.

+ 1B Miken Haddon (Catholic Memorial, 2026) can really swing it from the left side using strong hands and a quick and compact bat path to deliver the barrel. Using a quiet hand trigger, Haddon barrelled up balls driving them through both gaps and recorded a max exit velocity of 97.1 mph. What was most impressive about his hitting performance was his event-best 96.4 mph average exit velocity which proves the sophomore’s ability to consistently control the barrel through the baseball. Additionally, Haddon shows quality feel around the first base bag with impressive foot work and proved he can turn the 3-6-3 double play.

+ OF Logan Vande Zande (Menomonee Falls, 2026) is a projectable outfielder with the ability to hit for contact and power. The right-handed hitter works from an open set-up with a leg lift, landing on-time consistently throughout his round of batting practice. It’s a whippy barrel and flat bat path that leads to good extension out front, enabling the sophomore to consistently hit hard line drives - his 97 mph exit velocity ranked among the best of the West Milwaukee event. Defensively, Vande Zande showed a clean one-hand gather with a shuffle step through home. His short, quick arm action had some cross-fire action, allowing him to throw 81 mph from the outfield. The 6-foot-4 sophomore has long levers and good proportions, showing athleticism on Saturday’s event. Vande Zande has the makings of a talented outfielder, especially as he continues to add strength to his lanky frame.


+ C Ethan Miller (Slinger, 2027) was a big winner on Saturday with the bat and with the glove. Miller is an athletic backstop who measured at an athletic and projectable 5-foot-9, 186 pounds. With the bat, Miller tied for the second best max exit velocity among the 2027 participants at 90.3 mph and his 86.6 mph average exit velocity speaks to how on the ball he was throughout his round. Miller has a legitimate feel for the barrel and sprays line drives all over the field. Behind the plate, Miller really impressed our staff with his ability to handle some of the top arms in the state during bullpen work by showcasing his ability to receive balls in the pocket with his soft hands and keep the ball in the zone. Miller’s quickest throw down to second registered at 2.00, a notable number, especially for someone his age. With as many talented catchers that the state’s current freshman class possesses, Miller seems to be in the mix after this impressive performance on Saturday.

+ OF Chace Staude (Kettle Moraine, 2027) had an impressive performance with the bat and the glove and showed us exactly why he was a Junior Future Games participant for Team Wisconsin last summer. Staude displayed a loose and highly repeatable swing from the left side and drove the ball continuously to both gaps. Staude showed impressive balance and use of his lower half to consistently deliver the barrel to the baseball. The freshman has a wiry and projectable frame and should be able to add more size and strength to his frame and tap into more power. Despite that, he still reached a max exit velocity of 87.8 mph and drove a ball 326 ft. During outfield defense, Staude’s hardest throw came in at 88 mph, an advanced number for someone his age, showing off a good deal of arm strength with legitimate carry on his throws. Our staff was excited about what they saw from the young outfielder overall and are looking forward to seeing how he develops.

+ INF Damen Lonstine (Cedarburg, 2027) is a toolsy and highly skilled athlete with a middle of the diamond profile. His athleticism was on display on Saturday by starting off with the best 60 yard dash time and the best vertical jump height among the 2027s of 7.00 seconds and 29.40 inches, respectively. Lonstine also showcased what he can do with the bat. He hit with a no stride approach using his loose and handsy swing showing an advanced approach and legitimate feel for the barrel. The freshman also showed off what he can do in the infield with smooth feet, soft hands and a rangy first step laterally.

+ INF Decker Kleppin (Random Lake, 2027) performed very well with the bat on Saturday. Kleppin has a compact swing and quick hands that showcased his hitability in a big way. Kleppin starts with an unorthodox set up, but gets himself into a very strong and athletic hitting position consistently on time and uses his quick hands to drive the ball to both gaps. Metrically, he registered a max exit velocity of 89.9 mph and averaged 86.8 mph, both of which are well-above average numbers for someone his age.

+ OF/C Tyler Smeiska (Mukwonago, 2027) displayed the ability to barrel balls to all fields with a short compact and loose swing. He registered a max exit velocity at 88.5 mph and his average exit velocity was 85.9 mph. The freshman also showed soft hands behind the plate receiving pitches during bullpen work and showed quality work during outfield defense, fielding aggressively through the baseball and showing carry on his 81 mph throws.


INF Daniel Kibler (New Berlin West, 2025), OF Jack Sagedal (Burlington, 2025), OF Brock Goral (Waukesha West, 2025), INF Seth Myers (Edgewood, 2025), INF Sam Scaffido (Kettle Moraine, 2026), INF Jayden Reynaldo (South Milwaukee, 2026), INF/OF Nathan Hinek (New Berlin West, 2026), INF Hudson Burg (Fond du Lac, 2026), C Deiter Pommer (West Bend West, 2026), C Jake Dummer (Burlington, 2026), C Chase Schimpf (Kettle Moraine, 2026), OF Nolan Schmidbauer (Waukesha West, 2026), OF Colton Topp (Arrowhead, 2027),



+ RHP Peter Kussow (Arrowhead, 2025) was one of the premier arms at the event, touching a showcase-high 92.7 mph with his fastball. It’s a lively arm with a loose, long arm action into a ¾ slot. The Louisville commit uses a high leg lift and drop-and-drive delivery to generate his impressive velocity, showing clear athleticism working downhill. The 6-foot-5 Kussow sat 91-92 mph with life and arm-side run while working in the zone. His curveball has sharp 11/5 action with well above average spin (2,600+ RPM avg.) and the ability to locate, a true out pitch at 80-82 mph. The changeup came out of a slightly lower arm slot but had quality fade and depth. Kussow is undoubtedly one of the top arms in the state and continued to prove as an exciting arm inside of Wisconsin’s junior class.

+ LHP Ryan Brennecke (Oconomowoc, 2025) was a standout at the event, the lone lefty to reach the 90 mph mark on Saturday. The South Carolina commit worked 89-91 with the fastball with life and run through the zone. His breaking ball showed a 1/7 shape with late depth and the ability to land for a strike. Brennecke’s repertoire also featured a low/mid-80s changeup with fade and depth, thrown at the same arm speed with the ability to land for strikes. Brennecke has a methodical delivery for the lefty, with a balanced leg lift and athletic movement downhill. It’s a quick arm with a full arm circle to a high-¾ slot to generate velocity. Brennecke enters 2024 as a must-watch arm, one of the premier lefties in the state.

+ Recent Prep Baseball Future Games standout, RHP/SS Eli Bryant (Beaver Dam, 2025; Kent State commit) put together yet another impressive two-way performance during Saturday’s showcase. On the mound, Bryant is an easy and athletic mover, pairing it with a quick arm that produced fastball highs of 89.8 mph, while sitting in the 88-89 mph range throughout. His sharp 11/5 breaking ball in the mid-70s possessed out-pitch potential as he showed feel to spot it up on the bottom part of the zone, and also throw below for swing-and-miss. Rounding out his three-pitch repertoire is a deceptive changeup that is thrown at arm speed and features late fade/depth. Offensively, Bryant uses a narrow set-up at the plate, landing centered with a quiet hand trigger to generate power. His hands work low into a flat path, allowing his strong hands and powerful lower half to generate the third-best exit velocity of the event at 98 mph. Defensively, he showed quality feet and soft hands, with bounce and quickness in his first step. Rounding out his game, Bryant’s speed was on display in his 7.10 60-yard time, among Saturday’s best.

+ LHP/1B Mason Sommer (West Bend West, 2025) is a high-upside left hander who possesses one of the higher ceilings in the state. The 6-foot-5, 168-pound lefty has long levers with a lean and wiry build that seems capable of handling more strength. It’s an up-tempo delivery with a high leg-lift and athletic movement downhill, leading to a full arm action into a ¾ slot. Sommer sat in the mid-80s and topped at 85.7 mph on his fastball, showing a 4-seamer with life and a sinker with arm-side run. His upper-60s curveball has depth with some sweeping action, while his changeup sinks to the arm-side at 75-77 mph. Offensively, Sommer uses a rhythmic toe-tap, creating good separation to generate power. It’s a slightly uphill path that leads to balls hit in the air through the middle of the field. The West Bend native also showed good footwork around the bag at first base. The size and athleticism is there for Sommer, as he is certainly an intriguing uncommitted prospect inside of the Badger State.

+ 1B/RHP William Grellinger (Marquette, 2025) is a 6-foot-2 two-way player with athleticism and projection. Offensively it’s an easy swing, with a slight back shoulder drop into an uphill path. Grellinger used the path to elevate the ball to the middle of the field, creating extension out front to hit the ball hard. He showed quality actions with clean hands at first base, showing the ability to turn the 3-6-3 double play due in part to his athletic feet around the bag. The arm is athletic and accurate. On the bump, he put together one of the cleanest ‘pens, while sitting in the low-80s with his fastball that averaged nearly 15” of vertical break and a spin rate of over 2,200 RPMs. As for his offspeeds, Grellinger featured a breaking ball with sharp 11/5 tilt and a fading changeup in the mid-70s.

+ LHP Andrew Ishag (Kettle Moraine, 2025) is a well-built 6-foot-2 arm who was amongst the top southpaws of the event. Working exclusively out of the stretch, the junior sat 83-85 mph with the fastball, while topping at 86 mph from a clean release and backspin through the zone. Ishag showed two secondaries - a curveball with sharp, late break at 72-73 mph and a changeup that played well off his fastball in the mid-70s. The lefty has a quick leg-lift that leads to a drop-and-drive delivery. It’s a quick, loose arm with full action that should enable him to continue to add velocity as he matures.

+ 1B/RHP Rocco Conrad (New Berlin West, 2025) is a physical and sturdy 6-foot-4, 246 pounds prospect with impressive strength that burst onto the Prep Baseball scene last summer. That strength was on display on saturday during the hitting portion of the event when he was hitting hard line drives throughout his round and registered the second best exit velocity of 98.7 mph. The junior also impressed defensively at first base showing quality feel around the bag and showed off impressive arm strength at 91 mph which was an event best from the first base position. On the mound, Conrad ran his fastball up to 90.6 mph from an intentful and powerful delivery. While both his splitter and breaking ball are still developing, his splitter flashed late bite during his ‘pen.

+ RHP Sean Beug-Hoffman (Brookfield Central, 2025) is an athletic 6-foot-4 righty who showcased a four-pitch mix at Saturday’s event. Beug-Hoffman is an easy mover downhill with a short leg lift to a balanced finish. His arm action is full with whip at the end, a quick-moving arm from a ¾ slot. During his ‘pen, he was 84-86 mph (86.2 mph max) with life on the fastball. His pitch mix includes two breaking balls with similar 11/5 shape but at varying speeds. His curveball was 72-74 mph with bigger break and an ability to land for strikes, while the slider showed tighter action with depth while being a couple mph harder. His changeup showed fade to the arm side at 78-80 mph.

+ RHP Liam St. Denis (Wauwatosa East, 2025) is a well-built righty with strength and the ability to move well on the mound. His delivery features a balanced leg lift and a simple tall-and-fall drive to the plate. His ¾ slot and quick arm enabled him to get to his velocity, as the right-hander sat 85-86 mph on the fastball. St. Denis showcased the ability to land his breaking ball for a strike, a low-70s curveball with 11/5 action. He also had feel for a changeup, showing fading action at 75-77 mph.

+ SS/RHP Charlie Slawinski (Brookfield East, 2025) showed an impressive skill set on both sides of the ball, with upside at both shortstop and on the mound. At the plate he showed rhythm with his hands, a flat bat path with line drives up-the-middle and to the pull side. His 97.2 mph max exit velocity was among Saturday’s best. Defensively, he showed the ability to stick at shortstop with quality actions and feet, lateral quickness with body control and soft hands. It’s a loose athletic arm up to 89 mph across the diamond, with the ability to throw on the move with accuracy. On the mound, Slawinski used an uptempo delivery and a short arm path on the mound, with athletic, downhill movement. The fastball sat strictly 86-87 mph with life out of the hand and to the arm-side run. His curveball showed sharp 11/5 break, complimenting his fastball well. The junior also flashed a developing changeup at 79-81 mph.

+ RHP Owen Dobberstein (Pewaukee, 2025) is a 6-foot-2, 185-pound righty with projection in his frame. The Pewaukee native used a quick side-step delivery and high leg-lift into a tall-and-fall delivery. His athletic movement downhill and compact arm action helped generate the velocity on his fastball, which sat 82-84, reaching 84.6 mph with life. Dobberstein showed two breakers - a curveball with tight 11/5 action and feel to land, a pitch he threw at a firm 73-74 mph, and a slider with shorter break but similar action at 74-75. His changeup had fade with some depth, a pitch he threw consistently in the zone at 79 mph. As for offspeeds, he spun in a mid-to-upper-70s slider with quick downer break that he was able to spot up low in the zone. His changeup was also a quality offering, as it plays with fading action while being thrown at arm speed.


+ RHP/SS Ben Kuglitsch (Muskego, 2026) cemented his status as one of the top players in his class on Saturday, with one of the top showings of the day. Starting on the mound, Kuglitsch is a clean and athletic mover downhill, pairing it with a loose arm that produced some of the event's top fastball velocities. During his ‘pen lit it up as he ran his lively fastball up to 91.3 mph and also featured over 16” of induced vertical break. As for offspeeds, he spun in a mid-to-upper-70s slider with quick downer break that he was able to spot up low in the zone. His changeup was also a quality offering, as it plays with fading action while being thrown at arm speed. Kuglitsch also put together one of the top overall days as a position player, too - his 6.92 60-yard dash was the best of the event. Offensively, he has loose hands with a flat bat path and extension through the ball, controlling his body and his levers well to hit the ball hard and elevate. Defensively he has a quick first step and soft hands with the ability to stick on the left-side of the infield at the next-level, with an arm that reached 90 mph across the diamond. This was just the most recent standout performance that Kuglitsch has put together in front of our staff during his short prep career, and it probably won't be his last.

+ Arguably the top ‘pen of the day was brought by the long-levered southpaw LHP Colton Semmelmann (Brookfield Central, 2026). At a lean 6-foot, 176 pounds, Semmelman is a athletic and clean mover downhill, pairing with an ultra-loose arm that brought some lively offerings. His fastball, which sat in the upper-80s and reached 88.6 mph, is a lively pitch in its own right; playing with life out of the hand and through the zone while averaging over 14” of vertical break. Off of his fastball, Semmelman spun in a swing-and-miss breaking ball with sharp 1/7 action and late depth. Rounding out his three-pitch mix was a fading changeup thrown at arm speed and out of the same window as his fastball. Our staff has long been intrigued with Semmelman’s upside on the bump for some time now. After his ‘pen on Saturday it is apparent that he is starting to tap into that upside and it is safe to say he is just starting to scratch the surface of what his ceiling could ultimately be.

+ 3B/RHP Trey Kerkhoff (Burlington, 2026) is an athletic and strong two-way with room to add. The sophomore showed quick, strong hands at the dish with a barrel that stays on plane through the zone. It’s a narrow set-up with a short stride toward center and a quiet trigger. The 3B showed a real feel to hit, as his hardest ball came off at 95.5 mph and he averaged 91.2 mph, both of which were some of the day’s top metrics. Defensively, he showed quick and athletic footwork with a clean transfer. His arm was loose and athletic at 84 mph across the diamond. His 6.97 60-yard time was one of the better marks of the day, too. On the mound, Kerkhoff used a quick sidestep delivery with efficient movement. His fastball sat in the low-80s with life through the zone, filling the strike zone. His 71-73 mph curveball showed sharp 11/5 tilt, with quality feel for the pitch. Kerkhoff threw a changeup with intent at 75-77 mph with sinking action.

+ RHP/3B Tyson Grulkowski (Muskego, 2026) is a 6-foot-5 two-way player with upside on both sides of the ball. On the mound, despite his lanky levers, he is an ultra-clean mover, pairing it with a loose and quick arm. His fastball was up to 86.4 mph with carry and run, showing natural feel to go in and out with it. His hard slider had sharp 11/5 tilt with tight break through the zone, at 77-78 mph and also nearly 2,700 RPMs on average. He rounded out his repertoire with a deceptive changeup in the low-80s that featured big running action, roughly 18” on average, and depth. Offensively, Grulkowski put on a show during his BP round, as he led all in attendance with a 100.8 mph max exit velocity, while also averaging 95.1 mph. Grulkowski showed quick movements with the bat with strong hands and an uphill, pull-heavy approach. It’s a whippy barrel through the zone with a narrow set-up and quiet, early toe-tap. Defensively he showed a quick first step with athletic arm action. His 87 mph throw across the diamond was among Saturday’s leaders, too.

+ RHP Cail Geiger (Menomonee Falls, 2026) was one of the more impressive arms at Saturday’s showcase. The Menomonee Falls native works exclusively from the stretch, working downhill in an athletic manner with a slightly closed stride. The arm is quick and loose with whip out front. The righty was one of just two arms in his class to hit 90 mph, sitting 88-89 mph with huge arm-side run. His sharp mid/upper-70s breaking ball complimented his fastball well with depth, a true swing-and-miss pitch. Geiger also showed a changeup at 80-81 mph with heavy fade at the bottom of the zone. Geiger is another sophomore prospect who has made some big gains over the offseason, and he is certainly a prospect to know inside of the state’s sophomore class.

+ LHP Tanner Buhlmann (Arrowhead, 2026) is an athletic lefty with upside and room to grow. He used a sidestep into a high leg lift with a drop-and-drive, downhill delivery, an athletic and simple motion. Buhlmann sat 81-82 mph with late life on his fastball, showing the ability to hit both sides of the plate. His slider was 71-72 with quality sweeping action across the zone. A changeup at 75 mph complimented his fastball well, showing quality depth. The sophomore is a high-upside arm due for continued development.


+ Recent Junior Future Games participant, 3B/RHP Danny Flor (Oconomowoc, 2027) is an athletic two-way who put together a solid performance on both sides of the ball on Saturday. He flashed quick, athletic hands with a flat bat path into a controlled finish, hitting mostly on the barrel up-the-middle and to the pull side. His 90.5 mph top exit velocity was the highest in his respective class. In the infield, Flor stayed low with bounce and quickness on the first step. His above-average range and clean, soft hands should allow him to defend well in the infield in the long run. On the pitching side, Flor uses a balanced delivery with good tempo into a high 3/4 arm slot. His clean, quick arm action with high intent through the finish created life on his fastball, a pitch that reached 80.6 mph. His curveball is a swing-and-miss breaking ball, a pitch with sharp 11/5 tilt and continuous break throughout. The changeup has 4-seam spin with deception, a pitch with sink at 74-75 mph. Flor is a talented freshman who put his potential on display at the West Milwaukee event.

+ OF/RHP Samuel Jandrisevits (New Berlin West, 2027) was part of a strong crop from New Berlin West, possessing as high a ceiling as any. The freshman is high-waisted with long levers, showing clear room to add size on his wiry frame. His hitting was loose and rhythmic, with control and balance through the swing. On the mound, Jandrisevits showed the same athleticism and balance through his delivery, with a clean arm action and loose finish. He sat 75-78 mph with life from a clean delivery. His curveball sat 67-69 mph with sharp, 11/5 tilt and depth. The New Berlin native showed a changeup, thrown with confidence and control.

+ OF/LHP Mason Horn (Muskego, 2027) is a freshman two-way with room to add to his projectable frame. Horn showed an innate feel to barrel up the ball on Saturday, using a slightly open stance into a crouch to move into a hitting position. His loose hands and flat bat path enabled him to hit line drives to the whole field, especially working the opposite field gap with authority. The Muskego native showed athletic actions in the outfield with an accurate arm which reached 84 mph, the second-best among all freshman outfielders. On the mound it’s a quick, athletic delivery with a high leg-lift into a controlled finish. His clean, quick arm action allows the ball to jump out of his hand at a ¾ slot. Horn reached 78.7 mph with the fastball, a pitch that also showed arm-side run. The lefty’s curveball showed the makings of a future weapon, a breaker at 66-67 mph with quick sweep across the zone and quality spin - a pitch that should get sharper as he matures. His changeup worked out of the same tunnel as his fastball, thrown with the same intent and arm slot as the heater.

+ INF/RHP Ryan Rose (West Bend West, 2027) is an athletic two-way with athleticism and projection. The 6-foot, 174-pound Rose began the event by running a 7.16 60-yard dash, the third-best time among all freshmen at the showcase. Offensively, it’s an open set-up with a quiet swing that allowed him to be on-time consistently. His hands worked directly to the ball with a flat bat path, using the whole field to spray line drives, maxing at 86.3 mph off the bat. Rose showed a quick first step and soft hands defensively, throwing 80 mph across the diamond, which also was the third-best in his class. On the mound it’s a ton of movement with the fastball, which reached 80.4 mph with 22” of horizontal break. His big curveball has 12/6 break, sitting at 63 mph, but his better offspeed may be his 69-70 mph changeup, which showed quality fading action.

+ LHP Alex Hansen (Arrowhead, 2027) is a freshman lefty who showed considerable upside on Saturday. Standing at 6-foot-1, 184 pounds, Hansen sat 77-79, reaching 79.9 on his fastball with early life and arm-side run through the zone. His curveball has sweeping action at 68 mph, a pitch with 1/7 break. His changeup, thrown from a slightly lower slot, had a quality velocity separation from the fastball, showing fading action in the process. The Arrowhead freshman uses a quick delivery with a pause at the top and easy movement downhill. It’s a continuous arm path to a high 3/4 slot that shows clear athleticism.


RHP Jaiden Delaney (Oconomowoc, 2025), LHP Owen Klosinski (Lakes Community, IL, 2025), RHP/INF Jack Stuck (Nicolet, 2025), RHP/INF Graiden Liethen (Arrowhead, 2025), OF/RHP Nicholas Frangopoulos (Arrowhead, 2026), OF/RHP Brady Ploch (Oconomowoc, 2026), OF/RHP Alex Armiger (Arrowhead, 2026), OF/LHP TJ Allemand (Wayland Academy, 2026), OF/RHP Collin Harrington (New Berlin Eisenhower, 2026), INF/RHP Sam Wells (Brookfield East, 2026), RHP Ben Jones (Mukwonago, 2026), LHP Noah Melby (Brookfield East, 2026), INF/RHP Nolan Hanson (Arrowhead, 2027)