Eastern Panhandle Showcase: Class 2021 and 2020 Analysis

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By Dan Williams
Western Pennsylvania Director of Scouting

The summer schedule of West Virginia PBR events concluded August 26th with the Eastern Panhandle Showcase at Golden Park on the campus of Potomac State College. Today we begin our analysis of the prospects in attendance by taking a look at those who participated from the Classes of 2021 and 2020..

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Top Prospect

Sonny PeluchetteSonny Peluchette, 2020, Wheeling Central, 2B/SS
5-foot-7, 165-pound right-handed hitter sets up open and initiates swing with pronounced knee to knee leg kick and stride to neutral. An aggressive lower half weight shift and hip turn results in good separation.  Subtle front knee softness and intermittent hip sway are present. Peluchette would benefit from consistently letting ball get deeper as well as rotating around a firmer front side. Considerable hip and hand quickness playing to bat exit velocity of 89 mph lends to substantial up side.

Defensively, works bottom up demonstrating good hands and athleticism. Creates angle and hops with feet while playing through the ball. Arm strength of 75 mph across at young age projects to potential to stay on left side of the infield.

Remainder of roster (in random order)

Mason Lantz, 2020, Jefferson, 3B
6-foot-1, 185-pound right-handed hitter initiated swing from slightly open set up with short stride to neutral. Although young there is already considerable physicalness to frame. Mantz lowers height substantially in stride with associated head movement. Weight shift is somewhat passive with compromised separation. There is good balance and rhythm to swing. hands are quick and loose in achieving a bat exit velocity of 85.

Defensively, hands are adequate and there is commitment to working bottom up. Exchange and throwing motion are long. Arm strength of 69 mph across may precipitate move to opposite corner.

Regan Allinger, 2021, Jefferson, SS/OF
5-foot-9, 150-pound right-handed hitter initiates swing from square set up with short stride staying neutral.  Hands are direct to baseball leading to short stroke. Weight shift is somewhat passive and separation is limited. Swing has good balance and rhythm. Head is still and bat is on plane throughout hitting zone. Allinger stays behind baseball well with good leverage. Benefit would be gained from closing back foot in set up and being more aggressive in weight shift as well as working back elbow up and back in load. Bat exit velocity of 75 mph was recorded and overall swing demonstrated considerable potential with expected strength gains.

Defensively, at SS demonstrated good hands while fielding ball out front. Benefit would be gained from working more aggressively through ball and following throws. OF defense showed commitment to getting behind ball with adequate jumps. Aggressiveness was present in playing through ball on ground.

Jordan Biggs, 2021, Jefferson, RHP/3B
6-foot, 185-pound right-hander pitches out of high 3/4 arm slot. Fastball sat 74-75 with arm-side run. Curveball thrown 62-65 had 11-5 shape with slow break. Change up sat 64-66 and had subtle arm-side fade.

Mechanically, there was good rhythm, balance and reaptability to delivery. An intermittent tendency to subtlely lean back during stride accompanied by striding slightly open resulted in some arm drag. Overall there is potential in this very young arm. 

Offensively, swing was initiated from slightly open set up with a lift and replace stride staying open. There is very limited weight shift and separation with considerable hip sway. Benefit would be gained from an overall more aggressive use of lower half.

Defensively, hands are adequate. there is tendency to work top down and throwing motion is somewhat long.

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