Blake Bowen
Blake Bowen
Blake Bowen
Blake Bowen
Blake Bowen
Blake Bowen
Blake Bowen
Blake Bowen
Blake Bowen




Wooster (HS) • OH
6-2 • 185LBS • L/R
Travel Team: Ohio Elite North


2023 National

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2023 State

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Blake Bowen: 3B/SS, (2023) Wooster, OH. Kentucky Commit, 6-foot-2, 170-pound. In the box, the left-handed hitter recorded an exit velocity of 91 mph. Started in a balanced athletic stance with a controlled load, then used a toe tap. Bat speed is quick, has an upward swing plane and high finish. Solid in the infield, recorded a position velocity of 80 mph; has sure hands, consistent rhythmic feet, and a clean exchange. Laterally, movements were athletic and fielded the ball out front. Showed a short arm action and a high ¾ slot. During the event, ran the 60-yard dash in 7.13. 


Blake Bowen: 3B/SS, (2023) Wooster, OH. Kentucky Commit, 6-foot-2, 170-pound projectable frame. During batting practice, Bowen displayed an exit velocity of 95 mph, Ranks #2 with EV at the event. Begins in a wide athletic stance with a quick compact load, then uses a leg kick. Had above average bat speed and a simple level swing plane. Projectable while in the infield, made throws up to 80 mph; has soft hands, a fluid exchange, and athletic fluid feet. Fields the ball one hand, movements laterally were athletic. During the event, clocked a 60 time of 7.35. 


Hit: Very talented hit tool in 2023 class. Physical with natural whip through the zone. Ball jumps off his barrel. Has the ability to leave the yard presently. Turned on a few with authority in BP. No questioning the upside here.
Power: Easy gap pop.
Offensive Projection: Run producer.
Max BP Exit Velocity: 94 mph
Max BP Distance: 357 ft
Field: Rangy defender. Ball skills are serviceable and he moves well laterally. Definitely has tools to work with.
Throw: Clean arm.
Defensive Projection: Multiple spots. Corner lean.


2/23/20 Position Player
Hit:Left handed hitter. Starts with a wide, athletic set up in the box. Simple loading sequence as he uses a toe tap for timing purposes. Bat path is in and out of the zone quickly. Displays apparent bat speed, as he was able to generate backspin to the gaps.
Power: 88 mph tee ev. Present gap abilities.
Offensive Projection: Run producer traits.
Field: Worked out as a SS. Rangy defender with above average ball skills, not flashy but sure-handed.
Throw: 79 mph arm across the INF.
Defensive Projection:MIF.


2/9/20 Pitching
Delivery Notes: Bowen throws from a ¾ arm slot and shows a quick arm. Clean arm action but seems to be inefficient with his glove side. Overall slow controlled tempo.
Fastball: The fastball was 77-80 mph with some arm side life.
Curveball: His breaking ball was 62-65 mph and showed curveball shape and spin. Wasn’t particularly sharp but did show good depth.
Changeup: The changeup was 70-71 mph.
Pitchability: Average feel for his stuff. Secondary pitches show potential and will improve if he throws them with more arm speed and velocity, particularly the breaking ball. 


2/9/20 Position Player
Hit: At the plate Bowen uses a toe tap load and seems to be mostly on time. Shows naturally quick hands and appears to be able to control the barrel well to create consistent quality contact. Could improve his ability to keep the barrel through the zone. 
Power: 81 mph exit velocity.
Offensive Projection: Natural bat to ball guy with physical tools to develop into a true gap to gap threat.
Field: In the infield he shows good instincts with good rhythm and timing to the ball. Could polish up his footwork but shows a quick arm and fairly good glove skills.
Throw: 73 mph across the diamond. 
Defensive Projection: Good physical tools to stick at SS but may end up at 3B as well.


Body Type: 6-foot, 160-pound very projectable frame with room to add.
Swing Mechanics: Left-handed hitter that uses a double tap for timing as barrel travels to a vertical launch.
Hit: Fast twitch actions in the box. Upside is obvious. Minor path issues but ball really jumps off. Impressive combination of natural whip and physicality. Could hit for legitimate power once he adds some loft to stroke and he fills out that very projectable frame.
Power: Present gap abilities with much more to come.
Offensive Projection: Run Producer.
Field: Rangy defender with simple, yet fluid actions. There are minor things to clean up with movement patterns but the athleticism and ball skills are there.
Throw: Arm plays all over the field.
Defensive Projection: Left side of infield.
Additional Comments: High upside prospect that has a chance to be really good down the road.

Body Type: 6-foot, 160-pound righty with slim, projectable build. 
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Displays feel for his body through quick delivery. Long back arm action with some quick through a high ¾ slot. Expect the righty to improve as he matures through his projectable build. 
Fastball: 73-76. Shows above average command and stays true through the zone. Shows physical signs of promise for increased velo down the road. 1500-1700, with low 90s efficiency. 
Curveball: 58-59. Breaker came with gradual, big break at 11-5. Solid command with the secondary offering. 
Changeup: 66-67. Nice complement to fastball. Maintains arm speed on the offering that will show some dip through the zone. The pitch consistently came in at 67 mph. 
Pitchability: Strike thrower for the most part. 


Body Type: Very athletic, projectable frame.
Swing Mechanics: Left-handed hitter that starts in an upright stance. Uses a leg kick timing trigger with vertical barrel launch.
Hit: Loose, whippy swing with authority behind it. Ran into some path issues in BP but the burst and athleticism are obvious. Ball jumps to both sides of the field. Big time upside bat.
Power: 80 mph exit velocity. Potential to grow into legitimate raw power.
Offensive Projection: Run Producer.
Run: 4.84 H-1st.
Field: As a defender he worked out in the infield where he showed smooth actions. Nothing flashy out there but a good athlete with well above average ball skills. Very sure-handed.
Throw: Arm works and ball comes out well. 75 mph across the diamond.
Defensive Projection: Left side of infield.
Additional Comments:

Body Type: Very athletic, projectable frame. 
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Long-limbed right-hander with a very easy delivery. Long back arm action that comes through a high-¾ slot. Slot creates a tough, downhill plane for hitters on both sides of the plate. 
Fastball: 71-76 mph. Fills it up with the offering, living below the barrel. Mid 90s spin efficiency on the pitch. 
Curveball: 59-61 mph. 11/5 big shape. Spins it in the zone with gradual action. 
Pitchability: Filled it up. 


Body Type: 6-foot, 160-pounds with tall, athletic build
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: The RHP starts with a simple high leg kick. Has a slow tempo with a quick twitch in his release. He stays upright after release with a quick ¾ arm slot and stays downhill. Has a tendency to not drive off back leg
Fastball: FB is lively and explosive out of hands (72-76)
Curveball: CB sharp 11/5 break (57-61)
Changeup: CH has downward movement away from LHH (69-70)
Pitchability: Pitches have average movement on them with good command of pitches. He stays around the strike zone
Role: Starter/Reliever
Additional Comments: Look for velocity to increase as he continues to fill out his body and works on some minor mechanics.
Hit: He displayed good rhythm in his load and swing. His hands stayed strong through his swing and were quick through the zone. Has natural loft and hits to all fields. (Be interesting to see how he matures, shows plus mechanics and should have more power soon)
Power: Has some quickness with his hands, has natural loft and squares up the baseball consist
Offensive Projections: Middle of the order. (75 exit velocity)
Run: 7.99 (60-yard dash)
Field: From the IF, he has a Loose live arm with some carry. He stays low and through the ball with average footwork as he moves around the baseball. Displayed solid glovework with softness in his hands and has clean transitions
Defensive Projection: SS/RHP


Body Type: 6-foot, 160-pound projectable frame.
Swing Mechanics: Left-handed hitter that starts in an athletic stance.
Hit: Advanced physical tools for class. Aggressive swinger that looks to do damage and can when he squares up the baseball. Drove it well in BP. Very impressive skill set for his age.
Power: 76 mph exit velocity. Gap abilities with much more to come.
Offensive Projection: Run Producer Potential.
Run: 7.81 60-yard dash.
Field: Plays light on his feet in the infield. Young kid with developing ball skills. Good athlete with fluidity.
Throw: 65 mph across the infield. Arm really works. Much more strength to come.
Defensive Projection: Left side of Infield.

Body Type: 6-foot-1, 160 pounds. Young athlete with height and room to add. 
Mechanical/Delivery Notes: Throws with a ¾ arm slot and playable arm action for his class. Motion moves at an even tempo. Does well in getting back hip activated as he works downhill.
Fastball: 72-75 mph. Showed some light run arm-side and threw for strikes. 
Curveball: 57-58 mph. Tilt fluctuated as he is developing his release point. Average breaker.
Changeup: 64-65 mph. Not much movement on it right now. Can improve arm speed to match his fastball.
Pitchability: Young righty that has time to progress his skills on the mound. Fastball was thrown more for strikes while off-speed is developing consistency when it comes to arm action and break.
Role:  Varies for now.

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