Joseph McPeek
Joseph McPeek
Joseph McPeek
Joseph McPeek
Joseph McPeek
Joseph McPeek
Joseph McPeek
Joseph McPeek




Northwestern Ohio
Oak Hills (HS) • OH
6-4 • 225220LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Cincinnati Cardinals
2019 National

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2019 State

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Right handed pitching prospect, McPeek throws from a low ¾ arm slot. He has a big, strong build and shows some effort in his delivery. He has a long, whippy arm action that adds even more deception to his already deceptive low ¾ arm slot. His arm slot also helps to accentuate the natural sink and fade to the arm side of both his 81-84 mph fastball and his 76-79 mph changeup. The changeup flashed plus potential at times with sharp sink and fade to the arm side. McPeek also displayed a true slider at 75-76 mph. A right-handed hitter that starts in a balanced stance. Uses a toe turn for timing as barrel flows through a nice bat tip tip prior to launch. Path is most level with slight down hill tendencies at times. Physical kid with some bat speed. Middle of the lineup type bat. Corner type in the outfield. One-handed play through with developing ball skills. Ball comes out of hand well with accuracy to throws. Also worked out at first base where he looks most at home, offering an above average skill set across the board.
60-yard Dash: 7.61
Infield Velocity: 83
Outfield Velocity: 86
Exit Velocity: 94


6-foot-4, 220-pound. Right-handed hitting first baseman. Sets up slightly crouched and closed off. Uses toe tap to initiate the lower half. Level bat path through the zone showing some pull side power potential. Registered a 94 mph exit velocity. At firstbase, displayed good footwork around the bag and a strong glove. Throws were a bit erratic registering a top velocity of 80 mph across the diamond. Also ran a 4.81 home to first.


6-foot-4, 210-pound. Projectable right-handed pitching prospect. Quick tempo delivery that has some funk/deception to it. Tall and fall type lower half finishing slightly closed at foot strike. Fastball worked at 77-79 MPH with regular arm side run out of a low-¾ slot. Slider has a sweeping 10/4 action to it at 69-71 MPH. Also offered a quality changeup, at 73-74 MPH the pitch has good fade near the zone. Although his upside is on the mound he also shows attractive traits as a position guy at the next level. A righty bat with physicality. Strength stands out as top tool. Can do damage when he gets extended. Run producer potential. Checks all the boxes at first base. Doesn’t have elite ball skills but more than enough to play the spot at the next level.
60-yard dash: 7.52
Infield Velocity: 83
Exit Velocity: 87


6-foot-4, 210-pound prospect. D1 level arm. Projects as bullpen guy at present. Big rocker step to the outside of his body before leg lift. Throws from ¾ slot and generates substantial arm side run to his fastball at 84-85 mph. Difficult matchup for right-hand hitters. Changeup is his best off-speed pitch. Thrown at 76-78 mph with good arm speed. Slider comes from same arm slot as fastball but shows more spin than break at present. Sits at 68-70 mph. For the most part, he maintains good hand speed with the pitch. At first base his footwork showed quick actions and nice movements when attacking the ball. Glove was average and developing on working through the ball. Made accurate throws with a stronger arm at 81 mph to third base. Frame points to a run producer type at the plate. Loading sequence is simple and efficient. The combination of natural tools and length allow him to really do damage when he finds the barrel. Generates easy gap pop with flashes of pull side power in there.
60-yard dash: 7.49
Infield Velocity: 81
Exit Velocity: 90


A 6-foot-3, 210-pound prospect. At the plate he hits from the right-side, starting with weight on his back leg. Launches with some tilt. Load is simple and fluid. Path has some loft. Bat speed is an above average tool with his strength standing out as top tool. Present pull side pop with more to come. Middle of the lineup potential. Ideal frame for the first base position. Moves well around the bag for frame. Ball skills are adequate for the spot. On the mound, the right-handed pitching prospect work with a smooth leg lift into his lower half drive. Has unique arm action with a slight hitch in his delivery. The different delivery allows his fastball to sneak up on hitters. Works from a strong back hip load creating energy into this downhill drive. Fastball shows slight run and is located well. The strike thrower allows himself to get ahead in the count where he works in his secondary breaking pitch. The spinner has solid side-to-side break creating difficulty for right-handed hitter to track. More velocity to come from the growing prospect.
FB: 75-79
CB: 69-71
Home to First: 4.89
Inf Velo: 77
Exit Velo: 86


6-foot-3, 200-pound prospect. In the outfield, he takes good path to the ball. Maintains momentum through his throw. Will be aided by squaring himself up. No crow hop. Short arm action through ¾ slot. Top velocity of 80 mph. At the plate he has fluidity to his loading sequence, taking his hands back during his stride forward. Bat gets vertical giving him natural whip through the zone. Stronger than he is fast with the bat at this stage. Would like to see him get more out of his lower half. On the mound the right handed pitcher throws through a deceptive sidearm slot. Fastball shows a significant amount of arm-side run while sitting between 80-81 mph. Breaking ball displays gradual movement at 66-69 mph. Also throws a changeup with good arm speed.

60 Yard Dash: 7.67
Position Velocity: 80
Exit Velocity: 93


6-foot-2, 175-pound projectable frame. Ran a 5.09 from home to first. At the plate he starts slightly open and uses a short stride to get back to even. Bat gets through the zone on an uphill path with above average batspeed. Top exit velocity was 81 mph. In the outfield he showed aggressive footwork while playing through the ball efficiently. Threw with 76 mph arm strength to home plate while working through a high-¾ slot. On the mound he used the a lower slot and showed a fastball/curveball combo. His fastball had run to it while sitting 73-75 mph. His breaking ball had some bite to it, with an 11/5 shape at 66-67 mph.

6-foot-2, 170-pound projectable frame. Ran a 7.69 60-yard dash. A right-handed hitter that starts slight closed with the majority of his weight on his back foot and gets back to even with an aggressive stride. Hands have minimal movement and his bat sweeps through the zone with a level path. Registered an exit velocity of 80 mph. In the outfield he uses calm footwork and works hard to get into a good fielding position. Could use more of a run through to quicken up his transfer and gain momentum. From a low 3/4 slot he showed 72 mph arm strength to home plate. On the mound his delivery requires some effort with good direction to home plate. Stays tall as he gets to his balance point and finishes athletically. His low-3/4 slot gives him natural run on his 70-72 mph fastball and sink to his 64-66 mph changeup. Also showed a 68-69 mph curveball with late action at a 10/4 tilt. 

6-foot-2, 170-pound projectable frame. Right-handed hitter that starts with his weight back. Uses a toe tap to load with a long stride. Short, compact swing that stays flat thru the zone with a high finish. Registered top exit velocity of 78 mph and ran 7.69-60. From the outfield he uses a good run thru and opens up in his crow hop. Throws from a low 3/4 slot with 69 mph arm strength from right field. On the mound he has a quick tempo delivery with good direction at foot strike. Throws from a low 3/4 slot with fastball sitting 69-71 mph with sink. Spins a frisbee type breaking ball at 60-62 mph and showcased a changeup with good arm speed at 65-66 mph.
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