Gavin Pulliam
Gavin Pulliam
Gavin Pulliam
Gavin Pulliam
Gavin Pulliam
Gavin Pulliam
Gavin Pulliam




Ohio Wesleyan University
Franklin (HS) • TN
6-1 • 200LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Middle TN Outlaws


2018 National

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10/21/17 - Max FB: 82, FB: 78-82, CB: 69-74, CH: 76
6-foot-1, 200-pound, RHP allowed just one hit over five hitters.  Prototypical catcher build w/ thick lower half and some projection.  Repeated same delivery as Fall Top Prospect Games, was overthrowing with the arm a little bit.  FB showed arm side run w/ occasional sink.  CB showed proper rotation, shape, flashed late break w/ above average depth.  CH w/ arm-speed, fade and sink, shows potential as an out pitch.  Struggled to locate this outing, but located well at Fall Top Prospect Games.  Repeatable delivery and consistent arm slot suggest this outing was an exception.  An interesting RHP projects w/ 3 average or better pitches w/ command.
9/24/17 - Home-1st: 5.03, Pop Time: 2.15-2.25, Position Velocity:  74, Exit Velocity: 88
6-foot-1, 200-pound, RHH showed a strong exit velocity.  Medium, physical build w/ strong lower half.  Righty hits from a straight on, slightly crouched stance w/ back shoulder hand location and slight bat waggle.  Shift of weight, leg kick and low hand load.  Big bat speed.  Power over average right now.  Pull oriented approach.  Defensively, provides a strong target for his pitchers w/ soft hands.  Quiet movements behind the plate.  Intriguing 2018 C follow.
9/24/17 - Max FB: 82, FB: 80-82, CB: 71-75, CH: 77-79,
6-foot-1, 200-pound, RHP made quick work in his 2 innings, striking out 2.  Prototypical catcher build w/ thick lower half and some projection.  Pitches from a full wind-up w/ a short rocker step and sets up on the first base side of the rubber.  Balance point to leg drive to H ¾ release.  Quick arm.  Short in back.  Straight FB flashes ride through the zone, occasional cut depending on where fingers are at on release.  Heavy ball.  CB is medium downer, flashes proper shape.  Can get slurvy at times.  Early breaker that can steal a strike.  CH is potential out pitch, features arm speed, occasional fade and sink.  Late breaking w/ bottom falling out.  Sprayed the zone w/ FB’s, had an understanding of how to get his offspeed stuff in the zone, pitching w/ count intent.  Intriguing arm who needs to get some looks for colleges looking to fill out their 2018 class.

6/14/17 - H-1B: 4.71, Position Velocity: 75, Exit Velocity: 90, Pop Time: 2.00-2.12
6’1, 200-pound, RHH continued to show his ability to produce and continue getting better.  Pulliam is a strong player with a solid build and plenty of room left to grow.  He hits from a balanced and slightly open stance and uses an abbreviated leg kick and some hand movement to get going.  Although his round of BP started slow, he came on strong and showed some power potential over his last 4-5 swings.  Pulliam has a good approach and stays pretty simple at the plate.  Defensively, he showed some real arm strength and is really only held back by the pause in his release that he seemingly uses to gather himself to get that extra bit of velocity.  He also uses a low exchange that could be brushed up to cut some time off.  Pulliam finished 1-3 with a walk in game play.

6/14/17 - Max FB: 84, FB: 81-83, CB: 72-74, CH: 74-75, 
6-foot-1, 200-pound, RHP worked with confidence and a positive tempo throughout his entire outing.  He uses some good rhythm to create a little momentum through his motion and allows that to carry him through his delivery with a little bit of shoulder tilt.  He strides slightly closed but has no problem getting his hand out front.  Pulliam has a fairly quick arm and can put a little run on his fastball.  Curveball showed 11/5 shape with the ability to get a swing-and-miss from time to time.

7/27/16 - Home-1st: 4.81, Pop Time: 2.01-2.14, Position Velocity:  74, Exit Velocity: L-81, R-89
6-foot-0, 185-pound, SHH hits from pretty much the same balanced and slightly open stance from both sides of the plate, hands lower and drop the barrel along with an abbreviated leg kick and stride to get loaded, lower half fires better from the right side than the left as it seems a bit more natural, pretty flat bat path adds some lift at the end and produced some hard line drives in BP.  Defensively, showed good hands and footwork, quick exchange and good alignment with 2B produced a short arm action from an over-the-top slot and led to some very accurate throws with good carry down to 2B, works hard behind the plate.

7/27/16 - Max FB: 82, FB: 80-82, CB: 69-70, CH: 76-77,
6-foot-0, 185-pound, RHP uses a lot of rhythm throughout his motion and creates some good momentum headed toward the plate, works quick and with good tempo to keep the game moving at his pace, athletic movements on the mound gather him at the top of his leg lift with a closed front hip and some good shoulder tilt, strides in line but finishes with enough effort to pull him toward the 1B side on his follow through, shorter but loose arm action comes through a high ¾ release point.  Fastball seemed heavy and pretty firm through the zone, curveball was much sharper than we had seen from him at the Top Prospect Games and had some big time 11/5 shape, changeup showed good run and was able to be thrown for strikes.

6/15/16 - 60 Time: 7.47, Pop Time: 1.97-2.21, Position Velocity:  C-73, Exit Velocity: 82
6'0, 185-pound, RHH hits from a balanced and even stance and uses an abbreviated leg kick and some drastic hand movement down to get loaded, hands add a tip of the barrel at the last second as well.  Lower half gets through the zone but he falls a little off balance toward the plate at the end of almost every swing, hands are pretty quick and can handle the movement he uses, drops his barrel into a very good slot and is able to bring the bat through the zone on plane with a little lift at the end, pulled some balls very hard in BP and recorded a single and a double in game play.  Defensively, stayed quite behind the plate and played very confidently, received fine and uses a lower exchange and a short arm action to get rid of the ball from an over-the-top angle, throws were around the bag but had a little trouble getting there with any real life.

6/15/16 - Max FB: 82, FB: 77-82, CB: 71-74, CH: 74,
6'0, 185-pound, RHP uses some very good rhythm throughout his delivery and shows it early with a smooth rocker step and some multiple toe-taps on the rubber to really build some tempo, continues that pattern with his leg lift as he gets some movement from his foot that follows the pattern he has established, hands stay around chest level throughout his motion although they start a touch higher, takes the ball out of his glove mid-delivery and gives it a little pat in his glove go continue his rhythm, stride takes him straight to the plate but his effort pulls his body weight toward the 1B line, shorter arm action comes from a high ¾ release point.  Fastball showed signs of life and was located pretty well, lowered his arm angle quite a bit for his breaking ball as it showed a little bit of slider movement but was sometimes just a spinner.

1/18/16 - 5-foot-11, 185-pound right-handed hitter hits from a balanced and athletic stance and uses a short stride and subtle hand load to initiate his swing, makes an effort to get lower half engaged, keeps barrel through the zone for a long time and produces a very consistent swing, solid contact showed some gap-to-gap power and some very good potential, gets through the ball and produced an 81 mph exit velocity that could be improved by some more lower half involvement.  Behind the plate, showed above average hands and good footwork, clean exchange and short arm action produced 2.08-2.15 pop times with some accuracy at a 72 mph clip, could develop nicely.  Pulliam ran a 7.60 60-yard dash. As a pitcher, uses a deliberate and controlled motion in which he stays very tall until the very end of the delivery, long arm action from a very high-3/4 arm slot that stays pretty loose with some effort, falls off to glove side, straight fastball stayed between 79-81 mph and was kept around the plate, 70-74 mph curveball had some late 11/5 action and thrown with good arm speed for strikes, did a good job of making his changeup look like his fastball, coming in at 74-76 mph with some fade. Should see a little more velocity from Pulliam in the near future.

6/23/15 - The 5 foot 11, 178-pound prospect posted a 4.84 home to 1st time and had a 71 mph position velocity from behind the plate. Defensively Pulliam had  2.06-2.16 pop times, showed average hands, clean exchange, short arm action, some accuracy, solid footwork. Offensively Pulliam has average bat speed from the right side and had a 77 mph exit velocity off the tee. Pulliam hits from an athletic setup, has a long stride, average balance. Has good hands but has a tendency to drop his hands at times. Has some length in swing with a pull approach. Pulliam went 1-for-3 during game play with a single.  On the mound, the righty has average height with a stocky build. Does a fair job hiding the baseball in delivery, making it tough on hitters at times. Throwing from a high-¾ arm slot, fastball sat 75-77 mph. Curveball sat at 65-66 mph with a 10/4 break. Changeup sat a 69-71 mph with same arm speed as his fastball spotting it well in the zone. During game play, Pulliam gave up three hits, walked a batter, and had one strikeout.

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