Prep Baseball Report

2018 Border Battle Reports

Tim Kay
PBR Tennessee Director of Scouting

To open this year's Border Battle, Tennessee and Kentucky brought 5 of their best position players and 3 of their best pitchers to face off against each other.  This was a 3 inning game where each position player got at least 3 at bats and each pitcher faced 5 hitters.

To read up on this year's participants, see below (hitters sorted by exit velo, pitchers sorted by FB velocity):


Sean McLaughlin 3B / 1B / Knights Academy, TN / 2018

Home-1st: 4.85, Position Velocity:  IF-82, Exit Velocity: 94
6-foot-1, 210-pound, RHH showed similar to his previous look at Knights Scout Day, projecting as a true 3B w/ above average power.  Physical, close to mature big body w/ present strength.  Offensively, hits with a slightly open, slightly crouched stance w/ back shoulder hand location.  Shift of weight, mini leg kick and proper load.  Body works well in swing, allowing all his force to come together at contact point.  Pull power w/ bat speed through the zone.  Feel for contact, did not swing and miss once in 4 at bats.  Pull oriented approach.  Went 1 for 4 in game.  Athletic for his size, moves well at 3B w/ soft hands, good feet, above average arm strength.  Profiles as a middle of the order 3B.

Brady Moore OF / 2B / Scotts Hill, TN / 2018

Home-1st: 4.53, Exit Velocity: 93
5-foot-10, 180-pound, RHH showed big exit velocity despite having his right arm numb due to being hit directly in the right elbow by a helmet Friday night.  Short, athletic profile w/ projection, some present strength.  Offensively, hits w/ a slightly open, slightly crouched stance w/ back shoulder hand location.  Leg kick w/ proper load.  Despite injury, still showed ability to barrel balls w/ backspin.  Shows surprising power for size.  Swing was mostly lower half driven on this day due to injury.  Above average runner underway.  DNS defensively due to injury.  A must see 2018 when healthy, shows positional versatility w/ ability to play some middle infield in previous looks.  Profiles as an all-around CF.

Nathanial Tate C / RHP / Coffee County Central, TN / 2018

Home-1st: 4.19, Pop Time: 1.97-2.07, Position Velocity:  C-84, Exit Velocity: 92
6-foot-1, 160-pound, RHH shows potential for 5 tools.  Medium, athletic, thin frame w/ lean strength and a lot of projection.  Offensively, hits w/ an open, slightly crouched stance w/ back shoulder hand location.  Bat waggle.  Leg kick to slightly open w/ proper load, though a bit low.  Generates bat speed through the zone.  Pull oriented approach, shows ability to go the other way.  Projects to hit for power as body matures.  Went 1 for 3 in game.  Recorded a plus running time to first base in game, better underway.  Defensively, features plus arm strength w/ athletic actions behind the plate.   Presents an okay target for his pitcher, can open the glove a bit more w/ soft hands.  Shows ability to receive velocity (86-89) w/ feel for framing.  Projects to stay behind the plate.  Tools also present intriguing option for 2-way player in college with transition to CF due to talent on the mound.  A must see for any school looking to fill the 2018 class.  

Javon Grier 1B / 3B / Clarksville Northwest, TN / 2018

Home-1st: 4.75, Position Velocity:  IF-80, Exit Velocity: 90
6-foot-3, 235-pound, RHH shows above average bat speed in repeatable swing.  Physical, close to mature frame w/ present strength.  Offensively, hits from an open, slightly crouched stance w/ back ear hand location.  Short bat waggle.  Leg kick to slightly open w/ proper load.  Repeats his swing, maintains still head.  Has a presence in the box, understands his strike zone, does not expand.  Generates bat speed through the zone, projects to hit for average and power.  Pull oriented approach w/ pull power.  Strong BP with consistent barrel, showed line drive ability to both gaps.  Defensively, shows good athleticism for size w/ average arm strength, usable hands.  Profiles as a middle of the order corner infielder.

Drew Hill SS / 2B / Chester County, TN / 2018

Home-1st: 4.72, Position Velocity:  IF-84, Exit Velocity: 86
5-foot-11, 174-pound, RHH shows bat speed w/ ability to stay at SS.  Medium, athletic frame w/ lean strength.  Strong for his size.  Offensively, hits from a straight on, slightly crouched stance w/ back shoulder hand location.  Bat waggle.  Leg kick w/ proper hand load.  Rhythm hitter generates bat speed through the zone.  Up the middle approach, shows potential to drive the ball gap to gap.  Just missed a few balls in game.  Above average runner underway.  Defensively, shows soft hands w/ good feet.  Better in game defender then showcase defender.  Solid first step w/ range to both sides, arm strength to make play in the hole.  Was tested in game, made all the plays look easy, converting 4 ground-balls into outs.  Profiles as a true SS that projects to hit w/ gap power.


Jonathan Alexander RHP / Scotts Hill, TN / 2018

Max FB: 89, FB: 86-89, CB: 70-72, CH: 77-78
5-foot-10, 175-pound, RHP touched 89 twice while showing feel for throwing off-speed pitches for strikes.  Short, athletic frame w/ present strength in lower half.  From the wind-up, pitches with a rocker step into replacing drive foot on the first base side of the rubber.  Balance point into separation w/ short in the back-arm circle and upright finish in high effort throw.  Legs along for the ride, projects for velocity gain as he utilizes that strength.  Quick arm w/ deception due to short in back.  Occasional arm side run on FB, mostly straight.  Medium downer CB is early breaker, average depth.  Threw the CH w/ arm-speed, showing fade, occasional sink.  Developing control, shows a feel for not missing in the middle of the plate.  14 of 25 for strikes with 3 of 9 swing and miss on FB.  Very intriguing 2018 arm that is a must see for a school looking for a RHP.

Nathanial Tate C / RHP / Coffee County Central, TN / 2018

Max FB: 88, FB: 84-88, CB: 74-75, SL: 75-79
6-foot-1, 160-pound, RHP struck out two while retiring all 5 hitters he faced.  Thin, athletic body w/ lean strength and a lot of projection.  Repeated same delivery as Fall Top Prospect Games, showing repeatability w/ arm speed capable of low to mid 90’s FB w/ inclusion of legs, physical development.  FB shows occasional arm side run, mostly ride through the zone.  Jumps on hitters.  CB is tight, medium downer w/ proper shape, rotation.  Knee buckler when right.  SL is tight w/ ¾ tilt.  Gets a little slurvy and big at times, flashes swing and miss ability.  Developing control, projects to control as mechanics gain lower half and repeat timing, most misses are arm-side.  16 of 29 for strikes with 3 of 9 swing and miss on FB.  Profiles as an impact arm at the collegiate level.  

Gavin Pulliam C / RHP / Franklin, TN / 2018

Max FB: 82, FB: 78-82, CB: 69-74, CH: 76
6-foot-1, 200-pound, RHP allowed just one hit over five hitters.  Prototypical catcher build w/ thick lower half and some projection.  Repeated same delivery as Fall Top Prospect Games, was overthrowing with the arm a little bit.  FB showed arm side run w/ occasional sink.  CB showed proper rotation, shape, flashed late break w/ above average depth.  CH w/ arm-speed, fade and sink, shows potential as an out pitch.  Struggled to locate this outing, but located well at Fall Top Prospect Games.  Repeatable delivery and consistent arm slot suggest this outing was an exception.  An interesting RHP projects w/ 3 average or better pitches w/ command.