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April 28 Jr Future/Future Games Trials: Catcher Scout Blog

PBR Alabama Staff

There were seven catchers on hand for the Junior Future? Future Game Trials on April 28 at the Top Gun Baseball Field in Birmingham, Alabama. There were three 2021 grads, three 2022 grads and one 2024 grad. Take a look at how each one of them performed during the workout. Positional scout notes from the other positions at the event will be released over the next week. 


Glavine Segars (2021, C/3B, West Morgan) 5’10 175 lbs.- Physical player with nice athleticism. At the plate, he started with an open stance from the left side with nice rhythm in the load. Kept the barrel through the zone with a slight tilt in the swing plane. Showed nice power to the pull side, doing a nice job of getting his backside through.Solid receiver behind the plate showing mice actions on balls in the dirt. Did a nice job of “sticking” pitches and threw an event best 1.98 pop to 2B.

Coleman Oiver (2021, C/3B, Jacksonville) 5’11 200 lbs.- Showed quick hands at the plate with a solid setup and a solid lower half. Seemed to have some strength in the hands and did a nice job of pitches in with some juice to the pull side gap. Very quiet behind the plate receiving pitches and showed a quick transfer on the throw to 2B with some arm strength. Very solid setup.

Luke Fondren (2021, C/1B, St. Clair County) 6’1 180 lbs.- Does a nice job with weight distribution at the plate which led to a synched up swing. Did a nice job keeping the barrel through the zone with a flat barrel path, staying on the ball through the hitting zone. Hands worked with a short, simple path. Solid actions behind the plate and did a nice job of expanding the plate when receiving pitches on the outer half. Fluid feet. Very consistent throws to 2B with little wasted action. Athletic ‘21 with nice upside.


Brooks Bryan (2022, C/3B, Opelika) 6’0 210 lbs.- Another physical young catcher that really impressed. Showed plus bat speed and kept his hands and barrel inside the ball producing a consistent gap to gap approach. The juice off of the barrel is there as he had an event best 92 mph exit velocity off of a tee. Behind the plate, he has a solid setup showing nice flexibility in the hips. Legit skills on balls in the dirt and a quick transfer on throws to 2B. The ball carries out of the hand and stays on line. A definite ‘22 C to keep an eye on.

Michael Pfeiffer (2022, C/RHP, Huntsville) 6’0 164 lbs.- On the mound the mechanics were solid and the delivery looked easy showing nice ASR on a FB that was up to 80. The change up showed deception with tumble into RH hitters and the breaking ball showed late hard bite with a lot of spin. Offensively, he showed a nice setup with the hands and kept the barrel through the zone with a slightly tilted swing path showing some juice in the pull side gap. Good low set up behind the plate which allowed him to do a nice job on balls down in the zone in presentation. Arm strength is nice with nice footwork on throws to 2B. Another young C to follow.

Ethan Kelley (2022, C/3B, Oak Grove) 5’11 150 lbs.- Did a very solid job sticking balls on the corners of the plate and presented a lot of strikes. Quick actions behind the plate allowed him to do a nice job blocking balls in the dirt. Solid fundamentals and the pop time will get better as his arm strength continues to develop. At the plate, he did a nice job of weight transfer on the swing and kept the barrel through the zone. Did a nice job of getting his backside through and used his lower half well.


Braiden Sharp (2024, C/1B, Hazel Green) 5’3 125 lbs.- Real young catcher that showed solid fundamentals. The strength in the arm will come but his feet were solid on throws to 2B and he showed nice actions receiving breaking balls down in the zone. Quiet actions. At the plate, he showed a nice load of the hands from a slightly open stance. Showed a nice middle of the field approach and kept his barrel through the zone with a fat barrel path.

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