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Alabama Catcher Scout Blog: Deep South Invite

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Alabama Position by Position Analysis at the Deep South Invite: Catchers

There were 7 catchers from Alabama that attended the October 14 Deep South Invite. Below are some notes and analysis on each one.

Austin Embrey (2020, C/3B, Russell County) an elite level defender behind the plate. Does everything well and is a true catch and throw that has the ability to completely shut down the opposing running game. Was consistently high 1.8- low 1.9 pop times all day (workout and game) and was incredibly accurate. Showcase best 1.88 pop, as well as the best pop time we have seen all year at other events. Does a superb job of extending the plate for pitches and can handle the ball in the dirt with quick recovery with the feet. At the plate, he showed some pull side juice and the ability to work the backside gap with a slow load of the hands. Had a line drive 1B to CF during the game. Shouldn’t stay uncommitted too long.

Jayce Guyette (2020, C/2B, Huntsville) a very solid catcher with a tremendous understanding of the game. Plays the game with confidence and his actions back that up. Has a very solid setup behind the plate and hip flexibility that allows him to more very well. Does a very good job of “stealing” strikes for the pitcher (especially the ball down in the zone). Solid blocking action on balls in the dirt that allow a quick recovery to throw runners out. Has a quick transfer and an accurate arm, throwing mostly low 2.0’s to 2B. Offensively, he does a good job of getting his hands to the launch position and has a front toe tap approach with a little lift in his swing that creates some juice to the pull side. Will make someone a solid catcher at the next level.

Jackson Sweatt (2021, C, Pell City) very athletic 2021 that is one to follow. Can do a lot of things on the field but catcher is definitely his primary position. Sits low in his stance which really allows him to get “under” the pitch down in the zone. Is very “quiet” behind the plate and extended the plate for his pitchers in game play. He has adequate arm strength which will only continue to improve as he gets older but the throwing action is clean and he continually threw low 2.0’s to 2B. Clean blocking form and skills as well. Offensively, he has some pop and can really use the entire field with his level plane swing approach. Had a 1B to RCF in game play that came off the bat at 88 mph. Very impressive 2021 player.

Peyton Cowart (2020, C/3B, Faith Academy) physically built catcher that did a nice job of working with pitchers in the game and showed solid skills during the workout and game. Really advanced skills on balls in the dirt and “tunneled” the ball back in front for quick recovery. Does a good job receiving the outer half of the ball on pitches on the outer black with quick arm action and transfer to throw to 2B. His C velocity was 74 mph and his pop time should continue to decrease (low 2.1’s now). Offensively, he shows a slightly open stance which leads to a definite “load” with the hands and the barrel stays through the zone with some tilt, showing a gap to gap approach.

Del Corte (2020, C/2B, Bayside Academy) another solidly built Mobile area catcher that did some impressive things at the event. His best pop time was 2.08 with a 70 mph C velocity which equates to lower pop times as his arm continues to get stronger. The transfer and release were clean and repeated which led to throws at the 2B bag.His receiving skills were solid and he was able to “present” some pitches as strikes that may have been slightly off of the plate during the game. At the plate, he appears to be a pull hitter with some juice to LF as he barreled two balls to the pull side in the game after showing a level swing plane with a pull approach in BP.

Drew Gates (2021, C/OF, Priceville) a 2021 prospect that will continue to advance his skills as he gets older and matures. A very athletic frame, he showed loose hips and flexibility behind the plate which allowed him to move around well. The arm action is quick and will continue to get stronger (66 mph C velo) as he progresses but throws were on the 2B bag. Receiving was solid and he was very “quiet” behind the plate.Offensively, he had a slightly open stance and really got to the “launch” position with a slight uphill swing path, showing the ability to pull balls on the inner half of the plate.

Jacob Davis (2022, C/3B, Lee Scott Academy) a switch hitting young catcher that did some impressive things at the event. Obviously, he should continue to get stronger and mature over the next few tears but his fundamental skill set is solid with a clean catcher arm action and fairly quick release. Athletic set up and was very solid blocking balls in the dirt. With the bat, his switch hitting approach was solid. From both the left and the right side, he showed an even stance and allowed his hands to load in rhythm. He seemed to have more of a pull approach as a RH hitter and the ability to use the entire field from the left side.

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