June 4 Jr Futures/Futures Game Trials Scout Analysis: Outfielders

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June 4 Outfielders Scout Analysis:

Three outfielders in the 2021 and 2022 classes went through the morning workout as there were also three from the 2023 through 2025 classes that were present as well. All six of these players showed some nice actions with the arm and the bat. Let’s take a look at this impressive group. (Note: Players that went through the workout at multiple positions will only have one analysis with all of their notes together.)

2021- 2022:

Rashad Robinson (2021, OF/2B, Mobile Christian) 5’10 150 lbs.- Big standout at the event that has added some size and strength since we last saw him. No doubting the OF actions with the glove and nice, nimble footwork. The arm strength has really improved as he was up to 86 mph with his throws and showed a quick transfer. At the plate, he showed a very disciplined approach as he stayed exclusively gap to gap during his BP round. Slightly open stance with a tall set up and does a nice job with the hands and has an explosive lower half (88 exit velo off the tee). Can also run (6.86 60)

Will Passeau (2021, OF/RHP, St. Paul’s Episcopal) 6’2 170 lbs.- Nice athlete that showed well in all areas. Hands are set low at the plate and he has a slight leg kick that allows for good timing. The swing is short from the left side and he did a nice job of keeping the barrel in the hitting zone and a solid middle of the field approach. In the OF, it was obvious he had “feel” for the position and did a nice job with the feet as he approached the throw. The ball seemed to carry out of the hand (85 mph). He was even more impressive on the mound showing nice, clean mechanics from a tall, slender build and will undoubtedly add more velo in time. His “stuff” is plus right now showing a 12/6 breaking ball with depth. The FB was up to 85 and he created nice plane with the pitch. Nice looking ‘21 prospect.

Seth Reisinger (2021, RHP/OF, Baker) 5/10 145 lbs.- Nice runner that showed a shot, compact approach at the plate with a leg kick approach. Showed a continual gap to gap approach during his round. There is some quick twitch in the hands. Nice gathering of the feet after fielding the ball in the OF and his throws seemed to stay on plane with carry. Had impressive 84 mph from the OF. The arm really works on the mound and he does a nice job of locating in the bottom half of the zone with legit ASR on the FB up to 81. The breaking ball showed slider action with tight spin. Wiry body type with plenty of room for growth and added strength.

2023- 2025:

Jax Yoxtheimer (2023, OF/3B, Central Phenix City) 6’3 165 lbs.- 6’3 talented LH hitter that has plenty of room for added weight. The skills are solid and he can really run (6.88 60)and already has a solid setup at the plate. Slightly open leg kick approach from the left side, he already creates some pop off of the barrel. Allowed the hands to stay inside which resulted in consistent line drives in the middle of the field. There is some tilt in the bat path. On the mound, he was up to 79 mph with the FB and did a nice job of locating to the glove side. The mechanics are clean and simple. The breaking ball had tight spin with late bite and the change up showed some deception from the same arm slot. Can be a big time player in the ‘23 class.

Jason Tharpe (2023, OF/2B, Russell County) 5.5 115 lbs.- At the plate, he showed a very solid set up and did a nice job of getting his weight back to begin the swing. Showed some nice top hand strength and the barrel stayed through the hitting zone a long time creating some juice. Really like the set up and fundamentals in the swing. Was very slightly open and used a toe tap approach to create power. Did a nice job from the OF and showed athleticism with the transfer and resetting of the feet. His throws stayed on line and he worked through his throws. Nice lateral movement on the IF with solid glove presentation. Nice feet and loved the action on the backhand play. Very solid young player.

Shine Barran (2024, OF/LHP, Decatur Heritage Christian Academy) 5’2 100 lbs.- Switch hitting OF that showed some barrel control from both sides of the plate. Really did a nice job with the backside and forced the barrel through the zone. Solid swing with a slightly open stance and has more pop than what one may think. Will only add juice as he matures physically. In the OF, he did a very good job of resetting his feet and getting momentum moving with his throw and really worked on fielding everything to the glove side. On the mound, his velocity will only get better over the years but he showed clean mechanics and was able to command the FB down in the zone with some very late ASR. The breaking ball showed some late bite as well.

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