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June 4 Jr Futures/Futures Game Trials Scout Analysis: Pitchers

PBR Alabama Staff

June 4 Pitchers Scout Blog:

Three pitchers showed up at The Performance Lab in Mobile to showcase their stuff as “pitcher only’s”. All three showed nice stuff and have nice upside and performed well on the mound. The physicality of all three jumped out at the staff. Let’s take a look at how these three performed. Tomorrow, we will wrap up our positional analysis as we take a look at the infielders in attendance at the event.


Drew Druckenmiller (2021, RHP/OF, Faith Academy) 6’2 185 lbs.- Big, physical RHP that has made big time strides on the mound. Love the bulldog type mentality to go along with “plus” stuff. The mechanics are fluid and he does a very good job of using his powerful lower half. Showed the ability to really spot the FB that consistently sat 85-86 and topped at 87 mph. Really seemed to be “explosive” and down hill with this pitch. The change up showed nice deception and can really be a weapon vs. LH hitters. The 12/6 breaking ball seemed to really be a separator for him as it showed tremendous late depth and will be a definite swing and miss pitch for him. A top ‘21 uncommitted arm in the state.

Mason Dozier (2022, RHP/OF, Russell County) 6’2 194 lbs.- Young arm with a physical build that is ultra projectable. Quick, loose arm action. Strong lower half and does a nice job using this strength in his delivery. The ball seemed to really explode out of his hand. Really creates plane on his pitches and constantly pounded the lower half of the zone. Had no problem located the FB to his glove side as well. Showed some 2 seam action as well and the ability to run the FB into RH hitters. Really liked the breaking ball, which showed slider action and can be a weapon vs. RH hitters. Can be a big time ‘22 arm in the state. Plus mentality on the bump.

John Price Reed (2021, RHP/OF, Dothan) 6’4 180 lbs.- Tall (6’4) RHP that has really nice tempo in his delivery and showed feel for all of his pitches. The arm is quick and he does a nice job staying on plane to the plate. Showed the ability to hide the ball from hitters in his delivery. Created some down action on the FB and was able to spot up to both sides of the plate. The FB was up to 82 mph with nice 2 seam action real late. This could be a weapon to eat RH hitters up. The breaking ball showed tight spin and showed a little depth but had mostly slider type action. Really like the athleticism in the mechanics. Can easily put on some strength and has the ability to add some velocity in the future.

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